Album Review | Logic – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

This album was released on May 10th this year. I think this shit is gonna be terrible. This is actually the second album that Logic released in 2019. At the end of March, he released his worst album to date. It was a project called Supermarket, which was actually a soundtrack to a novel he had written of the same name. It was basically a really shitty Alternative Rock album. The saddest part is the fact that Lemon Drop, which was actually just a regular Hip Hop song, was easily the worst song on the album. In fact, I’d go even further than that by saying that it’s one of his worst songs period. It’s one of the worst songs I’ve heard all year. Supermarket is definitely the worst album I’ve heard this year too. I actually didn’t even hate it the first time I heard it. I thought it was mediocre, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I went back to it about a month later though, and that album is fucking terrible. To this day there are still three songs on it that I actually like though. This isn’t a Supermarket review though. I already know I’m not gonna like this shit. I don’t know if it’ll be as bad as Supermarket, although some people have told me it’s worse. Pretty much everyone agrees that it’s his worst rap album to date, so this is gonna be rough.

1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind produced by 6ix

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Single

This song was the second single released from this album, and I actually remember thinking it was pretty good when I heard it. I haven’t listened to it since then, so I don’t really remember anything about it. Okay, this production from 6ix is pretty fantastic. Right off the bat, I’m a little annoyed that Logic is recycling bars again.

I feel like a king and my queen is Coretta

How many times has he used a king/Coretta line like this? I know I’ve heard it on at least a couple other songs from him. At least his flow is pretty nice on this track. Aside from that line I enjoyed the first verse. None of the lines are actually that good, but they aren’t too bad. His flow along with the stellar production make it pretty enjoyable. The hook is nothing special, but it works. Oh God… This second verse… This is uh… Well, I mean his flow is still cool, but… He’s basically throwing a temper tantrum because people make fun of him.

What if your life was under a glass?
And people tried to dig up shit from your past
And tell you what’s good and what’s not
And every time you drop a song, they say that it’s wack or it’s hot
And don’t give a damn that it came from the heart

Why is he acting like he just became a rapper? There’s not a single rapper who doesn’t deal with criticism. This dude really is soft as shit, isn’t he?

Fuck social media
Tellin’ me who I should be and just how I should rap
They always compare, they always compare me to others
And try to hit me up against all my brothers
Now, why you think so many rappers be overdosin’ at the crib?
‘Cause people just won’t let ’em live

Alright… Fuck you, Logic. I can’t believe this dude really just implied that the reason people like Mac Miller & Lil Peep OD is because somebody on the internet said something mean to them. Not only that, but he’s almost making it seem like he has come close to overdosing because people clown him all the time.

When I can’t deal with the hate, I self-medicate
Sit in the corner and think of a better day
Maybe this bullet can help me to get away
I just cannot seem to think of a better way

Woooow. Okay, let me be clear. It’s not like cyberbullying isn’t a big deal. It’s definitely a real problem. Logic is famous though. You have to know that once you get to a certain level people are gonna start being assholes to you. It’s just something you have to get used to, and ignore. I’m sure that if I was in Logic’s position I would also be very hurt by what people say. I feel like I’d be able to write about it in a better way though. I’m sure Logic means well. He just wanted to vent real quick about people being mean. He can do that. It’s fine. It doesn’t ruin the song for me. I just wish he did it in a way that didn’t make me groan and roll my eyes.

These are the comments I’m readin’ on Twitter right now
That make me depressed and they pullin’ me down
I’m tryin’ to swim but I think I’ma drown
So I’ma turn that feelin’ into a sound

This quatrain is fine. He’s being honest about how the trolls get to him. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is him acting like being a rich and famous rapper who gets mean comments is being worse than a poor nobody who has no financial freedom.

