Album Review | Boogie – Everything’s For Sale

This album was released on January 25th this year. I’ve been listening to Boogie ever since he dropped his debut project, Thirst 48, back in 2014. In fact, that was actually one of the first things I ever reviewed on this website. I was pretty impressed back then, and it’s been five years since he dropped that project. I’m expecting this debut album of his to be the best project he’s ever made. I was actually kinda surprised to hear that he signed with Shady Records in 2017. He’s a dope rapper, but I don’t think he really fits in with the rest of the artists on that label. I could see him at Dreamville. I feel like he’d fit in better with them. Anyway, I think every mixtape he’s released up until this point has been good, but none of them have been great. Hopefully this’ll be the first great project in his discography. I’ve actually seen some mixed reactions to this project, so I won’t try to get my hopes up too high. I think I’m gonna like it though.

1. Tired / Reflections produced by Keyel

The mellow, melodic production on this track is dope. I really like Boogie’s conversational flow on the first verse. The “Tired” part of this track is pretty short, but I like it. The sung hook on Reflections is pretty nice, and both of the verses are good. I especially like the way he ended the final verse.

I’m the one in front the gun and the one behind the trigger
I been hidin’ from my truths, they will never find a nigga
If they ever find a nigga, I identify the killer
I’ma be the only witness, it’s that pussy in the mirror

Overall I enjoyed the song, but it didn’t blow me away. I think it’s a pretty good way to open up the album though. I just hope this doesn’t end up being my favorite song on the project.

2. Silent Ride produced by Keyel

This was the second single released from this album. I heard it the day it came out, and I honestly wasn’t impressed. I definitely enjoyed it to some extent, but I really don’t think it’s that great of a single. I think the production is solid, and the hook is pretty catchy. Neither of the verses really did much for me though. They’re definitely not bad. They just don’t really add much to the song for me. The best aspect of this song is the hook for me. The verses are just fine. The song seems kinda short too though. The first verse is only like 8 bars, and the entire song is under three minutes. Overall, I think this is an entertaining track, but I wouldn’t have chosen it for a lead single. It’s good though. I like it.

3. Swap Meet produced by Keyel & Ryan Feinberg

Wow. Boogie’s vocals on the hook of this song are fantastic. Is that Boogie? Yeah, I think that’s him. He sounds great. The melodic production sounds like it’s meant for an R&B song, but it’s really dope. Well, I guess this IS an R&B song. He sings the entire first verse. It sounds really good. He sings the second verse too, but his flow is a little less slowed down. Lyrically, it sounds like he’s singing about buying his girl’s love at a swap meet, which is kind of weird I guess. It works though. In terms of production, it sounds like it could’ve appeared on Daniel Caesar’s last album. This is my favorite song on the project so far. I wouldn’t call this “amazing” or a “must-listen” or anything like that. It’s great though. I think it’s dope.

4. lolsmh (Interlude) produced by C. Ballin & Keyel

It’s kind of strange to me that this song is labeled as an interlude, mostly because it’s the longest song on the entire album. The production on the first half is pretty nice. Just like with all the other beats so far it has a melodic vibe. This is another one of those songs about relationship struggles that Boogie has been making his entire career. The first verse was cool. I like the hook too. I’m glad the beat switches up for the final two verses. The second verse is really great. The last verse is good too. I like this song a lot. I don’t really have any issues with it. It’s dope.

5. Soho featuring J.I.D produced by James Teej

This is the most intriguing song in the tracklist. This is one of the most upbeat songs on the album so far. It’s not as melodic as the other tracks. The hook is pretty simplistic, but I like it. Boogie’s verse was good. J.I.D’s verse was great, but it felt a little too short. It almost sounded like he wanted to keep going, but somebody told him to keep it short and sweet. His flow was fantastic. He sounded really great over this beat. The song itself feels really short. It’s less than two and a half minutes long. I’m honestly kinda disappointed. I mean, I still think this is one of the best songs on the album, but it feels way too short to me. It’s still a great song though. I really like it. It’s dope.

6. Skydive produced by Keyel & Dart

I like the production on this track a lot. Boogie sings the entire first verse. It’s not amazing or anything, but it sounds good. Huh… The hook on this song doesn’t really sound that different from the hook on Silent Ride honestly. I guess it’s not similar enough to make this song sound redundant. The second verse is cool. This song doesn’t really stand out that much to me honestly. I definitely enjoyed it though. It’s just far from my favorite track on the album.

7. Live 95 produced by C. Ballin & Keyel

The way the previous track transitions into this one is really cool. The production is pretty dope. He sings the entire first verse, which is fine. The hook’s not bad. He actually raps on the second verse, and it’s solid. I like this song. I don’t really have much to say about it though. Nothing about this track really stands out enough to push it to the next level for me, but I like it. It’s another really short song. I don’t have any gripes with it though. I think it’s dope.

