Rating Suga Free’s Discography

As I said in the review of The Resurrection that I posted yesterday, I think Suga Free is a very under-appreciated artist. However, as I was listening to that album, I believe I started to understand why people don’t really talk about him like that, and it’s because of who he is. The dude is a piece of shit. He was a pimp, so a lot of his music has some of the most misogynistic lyricism I’ve ever heard. With that being said, I like a decent portion of his music. He peaked early on in his career, which is unfortunate. His best work was a result of DJ Quik’s production. Over the years, his album covers got progressively worse, and so did the music. He was thankfully able to recover a little bit with his more recent work though. I don’t think people give him enough credit, but with all the controversy surrounding certain figures in Hip Hop, it’s pretty easy to see why people don’t praise him more. I think that when he’s at his best he’s one of the funniest, most charismatic rappers on the mic. I’ve only heard a couple tracks from the very first project he released as Pure Pimp, which I believe was a four track EP. What I heard sounded decent, but it wasn’t good enough for me to want to check out the full project. So yeah. I’m just gonna be rating his albums here.


Street Gospel

Favorite Song: If U Stay Ready

Score: 73 (B-)

The New Testament: The Truth

Favorite Song: Angry Enough

Score: 81 (B+)

Just Add Water

Favorite Song: Like What

Score: 60 (C)

Sunday School

Favorite Song: How to Knock a Bitch

Score: 73 (B-)

Smell My Finger

Favorite Song: Keep Up the Bad Work

Score: 46 (D)

Hi Power Pimpin’

Favorite Song: In California

Score: 53 (D+)

The Resurrection


Favorite Song: Buckle Up

Score: 67 (C+)


Grade: C


  1. Smell My Finger is my favorite from him. Don’t get it fucked up,though. The entire discography is definitely worth checking out.
    I first heard of him from that Tha Eastsiders movie.

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