Album Review | YG – 4REAL 4REAL

This album was released on May 24th this year. I’m just gonna go ahead and be up front about this. I don’t think I’m gonna like this album. I’m not a YG fan, and I never have been. I know everyone thinks Still Brazy is a great album, and it has a few songs I really love, but overall I didn’t think it was good. I’ve heard all of his albums, and a mixtape or two. I never listened to that Red Friday tape he dropped in 2016, but I heard it was terrible, so I probably never will. Anyway, the only reason I keep giving YG a chance is because he usually has at least one song on each album that I like. So yeah, I don’t think this is gonna be good. I’m not sure how it’ll compare to his previous work, but hopefully it’s at least better than STAY DANGEROUS. That one was a dud.

1. Hard Bottoms & White Socks produced by Lil Rich

This song is solid. Nothing about it really stands out that much to me, but I enjoyed it to some extent. The repetitive hook did pretty much nothing for me. The first verse was fine. I didn’t really care for the second verse at all. It wasn’t bad enough to completely ruin the song for me though. The third verse wasn’t great, but it was probably my favorite part of the song. I just like how he ended it. The way he was ranting sounded cool to me. As I said, the song isn’t really that great, but I did enjoy it to some extent. I actually think the intro to STAY DANGEROUS was better than this one. In fact, this is probably the weakest song YG has ever started an album with. It’s not bad though. I kinda like it.

2. Bottle Service produced by DJ Mustard & CuBeatz

The beat on this track is alright I guess. It’s maybe a little better than the average DJ Mustard beat. It’s still not really that good to me personally though. I wouldn’t have chosen it if I was a rapper. The hook sucks. Yeah… This isn’t for me at all. Nothing about this track appeals to me at all. I don’t like the beat, I don’t care for the hook at all, and the content doesn’t interest me even a little bit.

All day, I’m running plays, running plays, I’m running plays
Ain’t got time to clean the house, bitch, I got a maid
I came to make a movie, lil’ bitch, I think I’m Blade
I’m a movie star, tell the promoter I need a raise

It’s just really generic in every way. I guess the way it’s structured is kinda interesting. The “hook” that I said wasn’t good isn’t really a hook. It’s more of an intro. He only recites it once. The verses are broken up by a woman ranting about broke ass niggas. I really dislike this song a lot, man. There’s not a single aspect of it that I fuck with. This shit is wack to me.

3. In the Dark produced by DJ Mustard

This song has one of the most stereotypical Mustard beats I’ve heard in a long time. It’s not good. I don’t care for this hook. YG’s vocal inflections remind me of Blueface. I deadass thought it featured Blueface for a second. The first verse sucked. Man, this is really weak. I’m so bored right now.

I do a bitch harsh
Break her heart to a thousand parts
They like, “How this ghetto nigga on the charts?”
On the set, shoutout that nigga OG Nick Marsh

Huh. Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that. That was nice of him. I’m not gonna give him a pass just because he shouted me out though. The song isn’t good. However, I do think it’s a step up from the previous track. The previous song’s beat was annoying as hell to me honestly. This song’s biggest sin is just that it’s painfully boring. The way it ends is lame as hell too. This shit is mediocre to me.

4. Go Loko featuring Tyga & Jon Z produced by DJ Mustard & GYLTTRYP

There are actually a lot of aspects of this song that I really like. First of all, I think this is one of the best beats I’ve ever heard from DJ Mustard. It’s dope as hell to me. I love it. The other thing I really like about this song believe it or not is the hook from Tyga. I think that hook is fantastic. It sounds dope as hell to me. Unfortunately, the verses on this song don’t do the production and hook justice. The verses fucking suck. The first one from YG is wack. I wasn’t expecting him to say anything good on this song, but I was at least hoping for a decent flow. He sounds really bad on this shit though. Tyga surprisingly had the best verse on the song, but it’s still not very good. Obviously it was wack lyrically, but his flow wasn’t too bad. I always thought Tyga had a solid flow. It’s just his actual bars that are trash. Jon Z easily had my least favorite verse. Maybe I’d feel differently if I actually spoke Spanish. Maybe his lyrics are cool. I can’t understand them though. I just hate his voice. That’s the main reason I dislike his verse so much. His flow was decent though. I don’t know. YG actually probably had the wackest verse to be honest. I’m just not into this new trend of including Spanish MC’s on singles. Bad Bunny & J Balvin are both wack as hell to me. However, as I said, it’s possibly that I’d feel different if I understood what they were saying. Anyway, I’m not feelin’ this track overall. I hope a decent rapper remixes it at some point because I really love the beat, and I even like the hook too. Everything else about it is wack to me though. It’s decent overall, but I’m not gonna be coming back to it.