8. Rainy Days featuring Eminem produced by Fresh Ayr, Streetrunner & S1

This is the most popular song from this album for obvious reasons. The hook from Boogie is really catchy, and the production’s dope too. The first verse from Boogie was nice. I wouldn’t say he killed it, but it’s definitely one of his better verses on the album so far. The opening lines from Eminem’s verse are… Uh…

I left my legacy hurt?
Fuckin’ absurd
Like a shepherd havin’ sex with his sheep
Fuck what you heard


I can picture it now; some white kid heard this line and was like “oh my God! Eminem just ended Lil Pump’s career!” Get the fuck outta here. That line was offensively corny. It’s not like that’s the only corny line he spit. He immediately follows it up by saying…

All this talk in my ear, I got a idea
Like the clerk when you tryna buy beer

However, in my opinion, neither of those lines are as inexcusable as this one…

I’d have to be Dracula’s sidekick
To be down for the count


I think his flow was kinda cool in the middle of his verse, but towards the end he started getting really sporadic and it didn’t sound very good to me. I think his verse is fine though. It’s not trash. It could’ve been a lot better though. There are way too many corny lines. Overall I think this is a good song. The hook is the best aspect of the song in my opinion. Boogie’s verse was nice. Em’s verse was meh. This is one of the weaker tracks in my opinion, but I still like it. It’s dope.

9. Skydive II featuring 6LACK produced by Keyel & Dart

I really love the acoustic guitar driven production on this song, and the sung verse at the beginning from Boogie sounds great. He has a pretty good singing voice. The hook sounds great too. This is honestly one of the best songs on the album sonically. The second verse in which Boogie actually raps sounds like it was recorded as a voice memo. The way he’s flowing almost makes it sound like a freestyle too. It’s not bad though. I like it. I think 6LACK was a really good choice for a feature on this song. He sounds really great over this production. The final line of his verse where he says he’s listening to Gunna seemed pretty random. I liked his verse though. Overall I think this is another really good song. Again, I’m still not amazed, but I definitely enjoyed this a lot. It’s dope.

10. Whose Fault featuring Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah produced by Keyel & Dart

The production on this track is fantastic. The first verse from Boogie was pretty dope. It’s yet another song in which he raps about fighting with a significant other. As I mentioned earlier, a large portion of Boogie’s songs are about relationship issues. The trumpet contribution from Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah sounds pretty good. He gives more of his own perspective during the second verse. He kinda rapped from the perspective of the woman he was arguing with during the first verse. There’s no hook on this song. The verses are just broken up by an audio clip of Boogie & his girl fighting. I like this song. I feel the same way about this track as I do about most of the other songs on this project. It’s really good. It kinda feels like it’s missing something though. Nothing about it stands out enough to push it to the next level of enjoyability for me. It’s a good track though. I fuck with it.

11. No Warning produced by Dart

The vocals on the hook of this song are really great. I love the production from Dart. It sounds awesome. There’s only one verse on this song. Once again, Boogie has kind of a laidback, conversational flow. It sounds really good though. This is one of the shortest songs on the album, but I honestly think it’s my favorite track so far. The production is top notch, and the vocals on the hook are fantastic. I like the verse a lot too. This shit is dope af to me.

12. Self Destruction produced by Ashton McCreight, Keyel, Dart & Mario Luciano


This was the first single released from this album, but I don’t think I’ve actually heard it yet. The production’s pretty dope. This is the trendiest, most Trap influenced beat on the album so far. It’s good though. The hook sounds nice, but it seems a little underwritten.

Somethin’, somethin’, somethin’, can’t remember nothin’
Still don’t give no fucks when wildin’ out in public
This my self destruction, somethin’, somethin’, somethin’
Can’t remember nothin’, wildin’ out in public

I’d be lying if I said it really bothers me that much. The line in the first verse where he name drops SZA was kinda funny. I see why Boogie chose this as a single. It sounds really… Hmm… I don’t know… How should I say this? I guess it has the most mainstream appeal out of all the songs on this project. It sounds trendy, and he’s not really saying much in the verses. His flow on the second verse was really nice though. It kinda sounds like a lot of this song was freestyled. There are points where he says he forgot what he was about to say. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this song. It doesn’t really seem like he put that much effort into the song, but I still like it a lot. This is dope to me.

13. Time featuring Snoh Aalegra produced by Chris McCleaney & Keyel

The melodic production on this track is really nice. The sung hook from Boogie sounds really good too. He sings pretty much every line in the verse. It’s kinda like what Drake does. It’s that half rap half singing shit. I think he does it well. The vocals from Snoh Aalegra on the outro sound really good. This is a pretty short song. I feel like it could’ve used a second verse honestly. I enjoyed it though. I think it’s dope.

This is a really good album. I think this is definitely Boogie’s best project so far, but not by a huge margin. I think this is the first project from Boogie where I liked every single song. I don’t think there’s a single bad track on this project. However, I was rarely super impressed. There’s a reason I’m calling this album “good” instead of “great.” I think a lot of it has to do with some of the lengths of these tracks. More than half of the album consists of songs that are less than three minutes. A lot of them probably could’ve used an extra verse. The outro felt bizarrely anticlimactic. Anyway, I think overall this was a really solid debut. Hopefully his next release is even better than this because I think he has the ability to make a great album.

Favorite Song: No Warning
Least Favorite Song: Rainy Days


Grade: B

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