Album Review | Anonymuz – There Is No Threat

This album was released on March 25th this year. I first became familiar with Anonymuz when he dropped his debut album in 2016, Vice City. I remember seeing a shit ton of hype for that project, and personally I don’t think it lived up to it. However, I did still enjoy it. The following year he went full weeb and dropped an EP called Urameshi, which I actually thought was great. I liked it more than the aforementioned album. Anonymuz reminded me a lot of Denzel Curry, but not quite as ridiculously over the top. It was pretty cool to see that Denzel Curry actually ended up being featured on this project. I’m gonna be honest though… I probably wouldn’t even be checking this out if it weren’t for the Sylvan LaCue feature. I like Anonymuz though, so I think this is gonna be dope. From what I’ve seen, it seems like people like this one more than his previous album, so that’s a good sign. One thing that annoyed me about Vice City is that I couldn’t find the production credits for the album. I only found the credits for like three songs. If anyone has them please send them to me. Thankfully Anonymuz released the production credits for this album on the same day he announced it. I think. I might actually be wrong about that. The point is, I have the production credits. Every song is self produced, except where noted.

1. Sun Down produced by Downtime

This beat is pretty cool. This is the song from the album’s trailer. I just listened to the whole thing. This is a pretty dope intro. It’s just one verse over a dope beat. The verse itself is pretty dope. I feel like the best aspect of Anonymuz’s music is his flow and delivery. He’s not bad lyrically though. He’s actually pretty good to be honest. He has some nice lines. I mean, he’s not gonna blow anyone away with his bars, but I’d definitely say he’s above average. The average rapper these days is pretty terrible, so I guess that’s not really saying much. I like him though. I think he’s a good rapper, and this was a dope intro. I don’t really have any issues with it. It’s not an amazing song or anything, but I definitely enjoyed it quite a bit. This is dope.

2. Feel So Good

On streaming services this song is listed as “Feel So Good Pt2.” However, on the image he released with all the production credits, it’s just listed as “Feel So Good.” I haven’t heard a part one of this song. Anyway, the beat on this track is pretty dope. It’s got a similar aesthetic to the previous one. An issue I had with Vice City was that a lot of the beats sounded too similar. That whole album almost felt like one long track. I hope that doesn’t end up happening with this album too. I think this beat is different enough from the previous one though. I mean, obviously Anonymuz is going for a certain style, so it’s not like the beats are gonna sound completely different for every song. Sonic consistency isn’t a bad thing. It was just a bit too homogenized on Vice City for me. Anyway, the first verse of this song is dope. He’s basically rapping about people jacking his style and dickriding. His flow was really dope. There were certain points on the previous song where it seemed like he was really close to being off beat. This one sounds better to me. I actually really like the sung hook on this song. It sounds pretty good. This is actually a really good song. The second verse was great. I don’t really have any issues with this one. This shit is dope af.

3. 818

This song has another dope beat. Anonymuz is a pretty solid producer. I don’t think his beats are gonna blow anyone away, but he sounds great over them. This might actually be my favorite beat on the album so far. The horns sound really great. Anonymuz flowed his ass off on that first verse too. Damn. This is another really awesome song. The hook is dope. That second verse was really great too. I like this track just as much as the previous track. Not sure which one I prefer. They’re both really fucking good. I don’t have any issues with this track. This shit is dope af.

4. Primal featuring Shawn K produced by Devol & win32

I’m not familiar with this Shawn K guy, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard any beats from this Devol guy either. I know win32 tho. He did a beat on Sadistik’s last EP. Anyway, this is the most different sounding beat on the whole project. It’s dope af. It’s really bouncy, but dark at the same time. Man, this album is already a huge step up from Vice City. The first verse is really dope. I think Anonymuz has a really good voice for rap, and his flow on this track was really nice. The beat switches up after the first verse. There’s no hook. He killed that second verse. I’m not really sure what Shawn K contributed to this song. That was probably him speaking in the background. He didn’t rap though. Anyway, I think this is another fantastic song. I loved the production, and Anonymuz rapped over it really well. This shit is dope af.

5. Smoke

This beat is pretty good. It kinda sounds like something Drake would’ve put on his Nothing Was the Same album. It’s a little more hype than that I guess. The first verse from Anonymuz was really dope. I really liked the opening lines.

Back in effect
Boy, this that smack you up out of your slumber so hard that the force put a crack in your neck

There’s no hook on this song. The two verses are just broken up by a guy named The Black Hokage talking shit, kinda like Puff Daddy does sometimes. Apparently The Black Hokage is a YouTuber. He’s a self-proclaimed geek & the creator of the Gaming Illuminaughty, which seems to be a group of nerds who talk about video games, anime, comics, technology, sports & Hip Hop. The only one of those things that I actually care about is Hip Hop, so I think I’m gonna steer clear of those guys. Check them out if you’re interested in any of that stuff though. Anyway, Anonymuz killed that second verse. I feel like him and TreaZon have the same appeal. They both have great flows and sound super aggressive on the mic. I like this track a lot. It’s definitely not one of my favorites, but I enjoyed it. This shit is dope.