“I wish I was famous, I wish I was rich
I wish I could just get up out of this bitch”
But be careful what you wish for
‘Cause it ain’t everything that it’s cut out to be

He’s acting like trolls are some sort of catastrophic scourge that completely make life not worth living. I mean, maybe it does for him. Let’s not act like homeless people who have to sleep on the streets and eat out of trash cans live better lives than him though. Anyway, I know I’ve been very critical of this track, but I do kind of like it. I don’t think it’s bad. Obviously it’s a flawed track, but I enjoyed it to some extent. Again, I still really love the production, and Logic’s flow was nice. This was a decent way to start the album. I think the song is solid.

2. Homicide featuring Eminem produced by Bregma & Shroom


Okay, this was the final single released from the album, and, once again, I remember liking it when I first heard it. In a nutshell, it’s lyrical miracle fast rap bullshit. I think they did it well though. Once again, it’s not a perfect song. There are some major issues here. First of all, that intro with Logic’s dad is just painful to listen to. It’s so fucking corny.

-Son, you know why you the greatest alive?

Why, Dad?

-Because you came out of my BAAAAALLS, NIGGAAAAAAAAAA


Ugh. It’s just so cringy. Also, I have an issue with that hook. I swear this nigga says something along the lines of “bustin’ like a semi-automatic” on damn near every song he’s on. I’m surprised he hasn’t said something like “I’m a king bustin’ a nut in my Coretta like a semi-automatic” yet. He probably has to be honest. Anyway, once the song actually gets going it’s pretty enjoyable for me. His super fast paced flow is genuinely impressive and fun to listen to. Well… I mean, the first half of his verse was cool. The way it ends is pretty terrible though to be honest. He switches to this weird ass delivery that almost sounds like he’s doing an impression of Eric Cartman, and lyrically it turns to shit.

Know you feelin’ lyricism when I’m spillin’ it, I’m feelin’ myself
Yeah, yeah, Bobby boy, he be feelin’ himself
Mass murder like this can’t be good for my health
When I rap like this, do I sound like shit?
Well, it don’t really matter, ’cause I’m killin’ this shit
Yeah, I’m killin’ this shit
Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m killin’ this shit
Bobby, how many times you been killin’ this shit?
Find another rhyme, goddamn, nigga, shit

The second verse was really bad lyrically too. Man… This is actually a lot worse than I remember it being. I actually liked Em’s verse though. He definitely had a better verse than Logic. The way he flipped Chris D’Elia’s impression of him was really fucking dope.

Man, I can see my dick is standin’ stiff as a mannequin
And I’m bringin’ the bandana back, and the fuckin’ headband again
A handkerchief, and I’m thinkin’ of bringin’ the fuckin’ fingerless gloves back
And not giving a singular fuck, like fuck rap

That was cool. I don’t like the way this song ended at all though. They just inserted the audio of Chris D’Elia’s Eminem impression onto the end of the song, which is annoying. The video was kinda funny the first time I saw it, but it really kills the replay value of this song. I loved this song the first time I heard it, but I wasn’t really paying attention to the lyrics. The production is really generic. The beat’s clearly not meant to be focused on. They really just needed a conventional instrumental that would fall into the background. Em’s verse was nice, but Logic didn’t impress me on this aside from his flow on the hook and certain parts of his verse. Overall the song is okay, but there are too many flaws for me to want to come back to it. It’s decent though.

3. Wannabe produced by Hazebanga

Okay, this is the first song from this album that I hadn’t actually heard before starting this review. The beat is kinda cool. Huh. I just finished listening to the whole track. That was pretty goddamn underwhelming. This sounds like something I’d hear on one of those Bobby Tarantino mixtapes. Nothing about this song stands out at all. The beat was solid at first, but it gets old pretty quickly. The lyrics are kind of about how people are faking shit for Instagram because they wanna be famous and are addicted to attention and likes.

That social media shit is a contest
If I ain’t winnin’ then I am depressed
And I feel less than, I get stressed then
I, I, I, I, I get stressed like, “Ooh”
Why you think Kanye crazy?
Why you think YG brazy like, “Suwoop”
Why you think homeboy ain’t on the Internet no more?
Motherfuck all of you

What… What the fuck is he doing? These are struggle bars. His flow doesn’t even sound very good on this track. The hook is just him repeating “I wanna be famous” over and over again. I’m offended by how underwhelming everything about this song is. The production is the only aspect of the song that’s even slightly enjoyable. This shit is wack to me.

