Tardy Album Review | 38 Spesh & Big Ghost Ltd. – A Bullet for Every Heathen

This album was released on July 19th this year. For whatever reason I was under the impression that it came out on August 23rd. I think that’s when it was added to streaming services, but I may be wrong about that. I don’t fuckin’ know. Anyway, 38 Spesh is one of the most exciting newer artists in Hip Hop right now for me, along with Che` Noir & RJ Payne. CRIMEAPPLE is in that list too. It’s really just a wave of super gritty, street artists, mostly from New York. I guess Griselda would be at the forefront of the whole movement. Big Ghost Ltd. is actually someone who is very influential to me. This blog probably wouldn’t even exist without him. He used to write reviews for his own blog in a pretty similar style to me. Honestly, I kinda bit his formula at first, but I think I’ve grown enough and have a very different personality and manner of writing/communicating now. He sadly stopped writing reviews at almost the exact same time that I began this blog, so I was wondering what happened to him for a long time. Then one day I saw him on Twitter promoting a project called Griselda Ghost which was  a collaboration between himself and Hall n’ Nash. I still haven’t actually listened to that project, but that was the first time I’d ever heard of Griselda Records. That’s also how I found out that Big Ghost Ltd. had become a music producer, so uh that’s cool I guess. Anyway, I’m not really that familiar with his production skills, so I’m not sure what this project will sound like, but I’m not expecting it to be any different than the typical grimy street shit I’ve been getting from Griselda projects and producers like Daringer & 38 Spesh himself. This is my first time listening to a full project from 38 Spesh. I was really late to the party with him, but I loved his performances on The Plugs I Met & The Thrill of the Hunt 2, so I think I’m gonna love this shit. Every song is produced by Big Ghost Ltd.

This album ended up being pretty much exactly what I was expecting. There aren’t any tracks that I don’t like, so I’ll talk about the full project in the proper order of the track listing. It begins with Master Your High, which is co-produced by SONNYJIM. The sample-based beat is really great. The song is really short and only contains one verse, but 38 Spesh killed it.

You far from a vet, and I’m armed with this TEC
I let it off, and then bullets dissolve in your flesh
My name Spesh; I’m the one they call the connect
It ain’t hard to guess who bars is correct

I think this is my second favorite song on the project honestly. There are a lot of quotable lines in this track. This is one of my favorite quatrains…

I’m still dodging federal arraignments
I’m a nigga that get it from the pavement
When you play with fentanyl, that residue is dangerous
We cut it and resell it like edible arrangements


That might be the best line on the whole album honestly. The final quatrain of the song isn’t that great to me, but overall I think the verse is awesome. It’s pretty much exactly what I wanted and expected when I started the album. It’s dope af. The following track is an interlude performed by Lukey Cage of the Nu Gawdz. You may have seen him on Dead End Hip Hop before. That’s how I became familiar with him. Anyway, in this track he basically just talks about how everyone is a rapper because anyone can do it, but not everyone can do it well. He’s definitely telling the truth, and I don’t mind this track’s presence on the album at all, but I deleted it from my library because I don’t really have any reason to listen to it more than once. The next track is called Black Mozes; I think it’s one of the weaker songs on the album, but it’s still pretty good. The production is pretty great. It sounds like something Raekwon would’ve slaughtered in ’95. The first verse is really good too. I loved this part…

In front of the stove, had to watch those grams
With boards over the door so the cops don’t ram
If I break down the block, then my block go ham
I send junk through the mail, but it’s not no spam

