Tardy Album Review | DirtyDiggs – Asteroid Dust

This album was released on June 1st this year. This was my first time ever listening to a full album from DirtyDiggs. I’m pretty sure I thought DirtyDiggs was just one guy for a very long time, but when I looked up this album I realized it was more than one person. I think it’s a duo, but it might be more than two people. I’m not really sure. I was very impressed by DirtyDiggs’ production on the latest album from Planet Asia, so I was looking forward to hearing this album. I also thought the cover for it was really cool, which I guess doesn’t mean too much since that’s no indication of the music’s quality. It caught my attention though.

I’m gonna start off by talking about the tracks that I did like, and then I’ll get into some of my criticism later. The first Planet Asia song, Triple Beam Team, is pretty good.

The production is really solid, and I thought Planet Asia’s super low-key, slow paced flow was cool. The beat actually kinda sounded like something that Roc Marciano would rap over. In fact, the entire song reminded me a lot of Roc Marciano. It didn’t bore me like a Roc Marciano song normally would though. I mean, it’s not like it’s the most exciting track I’ve ever heard from Planet Asia & DirtyDiggs, but I thought it was cool. It’s a solid track. The Durag Dynasty track is definitely the best song on the album to me. I was excited when I saw it in the tracklist, and it thankfully didn’t let me down at all. The first verse from Killer Ben was really awesome to me. He really impressed me. TriState‘s verse was really great too, but he didn’t stand out as much as the other two members in my opinion. Planet Asia had my favorite verse on the whole album on this track. I think he murdered that shit. The beat itself was pretty dope too. The song is dope af. In terms of production alone, the following track, Stacks Road, is my favorite song on the project. The beat is awesome to me. It kinda sounds like a gritty version of an Odd Future type beat. It also kinda reminded me of a retro video game soundtrack. The song features a rapper named Skunkz, who I’d never heard of before listening to this album. I was pretty satisfied with his performance though. I thought his verse was pretty dope. The way he was flowing kinda reminded me of Dave East. The song’s really dope. It’s followed by another solid track, Fish Grease. This one features a rapper named Flashius Clayton. He’s another artist who I’d never heard of before listening to this project, but, once again, I was impressed. I think he’s pretty dope. His voice kinda reminded me of that of Your Old Droog. It’s a good song. The beat wasn’t quite as impressive to me as that of Stacks Road, but I still thought it was very good. This track is followed by The Race, which features El Camino.

This is another standout track for me. I’d seen a lot of people talking about El Camino in the past, but this was my first time actually hearing him on a song. Based on this track alone, to me he just sounds like Westside Gunn if Westside Gunn was actually a good rapper. I was very pleased with this track. It’s probably my second favorite song on the album to be honest. I guess I gotta check out more of El Camino’s music now because I really dug his performance here. The last song that I actually enjoyed on this album was the closing track with QThree. He’s another artist who I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of in the past, but this was my first time hearing him rap. I really dug the production on this track, and QThree’s performance was cool on it too. I wasn’t blown away by the song or anything, but I definitely enjoyed it to some extent. Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for any of the other tracks. I was looking forward to hearing the feature from Big Twins on the opening track because I think he’s a good rapper, and I love his voice. That song just didn’t really do anything for me though. Again, I like Big Twins a lot. His performance really just wasn’t anything special to me to be honest. I can’t really say I was that impressed by the production either, but it wasn’t particularly bad. Overall, the song’s just decent to me. It’s not something that I’d return to in the future, but it was okay. Track 7 is called Cloth Rigz Ya Digg. I feel pretty much the same exact way about this song that I felt about the opening track. It’s just okay to me. The production didn’t stand out, and I wasn’t that impressed by the feature from Rigz. I’d never heard of him before, but to me he just sounded like Roc Marciano with a slightly higher voice. Y’all know how I feel about Roc Marciano, so that song didn’t really do much for me. It’s decent though. Track 8 features yet another rapper whom I’d never heard of before named Sauce Heist. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed by his performance at all. The production was decent, but overall the song was mediocre to me. However, the only song that I actually think is legitimately bad was Dark Web Radio. It’s unfortunate because I was looking forward to this song due to the Planet Asia feature. Planet Asia did his thing on the track too. I thought the A.A. Rashid feature was solid. It’s the fucking beat though. That’s easily the worst DirtyDiggs beat I’ve ever heard. It’s one of the wackest beats I’ve heard all year. It literally sounds like what I’d hear if a middle school orchestra was trying to play with a bunch of untuned instruments. The horns were super discordant. It’s just very unpleasant. Actually, you know what it reminds me of? This may sound harsh, but it sounds a lot like that “WORST BEAT EVER” meme that was on Twitter a couple months ago.

The rappers on the song saved it from being completely terrible, but I still think the song is wack overall. That beat was rough.

Overall, I think this project is just okay. There are a good amount of dope tracks. It’s just a little inconsistent. This was my introduction to a lot of the features, and I think they’re kind of a mixed bag. Again, there’s only one song on this project that I think is legitimately bad, so it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if the features look intriguing to you. It’s not quite as good as I was hoping it’d be, but I still enjoyed it enough to say that I’ll look forward to future releases from DirtyDiggs. It’s a decent record. I think it’s worth checking out.

Favorite Song: Fisker Spaceships
Least Favorite Song: Dark Web Radio


Grade: C+

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