I made this Patreon account because my website has been monetized for about 9 months now, and I’ve literally only made 65 cents so far. I really do these reviews just for fun, but I’m tryna secure the bag. You won’t have to donate to my Patreon page in order to read all my reviews of commercial projects, but if you DO choose to become a patron of mine, I’ll be willing to review your music, and you’ll also have week-early access to every review that I write. Don’t feel pressured to donate to me tho. I make less than a dollar a year at the moment, but I do this for fun. Even if nobody read my reviews I would still write them. Also, if you want me to review your music, please only send me your best work. You most likely don’t want to pay somebody to shit on your music. Also you can request specific albums that you want me to review here. It should be noted that I may end up reviewing the album you want me to check out either way, so don’t waste your money. A good example of something to request here would be an album from Lil Yachty, or Curren$y, or French Montana. I will never willingly review an album from any of them without being paid.



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Once I reach each goal, I will create a new 10 track mixtape including my favorite songs from your indie albums that you send me.

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