Tardy Mixtape Review | Comethazine – BAWSKEE 3.5

This mixtape was released on July 26th this year. This is the third installment in Comethazine’s BAWSKEE mixtape series. I have no idea why he added an additional “0.5” to the title, but I don’t care enough to try to figure it out. A lot of you who may be more familiar with my taste are probably wondering why I’m even bothering listening to this project. I’m sure it seems strange that I have any interest in Comethazine. This is a pre-listen preamble, so I haven’t heard it yet, and I haven’t formed an opinion on it. However, I was uh… Well, I wouldn’t use the word “impressed,” but I ended up liking Comethazine’s XXL Freshman Freestyle more than any of the others. I haven’t heard the first two BAWSKEE projects, and I probably never will. Most of the reception I’ve seen has been very negative. People also kinda shitted on this project in particular, but they seem to like it more than the first two, so hopefully that’s a good sign. Honestly, I’m not expecting this to be that great, but I’ve heard a few of his song’s in the past, and the overwhelming majority of them sounded decent. Hopefully I actually like at least a few tracks here…

Unfortunately, this shit ended up being really fucking bad. However, I actually did end up enjoying two songs, so I’ll talk about those real quick before I discuss the rest of the project. The first song that I liked is called FIND HIM!

I think this track is actually kinda cool. A major issue with this mixtape is that every song feels incomplete, and this track isn’t exactly an exception. However, what little content he provides is entertaining enough for me to return to the song in the future. I think the production is dope, and the actual verse is kinda cool too, even though it’s criminally short.

Knock off a cracker for callin’ me nigg​er
He dirty and dingy and smell like a Swisher
No features; I’m better alone, check the stats
Sixty-nine niggas and all of ’em rats

I always appreciate a 6ix9ine diss, even though he’s an easy target. I also thought the line about beating up a racist white dude was funny. It’s not amazing lyricism or anything, but I enjoyed it. The hook is nothing special, but it works. The other song I like on this project is called NO EVIDENCE.

I think I like this one more than the aforementioned track, which is actually kinda sad because he literally just took his XXL Cypher performance and put it over a different beat. It’s fine though. I still like the song. The verse is pretty cool even though it’s recycled.

I got a chopper with a sword; slice off his head
Keep stabbing ’til the rest of that boy body is dead

It’s nice to hear him rap with a more low-key delivery instead of trying too hard to sound angry and aggressive. I also think the production from div is really dope. The song isn’t amazing or anything, but I definitely enjoy it to some extent. It’s pretty good. That’s unfortunately it though; I don’t like any of the other tracks. The tape starts off with HENCH MAFIA, which is one of the more tolerable songs in my opinion.

I don’t know who’s speaking on the intro of this song, but he kinda reminds me of L-Boy. The main difference is that he’s not funny at all. Fortunately, I actually think the production on this track from div & KC Supreme is pretty solid. It kinda sounds like a slightly less whimsical version of something Lil Pump would spit over. I actually think Comethazine’s verse on this track is pretty solid lyrically. The bars obviously aren’t amazing or anything, but it at least seemed like he was putting a little effort into his wordplay.

Harsh, but fuck it; Pop told me to Smoke ’em if them boys play you
If they snitchin’ I choke ’em; get hit for tryna say who
Them Hench Mafia niggas reckless, don’t wan’ know what they do
Ship them Rockets out here from Texas, you can tell how they shoot

When I first listened to this, I was taken aback by the fact that there’s only one verse on the whole song. As a result, the song is so short that it doesn’t feel complete. Little did I know, this would be a recurring issue that permeated the entire project. I think the brevity is supposed to promote repeat listens, but all it does is make the songs feel unfinished. Like I said, this is one of the more tolerable songs on the mixtape; I think it’s an okay track, but I won’t be listening to it again. It’s followed by RASPUTIA, which is apparently named after an overweight character from the movie Norbit, which starred Eddie Murphy. I know I saw that movie when it was in theaters, but I was only in second grade, so I don’t remember anything about it. Anyway, I think the song is pretty goddamn bad. The Toom production frankly sucks, and the hook isn’t particularly entertaining either. This is where the skeletal song structures started to get really insulting honestly. Once again, there’s only verse, and it’s literally only 8 bars. The hook lasts longer than the verse. There’s only one line in the whole song that stood out to me.

Kept talkin’ shit, so I blew off his left knee

The violent lines always stand out to me more than the other generic bars about nutting in girls’ faces and spending a lot of money. Nothing else about the song stands out to me in a good way. It’s wack. The following track, GODDONTLIKEUGLY, is just as bad. I think the production from Shoki is decent, but I don’t care for the hook. The verse on this song only has two lines that stood out to me, and they appear in the same quatrain.

Make that boy jump then I cut off his bungee
This is a stickup, this not a drill
Blow off his foot just to show him it’s real
I don’t like the label but couldn’t beat the deal

I’ll let you figure out which two lines I liked out of those four bars. Kudos to him for saying something interesting when a lot of rappers fail to say anything at all that stands out. Two lines aren’t enough to make a song enjoyable though. This shit is wack. The fifth song, STAND, is one of the worst tracks on the project in my opinion.