5. Stop Snitchin’ produced by TnTXD & Yung Tago

Stop Snitchin'

This was the first single released from this album. I listened to it when it dropped, and I thought it was pretty bad. It’s a diss targeting 6ix9ine, which I appreciate. The song itself isn’t good though. First of all, that hook is pure trash.

Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga

I guess some people think that lazy ass, repetitive ass hook is entertaining to listen to, but it’s not for me. The beat is pretty goddamn repetitive too, but it’s tolerable I guess. The first verse isn’t good. None of the lines stand out at all.

I can’t stand how bitch niggas operate
You’s a bitch, your mama know you a bitch
Your girl even know you a bitch
I don’t know how she suck your dick, pause

It’s just very simplistic writing. I guess that’s to be expected from someone like YG though. At the end of the second verse, he says “I don’t know what’s worse: bitch niggas or alcohol.” That line kinda confused me. I mean, I don’t drink either, but considering how much he seems to hate “bitch niggas,” I guess he must reallhave a lot of disdain towards alcohol. Anyway, I think the song is really wack. It’s one of the wackest songs on the whole album so far in my opinion. There’s not a single aspect of it that I actually like. The repetitive beat is annoying, the lazy hook is dumb, and the verses are boring and uninteresting. This shit is wack.

6. I Was on the Block featuring Valee & Boogie produced by DJ Mustard

The beat on this track is actually kinda hard. It’s because it’s literally just percussion. The hook from YG isn’t very good, but it’s fine. His verse wasn’t good either. I didn’t like the way he was flowing at all. I kinda liked the simplicity of this beat at first, but it gets old really quickly. Valee’s verse was painfully dull. I don’t get why that dude blew up. He’s generic as hell. Holy fuck this song is boring. The beat goes absolutely nowhere. Boogie easily had the best verse, but that’s not really saying much. This shit sucks to be honest. Again, I liked the production at first, but it’s way too repetitive and it gets boring really quickly. The only other aspect that I kinda liked was the final verse from Boogie, which isn’t even that great. This shit is wack.

7. Keshia Had a Baby featuring Rose Gold produced by DJ Swish

When I saw the title of this track, I assumed it would be like a mix between Brenda’s Got a Baby and Keisha’s Song. I’m not really crazy about this beat, but it’s fine. I appreciate what YG’s trying to do on this track. The storytelling is pretty well done. I feel like this is a good song, but it’s just not really for me. I kinda enjoyed it to some extent, but it doesn’t have any replay value. With that said, I’d much rather listen to this than Brenda’s Got a Baby. Neither of the songs are really that good to me, but this one is better sonically in my opinion. The story isn’t really that interesting to me. It’s fine I guess. The outro from Rose Gold was dumb. This is definitely one of the better tracks on the album, but I’m never gonna listen to it again. It’s okay though.

8. Heart 2 Heart featuring Meek Mill, Arin Ray & Rose Gold produced by DJ Swish, Tariq Beats & Musik MajorX

I guess I’ve reached the point in the album where YG is trying to be more introspective and emotionally poignant. The intro from Rose Gold was kinda lame to me. She literally sang the words “this that heartfelt shit.” It reminds me of the outro from Ty$ on Deliver by Lupe Fiasco where he was like “So sad, the pizza man don’t fuck with us no more.” Like, she’s trying really hard to convince us that this is a sad, emotional track. I’m nitpicking though. The beat is okay I guess. It’s that conventional West Coast sound that YG has on every single song. I don’t care for his hook, but the refrain from Arin Ray & Rose Gold sounds pretty good. The first verse from YG was alright. It was basically about him trying to cheer up his depressed homie. It didn’t really do much for me personally, but it was fine. Again, I appreciate the direction he’s trying to go with this song. I don’t even think the execution is that bad. It’s just not very captivating to me personally. I think Meek Mill fucking sucks, and this feature from him did absolutely nothing to change my opinion. Well, maybe that’s a little harsh. I probably shouldn’t say that he “fucking sucks.” I think he’s painfully mediocre though. With that said, his verse was definitely superior to that of YG. I think he’s a better writer than YG, which obviously isn’t saying much. Neither of the verses are good though. Overall, I don’t think the song is bad. It’s not something I’d ever wanna hear again, but it’s a decent track.