4. clickbait produced by 6ix & !llmind

This is probably the most infamous song on the album. I’ll get into why later. First of all, the beat on this track is actually pretty great in my opinion. It sounded a little weird when the beat initially dropped, but overall it’s dope. The simplistic hook isn’t very good, but it’s not really bad. There’s only one verse on this song. It’s not good. I pretty much accepted the fact that Logic doesn’t have anything interesting to say last year when he dropped Young Sinatra IV, so I’m not particularly surprised by this. The first part of the verse is pretty strange to me. First of all, his melodic delivery is terrible. The lyrics about fucking hoes are bizarre coming from someone like him.

She say she never done some shit like this before
Suck my dick until I nut, and then I go
I want a good girl, but I always fuck with hoes
I love drugs, I pop pills, I do blow, blow, blow

So he pretty much admitted to being a cokehead here. There’s actually a song called Cocaine later on in the album. Maybe he’ll go into that on that track. That could be interesting. Anyway, after the part about fucking hoes he dedicates a portion of the verse to Lil Peep, with a moment of silence and everything. It seems pretty random, but whatever. I guess he thought it would be a good thing to do. I could’ve done without it personally. I don’t give a shit about Lil Peep. It’s fine though. The next part of the verse is the one everybody talks about.

I don’t do the Breakfast Club ’cause Charlamagne is shameless
That’s the only one I leave out when I run my bases
Do your research ‘fore you call somebody homophobic
You make a living off of controversy and you know it
I ain’t that type of artist, respect my name and we can talk about it
I’d suck a dick just to prove it ain’t that way
Ninety-nine percent don’t listen what I say

So I guess apparently Charlamagne tried to say that Logic was homophobic. I don’t know for sure. That’s just what I gathered from these bars. I guess the reason he went so far with these lyrics was to prove his point about clickbait. People kinda proved his point for him though. They quoted that one line without providing the rest of the context. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a stupid ass line. The way people reacted just shows how they don’t really pay attention to what he was trying to say though. After this he says some random bullshit, and then the verse ends.

Slap a bitch in the face then I count my wealth

I always thought that Logic seemed like a nice guy, but he’s been coming off like a huge prick throughout this album so far. Anyway, overall I think this song is pretty terrible. The verse sucks, and the hook isn’t good either. The beat’s cool, but other than that this is wack.

5. Mama / Show Love featuring YBN Cordae produced by 6ix, Aaron Gomez & Frank Dukes

The beat on this track is pretty cool. I hate this hook though. Logic’s flow on the first verse was cool. The lyrics range from bad to mediocre though.

I’m the MC that the MCs study

Why the fuck would an MC study Logic? He doesn’t do anything that another rapper doesn’t do better. His lyrics rarely have any substance. His flow is cool, but far from the best. His hooks are tolerable, but rarely stand out. What would anyone study him for? I’m not trying to be mean or anything; I just don’t see why anyone would study him instead of someone else. Maybe I’m reading into it too much. I don’t think Logic actually intends for anyone to really think about what he’s saying. I mean, it seems like he doesn’t even think about what he’s saying. Anyway, the second verse from YBN Cordae was cool. It wasn’t amazing or anything, but it was solid. I don’t get people saying that he killed it. He certainly outperformed Logic, but that isn’t saying much. The third verse from Logic isn’t good. It’s like he thinks people won’t notice how simplistic his writing is if he just raps really fast. Mama is a pretty mediocre song. I’m not feelin’ Show Love either. It’s basically just him shouting out other rappers and being like “hey, if you guys wanna work with me hit me up.” Oh he raps it fast though. Can’t forget to mention that. Overall, this song is pretty bad to me. The production was solid, and the flows were okay, but nothing about the song really stands out that much. The lyrics are lame. Cordae is the best aspect of the song, and he isn’t even that great on here. This shit is wack.

