Movie Review | Gang Related

Note: This review was originally written in May of 2018.

This movie was released on October 8th in 1997. I don’t watch a lot of movies, so I apologize if I sound like a dumbass in this review. It was directed by Jim Kouf, who I’d never heard of prior to watching the film. The cinematography seemed pretty average to me, but that’s coming from someone who doesn’t know jack shit about motion pictures. The score from Mickey Hart is exactly what you’d expect from a 90s crime film. The plot was actually pretty entertaining. It’s about two pigs named Frank & Jake who accidentally kill an undercover cop. They spend the entire movie trying to frame it on an over-the-top homeless alcoholic dude with pretty much no life. I’m not gonna spoil the ending, but it’s pretty satisfying. Frank is played by Jim Belushi, and his character is a complete piece of shit. Jake was my favorite character, but I honestly think it’s just because he was played by Pac, which is why I’m reviewing this movie in the first place. Well, it was actually a Patreon request by the Anonymous Vato. Note: I don’t do Patreon requests anymore sorry. I have a super low attention span, so it’s hard for me to sit down through an entire film. Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty decent movie though. James Earl Jones’ character reminded me of my dad. Dennis Quaid did a great job as Joe Doe. That’s not his real name, but if you’ve seen the film you know why I called him that. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend this film to fans of 2Pac, and I guess if you like crime dramas this shit is for you as well. It’s not the most amazing movie ever, and I wouldn’t really say you’re missing out on much if you go your whole life without seeing it, but I enjoyed it. It’s pretty good. I’ll post my review of the soundtrack next week, so stay tuned for that.

Favorite Character: Jake Rodriguez
Least Favorite Character: Frank Divinci


Grade: B-

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