9. Play Too Much featuring SAFE produced by 1-O.A.K.

There are a lot of features on the second half of this album. That’s probably for the best. I can only take so much of YG. I’m starting to really regret giving this album a chance. Anyway, the beat on this track is more typical West Coast shit. I think this is one of the best produced songs on the whole album so far. This beat is actually somewhat enjoyable. It’s not as good as the Go Loko beat, but it’s solid. The first verse is basically about YG going out sad and getting finessed by some girl. I don’t really care for the content, and I’m not crazy about the hook. I think SAFE is a good singer, but the melody itself just wasn’t very entertaining to me. I think this is a decent song, but it just isn’t for me. The production was solid. I didn’t care for the subject matter at all. Or the hook. It’s not really bad though. Nothing about it is super wack. It’s just not that enjoyable for me. It’s fine though.

10. Do Not Disturb featuring Kamaiyah & G-Eazy produced by Hit-Boy & Dustin Corbett

Oh God… These features… Why? Why the fuck do people keep working with this wack ass G-Eazy dude? He’s so fucking lame… I’m also not a fan of Kamaiyah. She was fine on that last Vince Staples record, but I’ve never heard a song from her that I actually like, and most of her features suck ass. Her hook on this song is weak, and I don’t like her verse either. I think Hit-Boy is a really talented producer, but this beat is wack. Damn. This might actually be my least favorite track so far. The beat is trash. I hate the hook. None of the verses are good. Especially that last verse from G-Eazy. That shit was awful. I hate this song. I think it’s terrible. This shit is super wack.

11. Do Yo Dance featuring Kamaiyah, RJ, Mitch & Ty$ produced by 1-O.A.K.

Why is Kamaiyah on here again? Smh… At first I thought Mitchy Slick was featured on this song, but I was unfortunately wrong. I don’t really care for Ty$, but he’s alright some times. I actually kinda like RJ, so hopefully he comes through with a good performance on this song. This track definitely has one of the better beats on the album so far in my opinion. The first verse from YG was okay. Hmm… This hook is actually kinda cool. I’m glad Kamaiyah only provided some background vocals. She unfortunately had a verse, but it wasn’t too long. She was singing instead of rapping too, which I’m happy about. It was lame as hell lyrically, but it’s fine. RJ’s verse wasn’t that great. It was okay. This is one of the better songs on the album for sure, but it’s still not really something I’d ever return to. If it was playing on the radio I wouldn’t be in a rush to change the station. I never listen to the radio though, so I’ll probably never listen to this again. Ty$’s verse was wack as hell lyrically, but his singing was fine. Mitch sounded decent too. This song is okay lyrically. The lyrics are super lame, but overall I think it’s an okay track.

12. Her Story featuring Day Sulan produced by Cronkite

Oh shit. This beat is actually pretty dope. I don’t know who this Day Sulan chick is, but she actually sounds great on this first verse. She easily had the best verse on the whole album. Woow. YG doesn’t even rap on this track. It’s just a Day Sulan song. Wow. I’m really impressed. This is awesome. She killed this shit. She’s telling a really grim story about a chick who grew up in the hood.

Mama ain’t have time for her
Daddy never cared for her
Never had the guidance, only downin’ words that’s drownin’ her
Cut off from the world, shit was cold to her
Tried to kill herself, but shit, it didn’t work
Mama laughed, it broke her heart

This shit is dope as fuck. The beat’s tight, and the verse from Day Sulan is fantastic. This is easily the best song on the album.

13. My Last Words (Nipsey Tribute)

This isn’t really a song. It’s just YG talking about his relationship with Nipsey. It’s actually pretty emotional, heartfelt stuff. It sounded very genuine. I actually appreciated this song a lot. I mean, I wasn’t a fan of Nipsey at all, and I wasn’t really affected much by his death, but I’m glad YG included this. I’m never gonna listen to it again, but it’s cool.

14. Stop Snitchin’ (Remix) featuring DaBaby produced by TnTXD & GYLTTRYP

This remix is just as wack as the original song. The verse from DaBaby was pretty short, and it wasn’t any better than any of his other verses. If you’ve ever heard a verse from him before, you should know what to expect. It’s the same flow, the same content, the same everything. I’m really gonna need that dude to switch up his formula at some point. This shit is wack to me.

This album is not good. I really don’t think it’s that much better than STAY DANGEROUS. STAY DANGEROUS is still his worst album, but this probably isn’t the comeback people were hoping for. The best song on the whole project is the one where he doesn’t rap at all. I gotta keep my eye on that Day Sulan chick because she killed that shit. Honestly, I don’t know if I wanna give YG another chance after this. This album was a real chore to get through. It’s under 50 minutes, but it felt long as hell. Unless he really impresses me with a single, I’m probably gonna steer clear of his future material. He just isn’t an interesting rapper at all. I don’t like his stale beat selection, he has a painfully average flow, his lyrics aren’t particularly well written or even that hard… His music is just really dull to me. This shit is mediocre.

Favorite Song: Her Story
Least Favorite Song: Do Not Disturb


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