Tardy EP Review | Dis Fantasy

This self titled EP from Dis Fantasy was released on June 25th this year. They’re a newly formed duo consisting of producer Margot Padilla and rapper Brittany Love. This project was released by Deathbomb Arc, which is pretty much the only reason I gave it a chance to be honest. I had no idea what to expect, and I hadn’t ever heard any music from either of the members of the group in the past, so I went into it completely blind.

Thankfully, this project actually ended up being pretty good. There’s not a single track that I didn’t enjoy. There wasn’t really a single moment on this project where I was blown away or super impressed, but this is just their debut project after all, so they have a lot of time to develop their sound and make even better music in the future. This project in particular is dedicated to Brittany Love’s younger brother Tony, who unfortunately passed away. Each song is inspired by a different movie or TV show from the Disney channel in the early 2000s, which is cool. The first song is inspired by That’s So Raven. I think the song is pretty good, but it’s definitely not one of my favorites from this project. The simplistic and skeletal Electronic beat didn’t really impress me that much personally, but it certainly wasn’t bad. The song didn’t really blow me away lyrically, but Brittany’s flow was really impressive. That’s definitely the aspect of this project that stood out the most to me. She has a really great flow. The melody of the hook was really unexpected to me. I don’t know how to explain it. I think it sounds good. I just wasn’t expecting her to sing that melody. The song’s good though. It’s followed by one of the best songs on the project, Wrist Watch. This one’s inspired by Kim Possible, and the beat actually kinda sounds like something that could’ve been in the show. It’s possible that the That’s So Raven beat could’ve been in the show, but I never really watched that one, so I wouldn’t know. Anyway, I thought the beat on Wrist Watch was far more impressive, and Brittany’s flow was awesome. I think she sounds even better on this track than she did on the preceding one. The sung hook is pretty catchy too. It’s probably my favorite hook on the project. I really like this song. It’s dope. The third song, Let Me Love You, is inspired by the Proud Family, which is one of the greatest shows of all time. Honestly, I think that’s the only Disney channel show that I actually like. That shit is amazing. Anyway, the song itself is pretty dope. It’s not a favorite of mine, but I enjoyed it a lot. The production is pretty good, and I thought Brittany’s sung hook sounded really nice. I really enjoyed the song more sonically than lyrically, but that’s mainly just because the content isn’t that interesting to me personally. I’m not really into love songs unless they’re super emotional and intense. I think she did a good job with it though. It’s another dope track. The fourth song is called She Magical, and it’s inspired by something called Wizards of Waverly Place. I’m not familiar with whatever that is, but the beat does make me think of witches and magic and shit like that, so I guess Margot pulled it off. I actually think it’s the best beat on the whole project to be honest. It’s really dope. The production is my favorite aspect of the song, but Brittany’s flow was pretty nice, and I liked the sung bridge. The final song is called I, and it’s inspired by High School Musical. The first time I ever saw High School Musical was a little over a year ago, and I was stoned while I was watching it. I didn’t end up seeing the whole thing. I left after like an hour. It was okay I guess. It’s not really something that appeals to me. The story was lame, and I’m not into musicals at all. I guess it’s not really marketed towards adults, so I’m not surprised I didn’t care for it. Being stoned probably made it a lot more tolerable. Anyway, the beat on I sounds like it samples a step team, so it fits the High School Musical theme well. It’s a dope beat. Overall, I think the song’s cool, but it’s definitely not a favorite of mine. Brittany’s flow was cool though, and I liked the hook a lot.

This is a pretty good EP. Again, there weren’t any songs that really blew me away, but I also didn’t dislike any of the songs. I wasn’t really that impressed by the production at first, but it really grew on me after a couple listens. I think Brittany’s delivery is really monotone and borderline emotionless on a lot of these songs, but her bouncy flow helps keep things interesting. It’s just a really fun project. I can maybe understand why certain people would think it’s just okay, but I don’t think anyone would say it’s trash unless they just aren’t into this kinda music. The production is pretty solid, but not really that impressive to me for the most part. They work well on these songs, but I wouldn’t listen to this if it was just an instrumental project. I feel like I’ve been more critical than positive in these final thoughts, so I just wanna stress real quick that I do think this is a good EP. I’m hoping that their future material blows this out of the water though. I’m looking forward to hearing more work from them. This is dope.

Favorite Song: Wrist Watch
Least Favorite Song: I


Grade: B


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