6. Out of Sight produced by J. LBS & Andre Hotbox

The beat on this track is alright. Wow. This is a Drake song. Everything about this screams Drake. The production kinda reminds me of Drake’s Draft Day, and Logic completely jacked Drake’s flow. He even said “like a cleat” the same exact way that Drake said “like a light” on Sicko Mode. Once again, Logic says absolutely nothing of substance on this song. What the hell is the point of this track? It almost feels like an interlude. It’s one of the shortest tracks on the album. Absolutely nothing about this stands out, aside from his blatant use of Drake’s flow. This shit is wack to me.

7. Pardon My Ego produced by 6ix & CuBeatz

The beat on this track is kinda cool. Oh my fucking God. This first verse is trash.

Old girl wanna give the boy head
How ’bout a little bitty self-love instead?
I can’t fuck a ho, I’d rather self-love instead

Doc Rivers

Are you fucking shitting me, Logic? Yo… This… I can’t even… I’m speechless. I don’t even know where to begin with that one. Do I even have to say why that line is terrible? I don’t think I do. Bruh, I can’t fucking believe this shit. This is hilarious and depressing at the same time. This legitimately feels like a parody. In fact, I think people were saying that around the time of this album’s release. I think I remember someone telling me that Logic has become a parody of himself. This also sounds like it should be on a Bobby Tarantino mixtape. BRUH. OH MY GOD.

I ain’t bipolar; Kanye make me wish I was
‘Cause that level of genius the meanest
Nobody fuckin’ around with that flow
When I spit it, you know it’s the cleanest, uh
All my haters can suck my penis

Dude… Alright, fuck this dude. Fuck you Logic. That’s probably the stupidest thing Logic has ever said on a song. He didn’t even try to play it off like a joke. This dude is deadass serious. This dude tried to make a mental health anthem with that suicide track—terrible song by the way—and now he’s saying unbelievably moronic shit like this. This is just pitiful. God. I don’t know what’s worse: this or Lemon Drop? This is easily the worst song on the album so far. I pray that it stays that way. If it gets worse than this, I don’t think I’ll be hearing a worse album in 2019. This song is absolute dogshit.

8. COMMANDO featuring G-Eazy produced by 6ix

Oh what the fuck? Oh god… NO. I didn’t even fucking notice that G-Eazy was on this album. Jesus fuck. Alright, let’s get this over with. Oh fuck. This hook is terrible. The first verse from Logic was pretty bad. Yeah, this is yet another Bobby Tarantino-esque song about fucking hoes and smoking weed. I feel like this album is just Bobby Tarantino 3 with a different title. He name-dropped Childish Gambino again. I think that’s the third time he’s mentioned him on the album. I don’t know what that’s about. In fact, he’s been doing a lot of name-dropping on this album in general. Obviously he’s mentioned Kanye twice already. I quoted both of the lines in which he did so. God. G-Eazy is so fucking bad. I don’t get the appeal of that guy at all. His voice annoys the fuck out of me. Man, this album was already bad, but it’s getting worse now. This is another horrible song. This shit is wack af.

9. Icy featuring Gucci Mane produced by 6ix & Kajo

Why the fuck is Gucci Mane on this project? The features on this album are so fucking random. I’ve actually heard the instrumental for this song already because Wrekonize did a remix of it for his weekly freestyle series. By the way, if you haven’t been keeping up with those freestyles, you’re sleeping hard. Make sure you check out the ones Crooked I is doing too. They’re great. Anyway, I like this beat, but holy fuck this hook from Logic is unbearable. What the fuck was he thinking? Jesus Christ. I just… I can’t believe this shit. The first verse on this song is trash too.

