Don’t Sleep | The Lasso – The Sound of Lasso

Don’t sleep on this new instrumental album from The Lasso. I usually don’t cover instrumental projects, but when they are this good I have to say something about them. I was pretty goddamn impressed with The Lasso’s work on Lando Chill’s album from last year, Black Ego. I guess I’d forgotten how good the production was on that project though because this album right here really caught me off guard. There’s not a single track I don’t like. It’s a really gorgeous album. It kinda gives me the same feeling I get when I listen to FlyLo’s albums. The Lasso worked with a lot of different musicians to put together these ethereal, slightly jazzy soundscapes. Most of the vocal contributions come from Sam Cooper, but there are a few from Graham Parsons as well. There’s also additional instrumentation from Ben Lau, Jordan Hamilton, Heavy Color, Aaron Rays, Dave Crider, Jared Selner, Illiac, Mike Savina, and Joel Pixley-Fink. I’m not great at discussing production; there’s not really much I can say aside from the fact that everything on this project just sounds really goddamn great. I really hope people start talking about The Lasso more after this project because dude is seriously talented. His beats are far more layered and fleshed out than most producers’ work. This album is more Electronic than it is Hip Hop. However, as I said earlier, it’s kinda like FlyLo’s stuff. If you liked Until the Quiet Comes you’ll like this project. It’s super dope. It’s easily the best instrumental project I’ve heard this year, and it’s one of the best albums of the month. I had a lot of trouble choosing a favorite song. Heliotrope is an amazing track. That’s definitely one of the best songs in my opinion.

Heaven & Oscillations are two of my favorites as well. However none of those are my number one favorite. Anyway, if you’re a fan of Electronic music or you just wanna hear some gorgeous production, check this shit out. This album needs to be heard. I love it. Also shoutout to mylkweed for designing the cover art. That’s my favorite album cover the year so far.

Favorite Song: Portraits
Least Favorite Song: Across a Reflection


Grade: A-

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