Rating Vinnie Paz’s Discography

Honestly I think Vinnie Paz has one of the best discographies in Hip Hop if you count all the collaborative shit he’s been involved in. I just love how aggressive he is as an MC. Not only does he have arguably the best voice in Hip Hop, but he’s also just a ruthless lyricist. I feel like people don’t give him the credit he deserves. Or maybe they do, and I’m just not aware. Out of all the collectives there are in Hip Hop, the Army of the Pharaohs might honestly be my favorite. My favorite members are Esoteric, Celph Titled, Apathy, and of course Vinnie Paz. Demoz is really dope too. Jedi Mind Tricks is a really great group as well, even though the members of the group aren’t really uh… Well, Vinnie Paz is the only one who’s been involved in every single album. If I’m remembering correctly, Jus Allah was only actually involved in three of them, and there was even a project where Stoupe was completely absent, which was weird. I like all of the albums though. In fact, there’s not a single album here that I didn’t like. Vinnie Paz is an amazing rapper. I can’t wait to see what he does next. Oh shit. I almost forgot to mention something. Those album covers for the last two JMT projects have been amazing. I hope the same artist does all their future projects because that shit is really beautiful.

Jedi Mind Tricks Albums

The Psychosocial, Chemical, Biological & Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness


Favorite Song: Souls from the Streets

Score: 83 (B+)

Violent by Design

Favorite Song: Untitled

Score: 94 (A)

Visions of Gandhi

Favorite Song: Nada Cambia

Score: 89 (A-)

Legacy of Blood

Favorite Song: The Worst

Score: 91 (A)

Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell

Favorite Song: Uncommon Valor

Score: 95 (A)

A History of Violence

Favorite Song: Trail of Lies

Score: 88 (A-)

Violence Begets Violence

Favorite Song: Carnival of Souls

Score: 76 (B)

The Thief & the Fallen

Favorite Song: Destiny Forged in Blood

Score: 90 (A)

The Bridge & the Abyss

Favorite Song: What She Left Behind

Score: 86 (A-)

The Funeral & the Raven

Favorite Song:

Score: 62% ()

Army of the Pharaohs Albums

The Torture Papers

Favorite Song: King Among Kings

Score: 92 (A)

Ritual of Battle

Favorite Song: Dump the Clip

Score: 87 (A-)

The Unholy Terror

Favorite Song: The Ultimatum

Score: 85 (B+)

In Death Reborn

Favorite Song: Luxor Temple

Score: 92 (A)

Heavy Lies the Crown

Favorite Song: Sword & Bullet

Score: 91 (A)

Heavy Metal Kings Albums

Heavy Metal Kings

Favorite Song: Splatterfest

Score: 91 (A)

Black God White Devil

Favorite Song: Golan & Globus

Score: 84 (B+)

Solo Albums

Season of the Assassin

Favorite Song: Same Story (My Dedication)

Score: 85 (B+)

God of the Serengeti

Favorite Song: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

Score: 90 (A)

Favorite Song: Writings on Disobedience & Democracy

Score: 90 (A)

The Pain Collector


Favorite Song: A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

Score: 90 (A)

As Above So Below


Favorite Song: I Am the Chaos

Score: 82 (B+)

Burn Everything That Bears Your Name


Favorite Song: Don Eladio

Score: 83 (B+)

Camouflage Regime Albums

Camouflage Regime


Favorite Song: Cinematic Echo

Score: 79 (B)

Solo Albums: 87 (A-)
Jedi Mind Tricks Albums: 85 (B+)
Army of the Pharaohs Albums: 89 (A-)
Heavy Metal Kings Albums: 87 (A-)
All Collaborative Albums: 87 (A-)


Grade: A-

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