Why the fuck would anyone want to listen to this song more than once? Spoken Word is cool if the performer actually has something interesting to say and performs it well, but that isn’t the case here. The only thing that makes this song any different from the other tracks is the lack of a beat. I think Comethazine’s melodic delivery sounds terrible. It has nothing to do with his voice; the melody itself just isn’t enjoyable to me at all. These lines in the verse were admittedly kinda cool.

That boy tried to play me, now he on his deathbed
Paramedics pulled a slug out his head

However, one mildly provocative couplet obviously isn’t enough to make something like this worth listening to more than once. The hook on this track fucking sucks, and it doesn’t help that he doesn’t switch up his delivery at all for the verse itself. I think it was interesting and arguably admirable of him to try something different like this, but it just isn’t enjoyable at all. It’s wack af. Track 6 is called SOLVED THE PROBLEM. It’s another bad song, but thankfully it’s not as terrible as the preceding track. I think the beat is actually kinda cool. It sounds like a slightly less simplistic version of something YG would rap over. However, the beat actually ended up being the only remotely enjoyable aspect of the track for me personally. The song is generic as hell. Once again, there’s only one verse, and it does absolutely nothing for me. The 8th song is called DANGEROUS, and I think it’s one of the weaker tracks on the album. The production from Toom sounds like another super generic West Coast inspired beat that YG would rap over. Comethazine even says “stay dangerous” during the hook, so maybe that was intentional. I don’t know. Anyway, just like with a lot of the other tracks, nothing about this song stands out at all, save for one line. I thought it was interesting that he chose to shout out Popeyes.

Shoutout to Popeyes for keepin’ it crunchy

It’s just really odd and random, but in an appealing way. I appreciate shit like that. It’s a nice break from the incessant bars about guns and hoes. That’s the only thing I like about this track though. His flow is boring as hell. The song is terrible. It’s followed by FUCK ERRBODY, which is probably my least favorite track honestly. I think the beat is fucking terrible. It actually reminds me a lot of the infamous Hot Shower beat. I don’t know who ChildBoy is, but this is a terrible first impression of him. I frankly think this is the most boring, uninteresting track on the whole album. At least some of the other wack songs had a line or two that stood out. That’s not the case here. There are exactly zero aspects of this song that appeal to me. In my notes for this project, I literally only wrote one sentence for this track: “wow this song is fucking terrible.” It’s wack af. It’s followed by JUST SAYING, which was the lead single for the mixtape if I’m not mistaken.

Just Saying.jpg

I think the production from div & ReidMD is kinda cool I guess. I just wish the beat was mixed differently. I think the loop in the background is too quiet; the bass is so strong that it pretty much drowns out every other facet of the instrumental. Once again, Comethazine’s performance did absolutely nothing to impress me. The hook is boring, and the short length of the verse is ridiculous. The song is terrible. It’s followed by ACT, which is slightly more tolerable.

The beat on this song reminds me of the instrumental from The Statement by Wiz Khalifa. I’m glad Comethazine employed a more laid-back delivery on this song, even though it still ended up being pretty goddamn boring to me. The hook is wack, but I liked this line…

Bitch, you smell like some poop; why the fuck would I kick it with you?

Unfortunately the actual verse also sucks ass; the abrupt manner in which it ends feels pretty awkward. The poop line is really the only aspect of the song that stands out to me. I think the production on the final track, TOUCHED, was actually kinda cool. Unfortunately nothing else about the song is enjoyable to me at all. The hook is lame as hell.

Get his ass touched in the hood for a K
Get his ass touched in the hood for a rack
Get his ass touched in the hood for a stack
Get his ass touched in the hood for a track

I’m aware that in this context the word “touched” is supposed to be a euphemism for “jumped” or “ambushed,” but I like to think he was intentionally spitting homoerotic innuendos. The song itself is fucking terrible though. The verse sucks ass, and, as I said before, the beat is the only good aspect of the track. It’s wack.

This mixtape is really goddamn bad. Honestly, this is worse than I was expecting it to be. I guess that’s foolish on my part. I probably should’ve known this would be wack. I don’t think he’s that bad of a rapper, but he just isn’t really good at making enjoyable songs. I’m actually questioning how he blew up in the first place because a lot of this shit sounds generic as fuck. I don’t wanna go with the whole “industry plant” cliché because I’m sure that’s not the case. I just don’t get it. What makes this dude any different from the millions of other Trap artists on SoundCloud? I think some of the violent bars are cool, but that’s not enough to make his music enjoyable. Maybe if he had help from some good features and better producers I’d fuck with his music, but this mixtape is only 22 minutes and he somehow made it feel like a chore. His songs are 85% hooks and 15% rapping. I don’t know about most people, but for me that’s a problem, especially since none of the hooks on this project really stand out in a good way. Again, he’s not a terrible rapper. I wouldn’t argue with someone who said his actual music is terrible though because he’s a legitimately bad songwriter. This shit is rough. I honestly probably shouldn’t have even bothered listening to this.

Favorite Song: NO EVIDENCE
Least Favorite Song: FUCK ERRBODY


D Minus
Grade: D-

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