Don’t do it for money, don’t do it for money
But if it come down to the money
I got a lot, I got a lot, like a lot
More than I need
I got children to feed, I got places to be
I got bitches to fuck; let me see your ID
Nah, I’m just playin’, I’m playin’
You know that I’m playin’, don’t know what I’m sayin’, no
Know that we chillin’, we vibin’
We smokin’ and drinkin’, we gettin’ this money though

What the fuck is he doing? Jesus. I don’t know how I’m gonna choose a least favorite song from this project. This shit is abhorrent. I… I want to turn the album off. Gucci Mane’s verse wasn’t good, but it was way better than Logic’s verse. This hook is fucking disgusting. The final verse from Logic was terrible. I didn’t really understand that line where he was shitting on ugly women.

I be quick to put an ugly bitch in her place
‘Cause a beautiful woman is something to see
And she’s not defined by her face

I don’t get it. What the fuck is he talking about? This dude is such a chode, man. This song is dogshit. I fucking hate it.

10. Still Ballin’ featuring Wiz Khalifa produced by Keanu Beats

This song kinda sounds like Homicide but with Wiz Khalifa instead of Eminem. The production is generic as fuck. I got my hopes up when I saw the placement from Keanu Beats because I misread it as Kenny Beats. The first verse from Logic was really bad, although his flow was impressive at certain points. He mentioned Kanye a third time. Look at these struggle bars.

Ayy, bitches, they all on my dick
I know you lovin’ this shit
Rappers, they run when I spit
Wait, let me reload the clip

These lyrics are generic as fuck. It’s like these are the first lyrics he ever wrote. The hook sucks. Wiz’s verse wasn’t good. I don’t know why the hell Logic got him for a song like this. He should’ve known he wouldn’t have been able to match his energy. He was too stoned to not rap with that same lazy flow he always has. This shit is terrible. I don’t think it’s as unbearable as the previous few tracks, but it’s still really fucking bad. This shit is wack.

11. Cocaine produced by CuBeatz

This song has another generic Bobby Tarantino style beat. The hook is lame. He name-dropped Donald Glover again in the first verse. He’s saying absolutely nothing in these bars.

Fuck her with no rubber then I bounce back
Smokin’ on some shit so good, I can’t even pronounce that
Shawty, drop it low and make it bounce back
Smokin’ on some shit so good I can’t even pronounce-nounce

What the hell happened to this dude? I think Under Pressure is a genuinely amazing record, but so far this is easily the worst album I’ve heard all year.

I don’t really wanna glorify it, but the streets glorify it
So I gotta glorify it ‘fore the people throw a riot
If I don’t talk about it on my album, they won’t buy it
Man, fuck that, listen up, quiet

What the fuck is he going on about? You have to glorify drugs because “the streets” glorify it? You’re not the fucking streets though. You’ve never been the streets. He definitely had a difficult childhood, but he’s never presented himself as a street dude, and if he tried to do that nobody would take him seriously. It’s not like you can’t sell albums without talking about drugs either. J. Cole broke streaming records with his last album, and it was specifically about not glorifying drugs. That verse was trash. This is definitely another one of the worst songs on the album, which is saying a lot. This shit is wack af.

12. Limitless produced by 6ix & Tee-WaTT

The beat on this track is cool. I’m not really feelin’ the sung hook, but it’s tolerable. The first verse is more Bobby Tarantino shit. He’s just bragging about being rich.

1-800 made my bank account look like a phone number

Wait a minute… I thought all the proceeds for that song went to the AFSP or something. He really just profited off of making a bullshit suicide song? Wow. Anyway, I wasn’t feelin’ the first verse. Oh god… His singing at the beginning of the second verse sounds awful. This song is really bad. It’s not the worst track on the album, but it’s still pretty terrible.

Scarecrow flow, I’m outstanding in my field

This shit is bad, man. I’m not feelin’ this one at all. It’s super wack.

13. Keanu Reeves produced by 6ix & Aaron Gomez

Keanu Reeves

This was the first single from this album, and I listened to it when it came out. It’s trash. The beat’s tolerable, but the hook sucks, and the actual rapping is terrible. Just look at this shit.

