Tardy Album Review | Pell – Gravity

This album was released on June 21st this year. Pell is one of those artists who I’d been aware of for a long time, but I hadn’t actually listened to his projects until recently. The first song I ever heard from him was Gibberish, which I thought was amazing. It’s actually the most played song in my iTunes library as of September 24th 2019. I don’t know why I waited so long to actually listen to the album that it was from. I went back and listened to everything he’s released since 2014, and he doesn’t have a single project that I don’t like. I’m actually really surprised that this dude isn’t huge right now. Listening to this album just made me more confused. I think the album is great, and it sounds like something a lot of people would love. It’s very accessible Pop Rap. I’m generally not into Pop Rap that much, but Pell does it so fucking well. I just don’t understand at all why he isn’t where Chance is right now. There actually isn’t a single song on this project that I don’t like, so I’m gonna talk about the whole thing in the proper order. It starts off with the intro, which honestly didn’t need to be separated from the following track. I don’t know why he decided to do that. It reminds me of the way Nicki Minaj’s Queen ended, except in reverse. This shit is thankfully nowhere near as bad as that album though. Anyway, this first track is pretty much the follow up to the intro of Floating While Dreaming. I love the jazzy production, and the backing vocals that come in towards the end of the track and eventually reappear on the following song sound fantastic to me. The actual transition between the intro and the second track, Petrichor, is so seamless that it just sounds like one track. Again, I really don’t know why he felt the need to separate them. It doesn’t matter though. Anyway, Petrichor actually ended up being one of my favorite songs on the album. I loved the production, and Pell’s singing on the hook and first verse sounded great to me. The actual content of the song seems to have pretty much the same message as The Underachievers’ After the Rain album. I guess the title kinda makes a lot of sense in that regard. Anyway, this song is followed by Skyfall, which was one of the singles.

I legitimately think this is the poppiest song I’ve ever enjoyed. Considering my taste, it probably doesn’t make sense for me to like this song. It’s so well done though. I think the sung hook from Ambré Perkins sounds fantastic. I get why some Hip Hop fans might dislike it though. Her vocals sound so clean and polished that it’s almost ridiculous. She also doesn’t really have a distinctive voice at all. She’s not the kind of singer you can recognize solely because of her voice. Again, this is super commercial sounding Pop Rap. It’s very well done. If you’re generally into this kind of music, I don’t see why you wouldn’t fuck with this. It’s like Chance the Rapper’s music, except good. I thought Pell’s melodic verse sounded great; his flow was really nice. That Malik Ninety Five guy did a decent job on the second verse as well, and I actually thought that third verse from Ambré was stellar. I really love the song. It’s dope af to me. The music video isn’t really super creative or interesting, but I think it was well made, and it was cool seeing a cameo appearance from Saba. The following track is even better though. Bitch Ass actually ended up being my favorite track on the album.

I absolutely love the vibrant, colorful, cheerful production from Rahki, and Pell’s melodic delivery and peppy flow sound great on the first verse. My favorite aspect of the song is easily the hook though. Man… That shit is sooooo fucking catchy. Seriously, that shit is amazing. It sounds so fucking good. I love it. The hook alone is what makes it my favorite song to be honest. The music video is really cool too. It’s actually one of my favorite videos of the year. Pell’s head looks like an egg. Anyway, this track is followed by another standout cut for me: Pass By. The production is fucking amazing to me. The guitar from Keith Askey sounds phenomenal, and the bass that comes in during the first verse sounds awesome. The hook isn’t amazing or anything, but it’s pretty good. Pell’s melodic delivery and flow sounds great during the verses. The second verse is actually my favorite part of the song. I kinda wish it lasted a little longer. The song is already amazing as it is though. I love it. It’s dope af. The next track is Rotation, which I didn’t like quite as much as all the preceding tracks, but it was still really good. The production was great, and the hook was pretty cool too. I think in terms of the actual rapping from Pell, it’s a step up from the songs its following. It just didn’t stand out as much to me because it’s not quite as catchy. It’s a dope song though. I like it a lot. The next track, Show Me, is my least favorite song on the album, but I still think it’s pretty good. The production from naz. is great, but the other aspects of the song don’t really stand out that much to me. The hook was just okay to me, but the first verse from Pell was pretty dope. The content of the song really isn’t that interesting to me personally, but the song is dope sonically. The final verse from VÉRITÉ didn’t really impress me that much, which was slightly disappointing because I loved her performance on Golden, which is one of my favorite Pell songs. The song is nowhere near as entertaining as anything else on the album, but I still think it’s good. It’s followed by another standout track for me: Too Much of a Good Thing.

Once again, this is another super poppy song. It’s so well done though. The sung hook is fantastic. Same goes for the production. I really liked the melodic delivery during the first verse. The song kinda puts me in the same mood as ScHoolboy Q’s Hell of a Night. It’s got a similar atmosphere in my opinion. The following song is pretty similar too. I loved the production, and the hook is catchy as fuck. It’s just another really fun Pop Rap track. I love it. The 10th track, Lowbatt, has some really nice production from Bijan Amir. The hook was nothing special to me, but I thought Pell’s flow was really nice on the verses. This song has the least amount of singing on the album up to this point. It’s the closest thing to a traditional Hip Hop song. I think it’s dope. I actually have the same overall opinion on the final three tracks. The hook on Too Bad didn’t really add much to the song for me, but I liked the verses a lot. The production is easily the best aspect of the song for me personally. It’s kind of a reverse situation with the next track, House Call. It’s probably the least interesting beat on the whole project, but Pell’s singing sounds great to me. It’s pretty much just a love song, and I didn’t really think the lyrics were anything special. I think the song is very well done though. I like it a lot. The final song was a bit better to me. The beat is a little strange, but I love it. The first verse from Pell was cool, and I liked the hook. The song kinda sounds like an intro to me, and he specifically says that it’s actually not an intro on the hook. It’s a really cheerful, fun sounding track. It apparently features PJ Morton, but I couldn’t really tell exactly what his contribution was. I think he just did some background vocals. Wasn’t that dude signed to Young Money at one point? Maybe I’m thinking of someone else. Actually, nah. I just looked it up. He was signed to Young Money. Why the fuck would you sign with them? Whatever. I’m getting off topic. The song is dope. I fuck with it. It’s not a favorite of mine, but definitely I enjoyed it. 🙂

This album is really great, and I’m frankly surprised that I actually haven’t seen a single other person talking about it. I’m serious. Literally nobody that I follow has said a single thing about it. How is this not a huge album? It’s so accessible, and so well produced. Again, there are zero (0) songs that I didn’t like. I honestly think this is one of the better projects I’ve heard in 2019. People are seriously sleeping on this dude. I guess I’m kind of a hypocrite since I waited until recently to check out his discography, but I still don’t understand why he isn’t one of the biggest artists out right now. Is he an amazing lyricist who’ll blow you away with his rapping? No. He’s just a really great songwriter with a nice flow, a fantastic singing voice, and a knack for writing super catchy hooks. He may not be there right now, but I genuinely think that he’s gonna be one of the biggest artists in Hip Hop at some point in the future. He doesn’t have a single project that I don’t like. He’s talented as hell. This shit is dope.

Favorite Song: Bitch Ass
Least Favorite Song: Show Me


Grade: A-

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