Album Review | Bullies – いじめっ子

This album was released on March 7th this year. For those of you who don’t know, the Bullies are a trio consisting of rappers Denmark Vessey & DrxQuinnx along with Azarias on the production. I’m most familiar with Denmark Vessey. I’ve listened to two EPs from him. I’ve only ever heard one verse from DrxQuinnx, but he sounded pretty cool from what I heard. Azarias is the only one I’m completely unfamiliar with. I really have no idea how I’m gonna feel about this record. I was kinda disappointed in the latest Denmark Vessey EP that dropped earlier this year. Hopefully he put more effort into this project. If not, maybe DrxQuinnx will keep things interesting. I have zero expectations. Every song is produced by Azarias.

1. Crumbers

Okay, I’m definitely a fan of this weird ass, lo-fi production from Azarias. This beat is really cool. It sounds like a jumbled, jazzy, lo-fi FlyLo beat. The mixing sounds a little rough. It’s kinda hard to make out some of the lyrics. Denmark is rhymin’ his ass off on this first verse though. Wow. This is actually REALLY fuckin’ cool. I just wish I could hear the lyrics a little better. I loved the way Denmark was flowin’ on the first verse. DrxQuinnx kinda sounds like Earl a little bit. Emphasis on the words “a little bit.” I’m really glad I gave this album a shot because this song is really cool. I like this a lot. The beat is dope as fuck, and both of the MCs did a good job on the verses. This shit is dope.

2. Wavvy co-produced by Denmark Vessey

Man, this production is so good. I really like the loud, energetic delivery from the two MCs on this track. Once again, it’s still pretty hard to discern what they’re actually saying. I can really only enjoy this sonically. Not that the lyrics are bad. I couldn’t actually tell you if they’re good or bad because I don’t even know what they are. Denmark & DrxQuinnx both sound really good on this track though. I don’t know if I like this more than the previous track. I’d say they’re about equal in terms of enjoyability for me. I like this track a lot. It’s dope.

3. Slicer Dicer

Uh oh… This is where things start going downhill I guess. The beat on this track is actually really cool, but bruh… That singing? Horrible. I cannot. I cannot take that shit at all. I thought it was just gonna be on the intro, but it lasts throughout the ENTIRE fucking song. It sounds fucking terrible. This might actually be the worst song I’ve ever heard that Denmark Vessey has been involved in. I don’t know if that was Denmark or DrxQuinn singing. It doesn’t matter though. This isn’t good at all. I mean, as I said, I like the production a lot. It was completely ruined though. This shit is wack.

4. Heru

Oh my fucking God. Why? Why is that singing back? It thankfully ceases after the first 40 seconds of the song. The damage is done though. The first verse from Denmark is actually really dope. I still can’t make out everything he said, but I got a lot of it this time.

I don’t snort ‘caine, I bump Wayne Shorter
I guess in moderation in regards to the former

That line about putting a curse on someone’s firstborn child for looking at his paper for answers was cool too. This song definitely has the least interesting beat on the project so far, but it’s not bad. Denmark Vessey killed that first verse. There’s not really a hook on this track. The two verses are split up by an audio clip of what sounds like a speech. Unfortunately the singing returns for the outro of the song. I don’t think this track is nearly as bad as the one it follows, but it’s still not something I can really enjoy. If the singing wasn’t present then I’d probably fuck with this. That ruined it for me though. This is an okay song, but I won’t be returning to it. The final track on this album is an alternate version of this song. I was hoping that it’d be a version without any singing, but that sadly isn’t the case. It’s just the same song with a different beat. I don’t know which one I like more. Neither of them are that good to me. I’d probably go with the alternate version of this song if I had to listen to it. I don’t really care for either of them though.

5. Good Times

This beat is kinda cool. It’s pretty jazzy. The first verse from Denmark was okay. It didn’t really impress me that much, but it wasn’t bad. DrxQuinnx’s verse was actually really dope. That Super Smash Bros. scheme he had was impressive. This song has a really simplistic structure. It’s just two verses, one after another. There’s no hook. It’s kind of an underwhelming song. I think I like this more than the previous one, but it’s still not really something I think I’d ever have the desire to return to. It’s a decent track though.

6. Cop An O

This beat is really dope. Denmark’s flow on this first verse is really nice. It sounds pretty aggressive. None of the lyrics really blew me away or anything, but he sounded really good on that verse. The lyrics from DrxQuinnx were kinda hard to understand for me. I really wish they posted the lyrics for this project online. Denmark came back in after DrxQuinnx finished his verse. At least, I think that’s Denmark. It sounds kinda different though, so there’s a chance that it’s actually Azarias. I’m not sure. I wanna say it’s Denmark Vessey though. Anyway, I’m really not sure how I feel about this one. I feel like if I had the lyrics I’d be able to formulate more of a confident opinion. I think I like this track though. The production was nice, and they had some cool flows. This isn’t as dope as the first two tracks to me, but I still enjoyed it to some extent. It’s good.

