Tardy EP Review | Da$H & V Don – 5 Deadly Venoms

This EP was released on July 16th this year. I’ve been aware of Da$H’s existence for about as long as I’ve been seriously listening to Hip Hop, give or take a year or two. I’ve heard a few singles here and there, some that I’ve really enjoyed. To this day, I think Shaded is my favorite song of his. I know he was a member of the A$AP Mob at one point, and I really don’t know if that’s still the case. His inclusion in that crew always seemed a little weird to me. I thought A$AP Mob were just a gang of obscure dudes who built their fanbase organically, so it was strange to me that Dame Dash’s nephew of all people was a member. He just seemed out of place. He was also the only one who didn’t have the “A$AP” moniker. Now there are other members, including Playboi Carti, who don’t have the “A$AP” acronym in their name, but around 2014 Da$H was the only one. I don’t think he’s still in the group now. I don’t know. I don’t really give a shit about A$AP Mob though. At this point it seems like Rocky’s the only one worth paying attention to, and I haven’t enjoyed a full project from him since 2013. Anyway, this is probably already obvious, but I’ve never listened to a full project from Da$H. I’ve just heard a few singles and a bunch of features. He never really blows me away. If for whatever reason he announced that he was never gonna perform another verse ever again, I probably wouldn’t care at all. I’m writing all this before actually listening to this project though. This is a pre-listen preamble. Maybe I’ll feel differently after hearing it. V Don is a producer who I’ve heard a few beats from in the past. I’m not familiar enough with his work to say whether or not I’m a fan yet. Again, that’ll probably change after I finish listening to this project. So yeah. He produced every song on this project, if that wasn’t obvious already.

Unfortunately, after listening to this project, I’m still not really a fan of Da$H. I don’t think I’ll be listening to more of his work in the future unless he really blows me away with a single. However, I was very impressed by V Don’s work on this project. These beats are dope as hell. As always, I’ll talk about the songs I actually liked before discussing the other tracks. There are only 5 tracks all together, and unfortunately I only ended up liking two of them. The first one I enjoyed is called Hold Up.

The production from V Don is really fucking good. I think the melodic hook from Da$H is kinda catchy too. His first verse is alright I suppose. The lyrics really go in one ear and out the other, but his flow is solid enough.

It’s “Lil Braindead” tryna take bread
Just hope I make it through the night, dog
Yeah, I’ma ride for anything I mu’fuckin’ slide for
I’ma die for; I’m still out here gettin’ faded
Niggas know I never hated

See, the lyrics are just really generic and uninteresting. None of it stands out as being particularly bad though. I think the second verse was better, but still not really that impressive.

Seen that I was on the wrong path, said “fuck it”
And I just went ahead; anything for gettin’ bread
Fuck niggas that sing to feds
Spittin’ lead; revolver barrel’s spinnin’ like a break dancer
My nigga, take chances

The way his verses are written makes them come off like freestyles. The lines I just quoted are kinda cool I guess, but still not really that interesting in the grand scheme of things. I do like the song though. I mainly enjoy it due to the production and hook, but it’s definitely not really bad. I don’t think anyone could argue that it’s a terrible song. I’d understand someone thinking it was boring and painfully average, but nothing stands out as being especially bad. I like it personally. I think it’s pretty solid. One thing that kinda confused me was a comment that was left under the music video. A user named Puerto 01 said “Da$H will always be in my top 3 of all time.” HUH? WHAT? I just… HOW? That’s the most random dude to have in your list. He goes on to say that there’s no other rapper like him, which was even more confusing to me. There’s literally not a single thing that Da$H does in a unique way in my opinion. Nothing about him really stands out at all. I don’t know what this dude’s listening to that makes Da$H seem like such a unique artist. His writing isn’t very interesting. His flow isn’t particularly unique. His content isn’t either. I mean, I’m glad that dude enjoys his music so much. It’s just confusing to me. Good for him though. Anyway, the only other song I enjoyed from this project is Fangs, which features Meechy Darko.


