Rating Planet Asia’s Discography

Planet Asia is one of those underground West Coast legends who I feel like people really don’t talk about enough. Given how prolific he’s been in the past decade, it’s bizarre to me that he doesn’t get that much attention. I feel like I don’t ever see any discussion about him at all really. It’s strange since he’s miles ahead of most of the other rappers people constantly talk about. I think his work was kinda spotty earlier on in his career, but I don’t think he’s ever put out an album that’s been flat out wack. Well, I don’t know if I can say that because there are a couple projects here and there that I never actually listened to. I’ve heard almost everything, but an example of something I missed is that Unfinished & Untitled collaborative album that he released with Copywrite. I’m not sure how that turned out. However, based on the 30 or so projects that I have heard, I think he’s one of the most consistent artists out right now, especially if you’re just looking at his recent work. My favorite project that he’s ever done was that collaborative album with TzariZM. I think TzariZM is a really underrated producer, and it’s a damn shame that he doesn’t get more placements with other artists that I like. His beats are awesome to me. Anyway, Planet Asia has already announced two more upcoming albums, so I’ll definitely be talking about him more in the future. Hopefully people who see my posts about him will be interested enough to check out more of his work, or talk about it more if they’re already familiar with him.

Solo Extended Plays

Planet Asia


Favorite Song: Kaleidoscope

Score: 87 (A-)


Favorite Song: Woofers Vibratin’

Score: 78 (B)

Asiatic Prince

Favorite Song: Tophat Cats

Score: 74 (B-)

A.ll G.old E.verything

Favorite Song: God Is Not a Fib

Score: 85 (B+)


Favorite Song: Knowledge Born

Score: 78 (B)

Solo Albums

Still in Training

Favorite Song: Good Music

Score: 68 (C+)

The Grand Opening

Favorite Song; Real Niggaz

Score: 67 (C+)

The Medicine

Favorite Song: No Questions Asked

Score: 75 (B-)

Jewelry Box Sessions: The Album (as King Medallions)

Favorite Song: Family Tree

Score: 86 (A-)

Crack Belt Theatre

Favorite Song: Mixtape Madness

Score: 62 (C)

Black Belt Theatre

Favorite Song: Diamond Life

Score: 79 (B)

High End Cloths

Favorite Song: 2 Sides

Score: 81 (B+)

Egyptian Merchandise

Favorite Song: Egyptian Merchandise

Score: 76 (B)

Dirty Planet

Favorite Song: Crunch Time, Pt. 2

Score: 75 (B-)

The Golden Buddha

Favorite Song: Siddhartha

Score: 76 (B)

Mansa Musa

Favorite Song: Peace God

Score: 78 (B)

Initials on My Jewelry


Favorite Song: Burning Bush

Score: 81 (B+)

Holy Water

Favorite Song: Blessed

Score: 70 (B-)

Rule of Thirds

Favorite Song: Pocket Change

Score: 80 (B+)

Medallions Monarchy

Favorite Song: The Scenery

Score: 82% (B+)

Collaborative Extended Plays

Cracks in the Vinyl (with Madlib)

Favorite Song: Carrying Crates

Score: 73 (B-)

2010 A.D. (with DirtyDiggs)

Favorite Song: Love Hell or Right

Score: 77 (B)

Nautica Nagas (with DirtyDiggs)

Favorite Song: Nautica Nagas

Score: 74 (B-)

The Tonite Show (with DJ Fresh)

Favorite Song: We Supply You

Score: 85 (B+)

Velour Portraits (with Sonny Vintage)

Velour Portraits

Favorite Song: Made It

Score: 84 (B+)

The Planet Asia & Milano Constantine EP (with Milano Constantine & DJ Enyoutee)

Favorite Song: Milano Medallions

Score: 66 (C+)

Cashmere Corners (with A-Plus tha Kid)

Favorite Song: Sunrise to Sundown

Score: 78%

Pharaoh Chain (with The Musalini)

Collaborative Albums

Pain Language (with DJ Muggs)

Favorite Song: Hashashins

Score: 86 (A-)

Camouflage Jackets (with Calvin Valentine)

Favorite Song: Supa Bad

Score: 74 (B-)

Abrasions (with Gensu Dean)

Favorite Song: Time to Get Dough

Score: 73 (B-)

Via Satellite (with TzariZM)

Favorite Song: Via Satellite

Score: 90 (A)

Seventy Nine (with DJ Concept)

Favorite Song: The Festival

Score: 75 (B-)

Anchovies (with Apollo Brown)

Favorite Song: Dalai Lama Slang

Score: 86 (A-)

Border Brothers (with Killa Kali)

Favorite Song: Executioner Style

Score: 79 (B)

Trust the Chain (with 38 Spesh)

Favorite Song: God Degree

Score: 78 (B)

Block Shaman (with DirtyDiggs)

Favorite Song: The Coastguards

Score: 81 (B+)

Yard Massive Extended Plays


Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 6.17.34 AM

Favorite Song: Representation

Score: 75 (B-)

Yard Massive Albums

Yard to the Last Song


Favorite Song: Food for Thought

Score: 42 (D-)

Skhool Yard Albums

A New Way of Thinking

Favorite Song: Rap Moguls

Score: 75 (B-)

Cali Agents Albums

How the West Was One


Favorite Song: Faces of Death

Score: 84 (B+)

Head of the State

Favorite Song: Endless

Score: 73 (B-)

Fire & Ice

Favorite Song: What It Is

Score: 68 (C+)

Gold Chain Military Albums

Chain of Command

Favorite Song: Detention

Score: 80 (B+)

General Monks Albums

Each Step Becomes Elevated

Favorite Song: Moors Code

Score: 74 (B-)

Almighty Albums

The 2nd Coming

Favorite Song: Papyrus Prophecies

Score: 68 (C+)

Durag Dynasty Albums

360 Waves

Favorite Song: 360 Waves

Score: 84 (B+)

Solo Extended Plays: 80 (B+)
Solo Albums: 75 (B-)
Solo Projects: 76 (B)
Collaborative Extended Plays: 76 (B)
All Extended Plays: 78 (B)
Collaborative Albums: 80 (B+)
Cali Agents Albums: 75 (B-)
Group Albums: 72 (B-)
All Albums: 74 (B-)


Grade: B

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