7. Maury

This was released as the only single from this album, but I hadn’t heard it before starting this review. Anyway, this track has a pretty stripped back beat compared to a lot of the other songs so far. I wasn’t that impressed by it at first, but it’s grown on me. I actually think it’s really cool now. I just wish the percussion was a little more hard hitting. If it had a similar snare pattern to Baby, I’m Bleeding by JPEGMAFIA this shit would be hard as bricks. Denmark’s verse was kinda cool, but there weren’t really many lines that stood out to me. There were some references to Kanye West & Meek Mill that just felt really basic. I feel like he didn’t really say anything that 100 other MCs haven’t already said. The verse as a whole was fine though. It definitely wasn’t bad. I liked DrxQuinnx’s verse a little more.

I ate some pussy on a blood moon one night
And shot up a club full of young life

The outro had some actual audio clips from Maury Povich’s infamous TV show. The dude WAS the father in this one. That show is so trifling to me. I’m glad I’m not in the same position that any of those people that come on the show are. Anyway, I feel the same way about this song as I did about the previous one. I enjoyed it to some extent, but it’s definitely not one of my favorites on the album. It’s good though. I like it.

8. Paper Moon

The beat on this track is decent. I think I like it more than the previous one. The first verse from Denmark was alright I guess. I couldn’t really understand a lot of what he was saying. That’s been a problem I’ve had with him in the past. I don’t know why. It’s just hard for me to get what he’s saying for whatever reason. I actually had the same issue with DrxQuinnx on this song too. Ehhh… I don’t think this song is wack. I can’t say I really enjoyed it though. Nothing about it really stands out to me in a good way. I got pretty much zero enjoyment out of this. It’s an okay track though.

9. Oaks

Wow. This beat is really fuckin’ cool. It’s weird as hell though. I’m not sure if I actually like it. It’s an interesting beat, but I can’t tell if I’m enjoying listening to it. I have the same problem with DrxQuinnx on this track that I had with him on the previous song. I’m hearing what he’s saying and it’s just not registering for some reason. It just goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t know if it’s my fault or his. I’ll take the blame I guess. I have the same problem with Denmark Vessey’s verse. I have the same opinion of this song that I had of the previous one. I didn’t really enjoy it at all. The production was interesting, but the rapping didn’t do anything for me. I won’t be coming back to this. It’s a decent song though.

10. Dope

Oh shit. This beat is dope as hell. This is definitely one of the best beats on the album to me. The hook is really simplistic, but it works. This is actually one of the most interesting songs on the album so far lyrically. It’s still pretty hard for me to make out everything they’re saying though. It sounds like they’re rapping about drugs & dealers and shit like that. There was a line about someone who “sucked yo dick just so I could have a hit,” which is cool. I really wish I could understand all the lyrics. I feel like this would be my favorite song on the album if I knew what they were saying. I definitely like the song as it is, but my inability to discern the lyrics is frustrating to say the least. Whatever; I still enjoyed this track. It’s a good song.

11. Money Fone

This song has another pretty cool beat. Man… I don’t know what it is about this album, but I just can’t understand the lyrics for some reason. Am I an idiot? I mean, I understood some of it, but I didn’t really get it. The bars I heard didn’t seem like coherent thoughts. There was one line about how he ate someone’s pussy, and then he mentioned Superman’s cape. He also repeated some numbers. DrxQuinnx’s flow on the second verse was really cool, but I still couldn’t really understand all the lyrics. The song ends kind of abruptly. It’s the shortest track on the album. I uh… I didn’t really enjoy this at all. Just like with the majority of the other songs on this project, I don’t think this is wack. I just don’t really find it entertaining at all. I won’t be listening to it again. It’s decent though.

12. Prophet

The beat on this track is really cool. However, pretty much everything I’ve said about most of the other tracks applies to this one. The two verses on this track didn’t do anything for me at all. Once again, the lyrics go in one ear and out the other. DrxQuinnx’s verse was slightly pitch-shifted, but it didn’t actually affect my enjoyment of it at all. The production was kinda cool, but other than that I can’t say I enjoyed this track. I’m pretty indifferent towards it. It’s decent. I won’t be listening to it again.

This is an okay album. There’s only one track here that I think is legitimately bad, but there are only a handful that I really enjoyed. I didn’t love any of them. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I like lo-fi production, but I don’t like when people actually rap over it. Obviously there are exceptions, but I prefer instrumental versions of lo-fi beats. I think the main reason is that the rapper’s vocals are almost always buried in the mix, so I can never fully grasp what they’re rapping about. Azarias’ production is dope. The rapping from Denmark Vessey & DrxQuinnx isn’t really bad, but I can’t say it really impressed me that much either. I think this project is worth checking out if you’re a big fan of Denmark Vessey. I’d say this is a pretty bad entry point if you’ve never heard of him though. Again, this album is just okay to me.

Favorite Song: Wavvy
Least Favorite Song: Slicer Dicer


Grade: C

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