I think the beat on this track is pretty dope, although it’s not really a favorite of mine in comparison to the others on this project. The lyrics from Da$H still aren’t that great on this song, but I thought his flow was tight. The hook is really underwhelming. The one aspect of the song that makes it worth returning to for me is the guest verse from Meechy Darko. He completely steals the show, man. Everything about his verse from his energy, his flow, his lyrics, and so on… Every single aspect of it makes Da$H’s verse look like a joke. He sounds perfect over this dark production. By the time the song is over I forget Da$H was even here to begin with. It’s actually kinda sad. I don’t know why Da$H would let Meech do that to him. The thing about Da$H is… You pretty much always know what he’s gonna sound like whenever he’s on the mic. He never switches up his delivery. He always has a really monotone, lackadaisical demeanor. I think his good taste in production is what helps prevent his music from being so boring. He always tries to go for a dark, somewhat edgy atmosphere. If he was rapping over the laidback type of shit that Curren$y typically spits over, he’d probably be putting out some of the most painfully boring music I’ve ever heard. Anyway, I guess I should actually talk about the other songs on this project now. The EP begins with 10x, which I think is a pretty mediocre track.

Honestly, I think every track that I haven’t mentioned yet is “decent.” Again, nothing really stands out in a really bad way. The problem is that it just doesn’t stand out at all… I think the dark production on this song is really cool, and Da$H’s flow is solid. The hook is lame as hell though. Again, none of the lyrics stand out in a good way.

I was born for a rollie
Nigga, I was made for a Wraith
Yeah, I’ma fuck if she foreign
And none of this shit a mistake

Am I being too harsh if I call these struggle bars? This is some of the most generic, uninteresting writing I’ve heard in a rap song in a long time. This looks like something I would’ve written when I was like 16. Overall, I think the song is pretty mediocre. It might actually be my least favorite song on the project. I don’t know yet. I have to think about it. Anyway, track 4 is called World of Sin, and the production is really great once again. I really like how there’s no percussion, but I don’t think Da$H flows over the instrumental that well. He sounds alright I guess. There was only one line that kinda stood out to me from him on this track.

Don’t you play with me
I’ll turn your fucking skull into a vacancy

I thought that shit was kinda hard. However, nothing else about his performance really held my attention. The song is just kinda boring to me. Again, I liked the beat, but that’s really it as far as positives go. The final track, Different, might actually have my favorite beat on the whole project.

The production on the first part of the song was already pretty nice, but when that beat switches up, man… That shit is amazing. I love that beat. I really wish it was given to a more competent rapper. At the very least the instrumental version of the song should be released. As far as Da$H’s actual rapping goes, I think it kinda sucked. I mean, his flow was solid enough I suppose. Nothing about his rapping stands out in a good way though. I thought this line was lame as hell…

Revolvers don’t jam
Barrel long like a tall can
This shit blam
Put your life on a pause like a dog’s hands

The final verse did absolutely nothing for me either. So yeah, the only aspect of the song that I really like is V Don’s production. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This EP is okay I guess. As I kinda insinuated earlier, the only aspect of the project that really prevents it from being completely forgettable is the production. V Don is a really talented artist. I think the beats are great. Da$H is just a super dull rapper though. He never has anything interesting to say. After I finished listening to it, I really had to reconsider how I’m using my time. Why did I waste time listening to this boring ass rapper who I don’t care about instead of hurrying the fuck up and checking out more important releases? There’s not a single person on this planet who was waiting to hear my thoughts on Da$H because nobody gives a fuck about this dude. The only reason he even has a career is because of nepotism. Obviously that’s speculation on my part, but I’m really failing to see why people like Ab-Soul and Earl Sweatshirt work with him because he’s just not very good at all. There were a couple songs I like, so I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I’m probably not gonna check out any of his future work though because he just doesn’t interest me enough. This project in particular is okay, but that’s thanks to V Don’s great beats. Da$H himself just isn’t very good.

Favorite Song: Hold Up
Least Favorite Song: 10x


C flat
Grade: C

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