Album Review | ovrkast. – Try Again

This album was released on January 17th this year. My first introduction to ovrkast. was his placement on Earl Sweatshirt’s latest release, FEET OF CLAY. He’s responsible for the fantastic instrumental on El Toro Combo Meal, so when I saw that there was gonna be a full ovrkast. album, I made sure that I didn’t miss it. I think I heard one single from this project called still, but I don’t really remember it. All I know is that I liked it a lot, and that the music video was very cool. Oh wait… Okay, that song apparently isn’t on this project. I’m so confused right now… Why didn’t I talk about this track in one of my Best Singles of the Week posts? Hmm… Well, whatever. I’m talking about it here, so hopefully that’ll convince y’all to check it out. That song is really dope. I guess it was supposed to be like a promotional single for this album. I’m not sure. I fuck with it though. That’s all you need to know. Anyway, I’m assuming that this album is entirely self produced, except where noted.

1. Try Again

The piano-driven beat at the beginning of this song is fucking awesome. The instrumental only persists throughout the intro though. The first 35 seconds of the song are just ovrkast. repeating a hook over this stellar beat, and it’s really cool. The way the song switches up after this point is pretty strange, but I think it’s awesome. The second beat that comes in incorporates the piano in a very similar manner, and I think I might like it even better than the first beat. It’s absolutely fantastic. I really love the light background vocals too. The actual verse that ovrkast. eventually spits is really great as well. Honestly, there’s not a single aspect of this song that I don’t love. I think it’s fucking superb. This shit is dope af.

2. 2 Minute Bars featuring Mavi

The beat on this track is a bit weirder than the preceding instrumental, but it’s just as fantastic, if not better. Seriously, the production here is fucking marvelous to me. I love this shit. The first verse on this song from ovrkast. is cool and everything, but it seems like there’s no way to not get demolished by Mavi if he’s featured on your song. His verse here is fucking insane. He absolutely spazzed on that shit. Seriously, that dude is scary good. Like, every rapper in the industry should be nervous after hearing this dude rap because this is God level skill. I honestly didn’t even remember anything about ovrkast.’s verse on this song after hearing Mavi annihilate that shit. This track is boiling hot fiya. It’s dope af.

3. Face featuring Navy Blue

This song has yet another phenomenal beat. I fucking love ovrkast.’s production, man. The lyrics on the hook of this track are very relatable for me at the moment too. If I’d listened to this song three days earlier, I wouldn’t have related to them as much, so I’m glad I checked this project out when I did.

Everywhere like I don’t know my place
I got people waiting still though, I can’t show my face
I got people hating on me, mad that I control my fate

I really like ovrkast.’s flow on the first verse; he was floating on this shit. Navy Blue fucking killed that second verse too.

North and South like I don’t know which way
I got spirits waiting on me, know that they gon’ clear the way
All this sorrow in my body, light the spliff & clear the haze

I really love that dude. The single he dropped in December was incredible to me. It’s one of the best songs that I’ve heard in a long ass time. I think the preceding track was better in terms of the actual rapping from a technical perspective, but I actually prefer the warm aesthetic of this track. I think this shit is sizzling hot fiya. It’s dope af.

4. AllPraise

This song has another superb instrumental. The whole track is just under two minutes long, and it doesn’t really feel like it has a substantial vocal performance. There isn’t an actual verse here; it’s kinda similar to the intro of the opening song because he basically just repeats a hook over and over again. It’s a good hook though, and I like the instrumental a lot. The vocals eventually get super muffled, in a similar manner to Medhane’s feature on Slauson Malone’s Ttrabul song from A Quiet Farwell. It’s what I think it’d sound like if I tried to listen to someone rap while both of my ears were really severely infected. Anyway, I like the song a lot, but it isn’t as fulfilling a listen as any of the preceding material. It’s still dope though.

