Chance The Rapper

10 DAY: 72%




Note: the following paragraph was written immediately after the release of Coloring Book.

So far Chance’s discography is good. That Coloring Book project really dragged things down for me personally, but his career is clearly far from over. It’s not like he can’t recover from that. I’m glad I finally decided to listen to his music tho. Even if I didn’t like Coloring Book, I think Chance The Rapper is an amazing artist. He has some songs that I think are truly incredible. Each of his mixtapes have been very different from each other. I’m hoping that’ll be the case for his next project as well. He referred to himself as a “Christian Rapper” on Grown Ass Kid tho, so I don’t know if he’s gonna decide to stick with that sound or what. If he does he could end up being remembered as one of, if not THE greatest Christian rapper of all time. I mean, what other Christian rapper is on that level? I think he could end up being a legend even if he doesn’t stick with the whole Christian rapper thing tho. He’s definitely doing legendary things for the indie community. Because of him, free mixtapes are now eligible for the Grammys. That’s a huge win for the indie scene, and a huge win for Chance. So yeah. Chance is doing well. For me personally, Coloring Book left kind of a sour taste in my mouth. I hope he blows me away with his next project, but even if he doesn’t he’s already made some incredible songs to me.

Favorite Song: Paranoia
Least Favorite Song: Ballin’ Flossin’

Verdict: 62%


C flat