The second verse unfortunately didn’t really stand out to me as much, but it was still cool. The scratches at the end of the song from Giallo Point were a really nice touch. The song’s dope. It’s followed by another one of my favorite songs on the album, Gomorrah. That beat is fucking awesome. The sample sounds really familiar, but I can’t remember where I first heard it. This is definitely my favorite beat up to this point on the album though. I think the hook is pretty good, but the verse from 38 Spesh honestly didn’t really stand out much to me. He sounded good though. There just weren’t many quotable lines like I was expecting. Street Justice honestly had a better verse in my opinion. I wasn’t familiar with him prior to checking out this album, but he really impressed me. The song is dope af. The following track, Extendos, might be even better though. Once again, the production is fantastic. This beat is hard as fuck. I like it even more than the preceding instrumental. The track only has one verse from 38 Spesh, but it’s pretty great. I think a second verse would’ve really made the song even better, but it’s still one of the best tracks on the project. Giallo Point returns on this track to add some scratches at the end, which was nice. The song is fire. It’s followed by my least favorite track, Stick n’ Move. This is a quick 55 second song performed by Black Geez. Much like Street Justice, this was my first time ever hearing a performance from him. I really love the production on this track, and I think Black Geez had a pretty cool verse, although some of the lines flowed kind of awkwardly in my opinion. It’s like certain bars had too few words in them, so they just sounded kinda weird. Even though it’s my least favorite track, I definitely like it. It’s not bad at all. It’s just not as entertaining as any of the other songs to me. It’s good though; I fuck with it. The next song is called Purple Lotus, and Big Ghost’s production on this track is fucking awesome. The first verse is really fucking good too. I loved this line…

I blast ninas
Spray it at your window like it’s glass cleaner

His flow on the second verse was really awesome too. The track ends with audio of an interview between Sway and someone who sounds like Orlando Brown. I’m not sure if that’s actually who it is though. What they’re saying is actually pretty interesting though. The song’s very dope. The next track is called Sorrow, and it’s also very good. The beat is fucking awesome; it might actually be my favorite beat on the album. I’m not completely sure. There’s only one verse on the song, but I like it a lot. There aren’t any amazing, super mind-blowing quotable lines or anything; I just think he sounds really good. His flow and delivery are great. The production is easily my favorite aspect of the song, but the verse was good too. The song is dope. The penultimate track is called Barbarians, and this is easily my favorite song on the project. The beat is amazing. Honestly, this is probably my favorite beat on the album. It’s hard as bricks. It almost sounds horror movie-inspired. I haven’t really been that impressed by the features that I’ve heard from Eto in the past, but I thought he did a really great job here. He killed that opening verse. He sounds gangsta as hell on this shit. Street Justice really slaughtered that second verse though. I really need to keep an eye out for his solo work in the future because he impressed the hell outta me here. I think Klass Murda did his thing on the third verse, but Che` Noir really murdered that fourth verse, just as I was expecting. 38 Spesh did a great job on the final verse, but I think my favorite performance came from Street Justice. Che` Noir is a close second though. Again, this is easily the best song on the album. It’s also one of the best posse cuts I’ve heard all year. I love it. It’s dope af. The final track is just another interlude performed by Lukey Cage. It’s actually a legitimately interesting story about the hunger and desperation he felt in his younger days. It’s pretty dope stuff. I like it. 😀

This album is great. I don’t think anyone’s really gonna be surprised or super caught off guard by it unless they’re going into it blind with low expectations. If you’ve heard 38 Spesh rap before, you can probably predict what this project is like. He’s not doing anything in a super creative or unique manner. He’s just doing it really well. However, I have to be honest; I think I came away from this album being more impressed by Big Ghost Ltd.’s production than anything else. I wasn’t expecting the beats to be wack or anything, but I thought they’d just be average or mediocre. These beats are really great though. He’s a talented guy. Maybe I should’ve had more faith in him. I will say that there weren’t really quite as many quotable lines as I was expecting, and almost all of the songs are pretty short. They also follow the same formula most of the time. It’s just a verse or two with no hook, and then the song ends. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. It just makes the project feel more like a mixtape than an album. I do like it a lot though. I think it’s one of the better albums that I heard from the month of July. It’s great. Don’t sleep on it.

Favorite Song: Barbarians
Least Favorite Song: Stick n’ Move


B flat
Grade: B

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