5. Interlude

This is a pretty interesting audio clip of Kerry James Marshall speaking about how he can make it possible to see “invisible” entities in his artwork by experimenting with color temperatures. You can see what he’s talking about in his popular Invisible Man piece here…

Invisible Man

The instrumental that plays in the background is nice too. I’m not exactly sure why this clip was included on the album or how it relates to the rest of the material here, but I definitely enjoyed it. It certainly was interesting to hear about this because I’ve kind of experimented with the same thing in the past.

invisible ghost

Our methods were different, but I feel like the finished products ended up being somewhat similar. It’s cool to hear about a more illustrious artist pulling off what I was trying to accomplish with this picture. Anyway, it’s a cool interlude, even if I don’t know exactly why it was included here or how it relates to the rest of the project.

6. Church performed by Do More

This song has another great beat, and I really like the hook. The first verse from ovrkast. is nice too. The little interlude during the second recital of the hook is pretty weird, but the way it all comes together and eventually transitions into Demahjiae’s verse is pretty cool. He did a pretty nice job with that second verse; I’d probably say he had the better performance, but it’s not like he completely stole the show. I think out of all the actual songs on this project, this is the least entertaining up to this point, but I still really fuck with it. This shit is dope.

7. Casualty produced by M1tch

The production here is superb. I don’t think I’m familiar with this M1tch guy, but he did a really good job here. This track has one of the more straightforward song structures on the album; it’s pretty much just ovrkast. rapping the whole time. Well, that’s actually not true at all. It’s just that the hook doesn’t offer much variation from the verses sonically, and it’s only like one or two lines long. Anyway, I really like this song. I don’t think the verses are super amazing, but I definitely enjoyed them quite a bit, and the overall aesthetic of the song is just very comforting and warm, yet somber at the same time. I love the instrumental here. This shit is dope as hell to me.

8. Uck featuring Pink Siifu

Once again, this song has another stellar instrumental. ovrkast. has kind of a strange filter on his vocals here. It sounds like he recorded this on his phone and just laid the voice memo over a beat in GarageBand. His verse is pretty cool though. The second verse from Pink Siifu has the same weird vocal effect. His deeper voice sounds like it fits on this song better for whatever reason. I kinda felt like the slightly higher pitched rapping from ovrkast. along with the vocal filter was clashing with the instrumental a little bit, but Pink Siifu sounds more natural in my opinion. His actual verse isn’t really super impressive to me though unfortunately. I might’ve enjoyed it more without the strange effect on his voice, but that was kinda distracting to be honest. I still like the song, but it’s definitely my least favorite track.

9. Outro (it’s time) produced by Demahjiae

I really adore the production on this track. ovrkast.’s verse here is great as well.

I see you later
See my cadence is sloppy pronunciation
I couldn’t see it or speak it into fruition
Until I did; see, me, I’m a superstition

The way the beat kinda switches up after the verse is pretty nice too. I think one more verse really could’ve pushed this track to the next level, but it’s still an awesome song as it is. Once again, it has that smooth, warm, comforting aesthetic that I love so much. This shit is dope as hell. 😀

This album is really great. I’m super glad that this didn’t fly under my radar because ovrkast. is a pretty exciting artist to me. I’m really pleased with this project, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. The production on this album is absolutely sublime across the board, even when the beats aren’t handled by ovrkast. himself. The features from Navy Blue & Mavi made for the most exciting moments on the album for me, but ovrkast. is certainly a competent MC in his own right. I think anyone who’s super into this vast wave of lo-fi Hip Hop that’s been snowballing ever since MIKE kinda blew up will love this project. Music Twitter is gonna eat this shit up, assuming they actually pay attention to anything aside from what the [sLUms]. collective and Earl release. I don’t really have any consistent gripes to be honest. I have some nitpicks with a few tracks here and there, but overall this is a really well done project, and one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year. Don’t sleep on it.

Favorite Song: Face
Least Favorite Song: Uck


A minus
Grade: A-

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