Rating Ceschi’s Discography

I gotta say, I’m pretty damn impressed by how much Ceschi’s music has improved. I think he’s always had an interesting & unique style, but the music didn’t start REALLY impressing me until 2015. I liked projects before that, but 2015 is when he really started blowing me away. I can’t wait to see what he does next because he’s becoming one of my favorite song makers. I haven’t heard every single project he’s been involved in. I haven’t checked out the stuff he’s done with his band, Dead by Wednesday, and I probably never will because I’m just not into that kinda stuff. This post will only contain his solo Hip Hop albums.

Fake Flowers

Favorite Song: See You Soon

Score: 52 (D+)

They Hate Francisco False

Favorite Song: Frank Propose

Score: 70 (B-)

The One Man Band Broke Up (with DJ Scientist)

Favorite Song: Lament for Captain Julius

Score: 72 (B-)

Broken Bone Ballads (with Factor Chandelier)

Favorite Song: This Won’t Last Forever

Score: 88 (A-)

Sad, Fat Luck (with Factor Chandelier)


Favorite Song: Say No More

Score: 91 (A)

Sans Soleil (with Factor Chandelier)


Favorite Song: 1988

Score: 91 (A)


B flat
Grade: B

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