6. Fake Shit

The production on this track is cool. This is the most melodic song on the album so far. He doesn’t sound bad singing the hook. This actually kinda sounds like a Drake song. Anonymuz is a much more proficient MC than Drake, but the overall style seems like something he would do. The first verse was fine. I think Anonymuz is doing a good job with this style. This is definitely my least favorite track so far personally, but I feel like this will probably be one of the most popular songs on the album. It’s a pretty accessible track. I enjoyed it. This is pretty good.

7. Zion featuring Swerzie produced by Downtime

Oh shit. This song is hard as bricks. This is kind of a jarring switch up from the previous track, but this is definitely more my style. This is probably the hardest track on the album so far. The beat has some really heavy bass. The first verse from Anonymuz was great. That Nujabes’ flip he did was dope as hell. His flow was really great too. I’m not familiar with this Swerzie guy, but I was pretty satisfied with the first verse he spit. He came back in towards the end to rap again though, and at this point his flow seemed a little shaky. It wasn’t too bad though. Overall, I enjoyed this song a lot. It probably could’ve used a hook or something to give it a little more flavor, but I think it’s a really good song as it is. This shit is dope.

8. Rxdical Forever produced by WYT

This beat is cool. This album is definitely much more varied than Vice City. I also feel like the mixing on this project is much better. This song has kind of a loose structure. It sounds like it’s just two verses broken up by a bridge. The first verse was pretty good, but the second one was way more impressive. His flow was great. This is the second shortest song on the album. I don’t really have much to say about it. I feel like a lot of what I said about most of the other tracks applies to this one. I wasn’t in love with the production, but it was solid. Anonymuz rapped really well over it. This track is dope.

9. Saturation

The beat on this track is pretty dark and heavy, kinda like something that would’ve shown up on that Shlohmo album I wrote about last week. I really like the melodic flow Anonymuz has on this first verse. He kinda sounds like Drake again though. I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m definitely not a fan of Drake, but it’s not like I haven’t enjoyed any of his music before. He sounded good on the first verse. He sounds super bitter about a relationship that didn’t pan out well. The simplistic hook is nothing special, but it gets the job done. The second verse was fine. This is definitely one of the more underwhelming tracks on the album. I like the production, and Anonymuz’s flow and delivery are cool, but the hook kinda sucks to be honest, and I’m not really interested in the content personally either. I still enjoyed this song to a certain extent though. I think this is a good track.

10. 25 to Life featuring Sylvan LaCue produced by Prolivik

Okay, here it is. This is the reason I even gave this project a chance. Hopefully it doesn’t end up disappointing me. Even if this somehow ends up being wack, I’m glad I gave this project a chance because it’s been dope so far. Anyway, Sylvan was on the first verse, and it was pretty good. It wasn’t amazing or anything though. He didn’t renegade Anonymuz. Not that I think he was trying to. It’s not even really the kinda song where that could’ve happened. It feels pretty slow paced and mellow. Anonymuz sounds pretty energetic over it though. Sylvan’s verse honestly felt like the introductory salad to the meal that is Anonymuz’s verse. His flow was really great. The beat kinda slows down for the final verse, and the percussion disappears. The final verse is cool. It’s probably my least favorite verse on the track though. Overall, I think this is another great track. It’s not one of my favorites, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. This shit is dope.

11. No Threat featuring Denzel Curry produced by Downtime

This’ll probably end up being the most popular song on the project for obvious reasons. This beat is pretty dope. I really like the way Anonymuz starts this track off. He spits a few bars, and then when the beat drops he lets it breathe a little bit before coming back in. His verse was pretty good, but it did kinda sound like he was nearly off beat at some points. It wasn’t too noticeable though. It wasn’t like G Herbo level shit. Anyway, Denzel Curry killed that last verse. This is a dope track. It’s definitely not my favorite, but I can’t say I’m disappointed at all. This shit is really good.

This album is great. It’s pretty heartening to hear the improvement from Vice City. Maybe his next album will be even better than this. As I said before, the main appeal of Anonymuz’s music for me is his flow, delivery, and voice. He just sounds really good rapping. He’s a dope rapper. There were only a few songs that I absolutely loved, but there’s not a single track that I didn’t like at all. I’m really glad I gave this album a chance. I’ll definitely be checking for the next project this guy releases because if he can top this that’ll be great. This shit is dope.

Favorite Song: Feel So Good
Least Favorite Song: Saturation


Grade: B+

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