EP Review | Conway the Machine – Trillmatic Presents: Organized Grime

This EP was released on April 18th this year. It was put together by Trillmatic Goods, which is a brand I’m not really familiar with. I just googled it. Apparently they’re a “high-end streetwear brand for true hip-hop heads.” So basically, if you wanna dress like Lord Jamar, Trillmatic Goods is the plug. I really liked that EIF3 project that Conway dropped earlier in April. I’ve seen almost nobody talking about this project right here though. Technically, the EP is by Trillmatic, and all the songs are just featuring Conway. It’s really just a Conway project though. I think I’m gonna like it. It probably won’t be on the same level of EIF3, but I’ll be surprised if it ends up being wack.

1. Comfortable produced by Apollo Brown

The beat on this track is pretty dope. The first verse is pretty good. It’s typical Conway. He pretty much does what he always does here. In the conclusion of my EIF3 review, I called Conway the Machine a “one-trick pony.” This is just more proof of that. He does it well though. The hook isn’t that great. It’s not actually bad enough to ruin the song though. This track is pretty average as far as Conway’s music goes. I enjoyed it for what it is though. It’s a good track.

2. PTSD produced by Mephux

Oh fucking shit. This beat is amazing. I liked the beat on the previous track, but this one honestly blows it out of the water in my opinion. Once again, this is really just more of the same lyrically. It’s still good though. The simplistic hook doesn’t really add much to the song for me. It’s not actually bad though. The second verse is really good.

Without a doubt I’m the best
You lookin’ at Illmatic Nas, Jay Reasonable Doubt in the flesh, nigga

I mean, the verse isn’t amazing or anything. It’s what one would typically expect from Conway. It was good though. The main reason I like this song so much more than the previous one is the stellar production. I love the beat. Mephux killed this track. Conway did his thing too though. I enjoyed this song. It’s dope.

3. Bag on the Body produced by Farma

I’m not familiar with this Farma person. This beat is fucking awesome though. It sounds like something I’d expect a Horrorcore rapper to spit over. It sounds like Halloween. I love it. The first verse from Conway was pretty dope. I actually like this hook too. This is the first song on the project where I actually like the hook. It’s not amazing or anything. It’s cool though. The second verse was great. This is a really good track. I think this is my favorite song so far. I absolutely love the production. Both of the verses were great, and I even kinda liked the hook. This shit is really dope.

4. Ahmed Johnson produced by Kyo Itachi

Goddamn. The production on this project is stellar. You know it’s good when Apollo Brown somehow has the least interesting beat on the project. I feel like each beat on this EP has been better than the one it follows. The first verse on this song is pretty cool. It’s more of the same shit. There’s not really a hook. There’s just a short break between the two verses. The way the beat switches up for the second verse is so fucking good. This beat is incredible honestly. Goddamn. This second verse is hard as fuck.

Smokin’ gas like I’m Meth & Red
Left the nine at home, but I took the TEC instead
Kicked down his doors, baby mama wet the bed
Shot him in the kitchen, left his brain in his breakfast eggs

This is definitely my favorite track so far. I think the production is fucking phenomenal, and Conway killed it. This shit is dope af.

5. Come Get with Me produced by Farma

God fucking DAMN. Bruh, this production is amazing. What the fuck, man? These beats are insane. This shit just keeps getting better and better. The first verse from Conway over this dark ass, heavy boom bap beat was fantastic.

Diss me in a song, you just wrote your suicide note
Scorin’ on the opps like Embiid on a high approach
I keep a shooter with me, that’s a side note
12 gauge in his pants, walking like his thigh broke

I really like the hook too. This track definitely has my favorite hook on the whole project so far. This shit is fucking fire. This is even better than the previous track. He killed both of the verses, the hook is dope, and I love the beat. There’s not a single aspect of this song that I disliked. This shit is dope af.

6. Draco produced by Mephux

Fuuuuck. Once again, the production is top notch. This one is more fast paced than the other tracks. It’s cool to hear Conway rap over a more uptempo instrumental. Okay, here we go. This isn’t the typical gangsta shit he usually does. This is actually a lot more personal. He’s killin’ this first verse.

I wanna leave this shit
But I got fans that be like, “nah, Machine, we need that shit”
There’s some that bother me so much I wanna scream and shit
Fuck what I’m goin’ through; they wanna know when their CD ships
Man, I don’t need this shit

The production is actually kinda melodic. The hook is super simplistic, but I like it. Man, this is fucking amazing. Both of the verses on this song are fantastic, and the production is too. It’s refreshing to hear some relatively personal content from Conway. This might be my favorite song so far. I love it. It’s dope af.

7. The Get Back produced by Farma

Again. Amazing production. This Farma person is talented as hell. Oh maaan… I might’ve been wrong for calling Conway a one-trick pony. This isn’t the typical hyper-masculine gangsta shit he’s usually on.

I need you to doubt me
Need you to tell me that I’ll never make it
Tell me I ain’t hungry no more & I ain’t dedicated
Tell me if it wasn’t for this & that I’d have never made it
So I can prove you wrong on everything you speculated

This shit is so fucking good. My only gripe with this song is that it sounds unfinished. It’s less than two minutes long, and there’s only one verse. It sounds like it’s not even a full 16 bars. This almost sounds like a snippet. It’s criminally short. I still enjoyed it quite a bit though. I think it’s really dope.

This EP is great. Honestly, I like this one even more than Everybody Is F.O.O.D. 3. I was legitimately blown away by the production here. Somehow Apollo Brown had my least favorite beat on the whole project. There’s not a single track here that I dislike though. I was really pleased to hear Conway switch up his content for once with the final two tracks. Conway has such a great ear for beats. The project got off to a solid, yet conventional start. However, things just got more and more interesting as it progressed. I usually say Benny is my favorite rapper from Griselda, but honestly I think Conway makes the best music out of all of them. I think he’s become my favorite member. So yeah, overall I really like this project. This shit is dope.

Favorite Song: Draco
Least Favorite Song: Comfortable


Grade: B+


  1. Man, you’re not tripping. The EP got better and better with every song with to me. I’m a huge Griselda fan so I was a little disappointed in myself because I completely missed this one. I was randomly scrolling through and clicking on artists via Tidal and ran across Trillmatic. My immediate thought was Bun B or UGK, Pimp C, something affiliated with UGK… So when I saw Conway on every song in the playlist I was pleasantly surprised and instantly sold. Dope project, bro.

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