EP Review | Audio Push – Audio Mars

This EP was released on February 12th this year. Apparently, this is actually the second project that Audio Push have released this year. They dropped My Turn 4 on January 2nd, which I haven’t listened to yet. The My Turn series is basically them remixing other people’s songs. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to any of them, but that remix they did of Fuck Up Some Commas was really good. The last project I listened to from Audio Push was that Inside the Vibe 2 EP they dropped late last year. That was a decent project, but I’m really hoping this one is better. It’s entirely produced by MyGuyMars. I know I’ve heard music produced by him in the past, but I haven’t really heard enough to develop an opinion on his production yet. I’m not really expecting this project to be that great. I’m keeping my expectations in check. Hopefully I’m pleasantly surprised though.

1. Further. featuring Stacy Barthe

The beat on this track is solid. It’s pretty smooth. Oktane & Pricetag have pretty similar voices, so I’m not really sure who that is on the first verse. Whoever it was did a pretty decent job though. It wasn’t bad at all. The autotuned hook actually sounds pretty good. The second verse was pretty nice too. Stacy Barthe’s contribution to this song is really insignificant to be honest. She just provides some background vocals. Overall I think this is a pretty cool track. Nothing about it really blows me away, but it’s a smooth song. I enjoyed it. This is dope to me.

2. Come Correct. featuring Buddy

Ehh… I’m not crazy about the production on this track. It kinda sounds like a slightly more fleshed out DJ Mustard beat. It’s decent I guess. The first verse was fine. The hook is pretty underwhelming. Man… This is a pretty lackluster song so far. Nothing about it stands out at all. Buddy has some background vocals during the hook, but that’s the full extent of his feature. He doesn’t have a verse, which is disappointing. None of the verses on this track really did anything for me. They aren’t bad at all. They just don’t stand out that much. I don’t really like this song. I definitely wouldn’t call it bad. It’s mid though. It’s really underwhelming. I won’t be coming back to it.

3. WILD. featuring Rose Gold

This song definitely has my favorite beat on the project so far. It’s a really smooth, kind of ethereal instrumental. Once again, the first verse didn’t really impress me that much. It was solid though. The hook is really simplistic, but I like it. The background vocals from Rose Gold sound really great over this production. The second verse was decent. This is definitely my favorite song on the project so far. It’s not amazing or anything, but I enjoyed it a lot. The production is really dope, and Rose Gold’s voice sounded really good. One thing I haven’t mentioned up to this point is the transitions between each song. Every track ends with a short speech in which the title of the next track is mentioned. It’s kind of corny to me, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal. I think they might’ve done something similar on their Inside the Vibe 2 project. I can’t really remember though. Anyway, I like this song. It’s dope.

4. SAFE.

The production on this is really good. I actually really like the first verse on this song too. It’s not anything special lyrically, but his flow was tight. I like the hook, and the second verse was actually pretty nice too. The song just ended. I don’t really have much to say about this track. It doesn’t stand out that much lyrically, but sonically this is a really entertaining track to me. I really like the beat, and their flows were dope. I think this is actually my favorite track so far. It’s really dope.

5. Keep Up. featuring Nick Grant

The beat on this track is pretty cool. The first verse wasn’t bad. The hook is super simplistic, but it works. The second verse was fine. Nick Grant easily had the best verse, which comes as no surprise. I kinda wish his verse was a little longer though. There’s not really a lot going on in this track. It’s got a pretty simplistic structure. Nothing about this song really stands out that much. The Nick Grant verse is definitely the highlight of the song. The other two verses were solid though, and I like the production. This is a pretty good track. I fuck with it.

6. Wrongful Rights.

Ehhhh… I’m not really a fan of this sung hook. The production’s cool though. The flow on the first verse is pretty good too. The hook isn’t absolutely terrible. I just don’t think it’s good. I think that was Pricetag on the first verse. I wasn’t really feelin’ the second verse from Oktane honestly. It wasn’t terrible, but I wasn’t impressed by his flow. I’m not gonna be coming back to this track. The only aspect of it that I really enjoyed was Pricetag’s flow. I didn’t like the hook or the second verse. The production was decent, but not good enough to make this song worth returning to in my opinion. It’s an okay track. Just not for me.

7. Freedom in 95.

This beat is smooth as hell. I love it. This is definitely my favorite beat on the project. I could see Joey Bada$$ on this beat. The first verse from Pricetag was pretty good. The hook’s simplistic, but I like it. Oktane’s verse was actually really good too. This is definitely the best song on the project in my opinion. I don’t have any issues with it at all. I love the production, and the two verses were dope. This is a good song. I fuck with it.

This is a good EP. The production from MyGuyMars was pretty solid for the most part. There was really only one beat that I didn’t fuck with at all. Pricetag & Oktane are pretty decent rappers, but they rarely spit anything that truly impresses me. They have some solid flows though. I think this is a step up from that Inside the Vibe 2 EP I checked out last year. I still wouldn’t call this a must-listen project though. I enjoyed it personally, but I don’t think anyone who decides to skip it will be missing out on much. It’s a solid project though. I fuck with it. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Freedom in 95.
Least Favorite Song: Come Correct.


Grade: B-

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