FHH Update 6-5-2019

Was6p y’all. If you follow this blog closely you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been quite as consistent as I usually am lately. There’s pretty much one big reason for this. I’m taking Summer classes, and it’s a little more intense than what I was doing during the Spring semester. I have classes more often, they last longer, and there’s more work to do, so that’s why I haven’t been posting shit on this site quite as often. I’ll definitely be posting something at least once or twice every week. Just don’t expect a review every single day like I used to do. Also, some of y’all may be disappointed that I haven’t been reviewing newer shit right when it comes out. I’m trying to make sure I don’t miss anything that I want to listen to this year, so I’m checking projects out in the order of their release. As a result, I’m still stuck in the middle of April right now. Sorry. Y’all are just gonna have to bear with me. I’m not gonna be skipping forward to review Bandana immediately when it drops. It’s kind of a double edged sword. On one hand, I’m not a part of the immediate conversation when people are giving their initial reactions. I kinda like it that way though. It’s nice to listen to shit after all the hype has died down. Anyway, I have about 9 more projects to check out before I actually get to the month of May, so I probably won’t even end up hearing Bandana until some time in August or maybe even September. So yeah. Also, I’m gonna come clean… I kinda wrote this update just so I would have something to post today because I didn’t have a review ready. I wanted y’all to know why I’ve been slightly less active here though. One more thing… I made a playlist on YouTube containing all my shitposts. Check it out if you wanna kill some time.


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