That boy got the sauce on the RAGÚ-lar
I don’t play no games ‘less we talkin’ Fortnite


His flow kinda reminds me of G-Eazy. I could definitely see him rapping with this flow.

Did you know I’m mixed like Obama?
It ain’t a project if Logic ain’t talkin’ ’bout being biracial

We’re laughing at you, Logic. Not with you. Stop trying to act like you’re in on the joke. Anyway, there’s not much to say about this track. It’s just a bunch of terrible bars over a generic Trap influenced beat and a boring flow.

Follow your dreams, ho; follow your, follow your, uh
Somebody calling you, uh; it’s destiny


I hate this song. There’s not a single aspect of it that I like. This shit is wack af.

14. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different featuring Will Smith produced by 6ix & DJ Khalil

Man, rap today fucking sucks bad, I don’t give a fuck what anybody says. These fools ain’t spittin’ no type of dope shit, but that’s not even the bad part; they’re not even saying words anymore! They just got a hard-ass fuckin’ beat to trick dumb-asses like you to make you think you like the shit. Play that fuckin’ beat! We got some real fuckin’ mentally retarded rappers in the game. I know for a fact nobody know what the fuck these dudes be saying! Wait, turn my reverb and my auto-tune on real quick. This what the fuck they be doing…

15. BOBBY featuring My Dad produced by 6ix

I knew this album was gonna be bad, but holy shit. This beat is kind of interesting, but this hook is terrible. This is the song where Logic says he’s biracial, but only in his penis. Yup. That’s a real line that he actually said. It’s in the fucking hook too, so he says it multiple times in the song. The more I listen to the beat, the more annoying it becomes. There’s only one verse from Logic on this song, and it’s fucking awful.

Shorty gon’ pass me the head ’til I nut
I am so rich that I don’t give a fuck

It almost sounds like he was drunk when he recorded this shit.

Black and white, you ain’t half of the nigga I am
You just mad you ain’t as big as I am
Real MC, your shit Sam-I-Am
Been a while, can I get a “God damn?”
I am the best in my field like a slave
Who said fuck emancipation, burned the plantation
Facing death, and then put the master in his grave
Why? ‘Cause black is beautiful

This might actually be the worst song on the album. It’s fucking awful. Thankfully Logic’s dad didn’t try to actually rap on this track. That would’ve made it even worse than it already is. This shit is still terrible though. I think it’s dogshit.

16. Lost in Translation produced by 6ix

The production on this track is actually really fucking nice. This doesn’t even sound like it belongs on this album. It’s got a lot more boom-bap influence than anything else on this project. I love the way it switches up once the actual verse starts too. This legitimately sounds like the old Logic. He even says that he’s “rapping like back in the day” towards the beginning of the verse. He actually killed that verse too. His flow was super impressive, and there weren’t any super corny bars. Well, I guess that line where he says “we love to make movies, I told you that’s reel” was pretty lame. Aside from that it was a great verse though. The beat switches up after this verse, and it sounds great. The second verse was even better than the first. This is easily the best Logic song that’s come out this year. It’s legitimately dope af. I love it.

This album is fucking terrible. I hate this album even more than Supermarket to be honest. This is Logic’s worst album in my opinion. It was only about an hour long, but it felt twice as long as it actually is. I liked 2 out of 16 tracks. In a way, I’m impressed. He somehow has the worst and second worst albums of 2019 so far. I’ll be shocked if I hear something worse than this in 2019. What can I even say about this album that hasn’t been said already? Logic clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore. As countless people have pointed out, it seems like he thinks that saying wack shit with a really fast flow will distract people from the fact that his lyrics are trash. In fact, he literally says that he doesn’t care about lyrics in track 14. Some of the beats were cool, and his flow was impressive on a few verses. That’s it though. Aside from the intro and outro, this shit is absolute garbage. It’s fucking abhorrent.

Favorite Song: Lost in Translation
Least Favorite Song: Icy


Watch the videos below for more thoughts on this album.

Grade: F


  1. The fact that your review of track 14 was literally just the entire intro to No Words had me dying.

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