PREMIERE | SHADI – Lord Mohamad

Lord Mohamad is the first single from SHADI’s upcoming debut album, You Can’t Hear Me. SHADI is a young Muslim rapper & producer from Tampa, Florida. Before you listen to this song, I just wanna prepare you for what you’re about to experience. You Can’t Hear Me is releasing on Deathbomb Arc, which is pretty much the biggest experimental label out right now. Or maybe it’s not. It’s the one I’m most familiar with though. They put out some of the first releases from artists like Death Grips, JPEGMAFIA, clipping., Signor Benedick the Moor, etc. That should give you an idea of the kind of shit you’ll be hearing on You Can’t Hear Me. If I had to rank those artists from most accessible to least accessible, I’d probably say JPEGMAFIA, then Signor Benedick the Moor, then clipping., then SHADI, and then Death Grips. This dude is weird as hell. A lot of you are probably gonna think this song is terrible. It’s not the kinda Hip Hop you hear every day. I can honestly say that this is unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. JPEGMAFIA, SB the Moor, and clipping. are definitely experimental, but they’re not the kind of experimental Hip Hop that I would personally describe as “Noise Rap.” That label applies more to artists like Moodie Black, as well as Death Grips in some cases. It definitely applies here too though. I can’t think of a better way to describe this. You’ll understand once you hear it. I think the best way to prepare you for this song is by telling you what I was told.

Truly irresponsible insanity. Anything goes garbage production, relentless bars, and a complete disregard for any standards in what makes a Hip Hop beat work.

This is either going to really be your thing or you’ll fucking hate it.

I played it for my mother and sister, and they hated it. I think the mistake I made was not telling them anything about it before playing it. They were probably expecting to hear another Thotiana remix or something like that. My mom looked scared when she was listening to this though. It was actually pretty funny now that I think about it. Anyway, enough fucking around. Here’s the song.

This is probably the weirdest song I’ve heard all year, and I have no idea how SHADI managed to make this shit work. It shouldn’t be possible to rap over something like this. Your average MC can’t pull this off. You may be turned off by the production, but if you actually listen to SHADI, he’s fucking killing this shit. Dude was rapping his ass off. The way he flowed over this weird ass beat was nuts. The beat itself is actually really cool too though. The fact that he made this song completely by himself is really impressive. In fact, his entire album is completely self produced with no features. I feel like this is one of those songs that might take multiple listens to appreciate. Maybe not consecutively though. I’d listen to it once, then maybe come back a couple hours later, or maybe the next day. Again, I won’t be surprised if most of you think this is too weird to enjoy. I think it’s dope af personally. The album is set to release on August 2nd this year. I’ll be posting a full review either on that day, or a few days earlier. Let me know what you think of this track. Is it too weird or were you able to get into it like me?


If you want to pre-order the cassette, here’s the link:

I’d do it as soon as possible because there’s a sale going on until it’s released, and that shit sells out quick.


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