Album Review | Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – Alfredo

This album was released on May 29th this year. I honestly don’t have an excuse for getting to this so late. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda forgot it came out. I just never wrote it into my schedule for whatever reason. I’m really looking forward to it though. The Alchemist is one of my favorite producers of all time, and Freddie Gibbs is a very talented rapper. I’m not really sold on every single project he puts out like a lot of others seem to be, but it’s not really ever because his rapping is wack. I didn’t really care for the Freddie mixtape just because he used virtually the same exact flow for every single track. I didn’t care for Fetti because Curren$y ruined a lot of the songs for me. Piñata is still my favorite release from him, but I don’t think he’s incapable of surpassing it. I’m not expecting anything on that level, but I’m not gonna act like I’m super shocked if this ends up being my favorite project from him. I think I’m gonna love this shit.

1. 1985

This was perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the entire week. Ever since The Alchemist & Freddie Gibbs released that album Fetti, which was tarnished by the presence of Curren$y, I’ve been hoping that they’d do an album without him, and out of nowhere they did exactly that. I’m personally not as obsessed with Freddie Gibbs as the rest of Hip Hop Twitter seems to be, but I’m definitely a fan, and The Alchemist is one of my favorite producers of all time. The album is called Alfredo, and it’ll be out by the time this article is published, so be sure to check that shit out. Anyway, the production on this song is awesome. It sounds like something Action Bronson would rap over. The entire song is just one verse from Freddie, but it’s very good. His flow is fantastic as always, and the aggressive lyricism is awesome.

Bitch, I’ll fuck up your face with a razor
How I make sure your motherfuckin’ family can’t view your body
Nigga thuggin’ and shit, put my blood in this shit
Prick my finger, Alfredo, Illuminati

The song isn’t really super creative or different. It’s just really well done. I’m hoping that the full album throws a few curveballs, but I guess we’ll see. This shit is dope as hell.

2. God Is Perfect

The opening song was fire, but this song is even better to me. This beat is fucking godly. I’m so glad y’all didn’t see the way my face twisted up as soon as I heard this beat drop for the first time because I looked fucking ugly. This beat is incredible though. The Alchemist is God. This shit sounds so fucking nasty and dirty; I love it. Freddie of course slaughtered the verses here too.

I didn’t want to speak on this shit, but it really been rackin’ my brain now
‘Cause really I fuck with this rap, but my niggas still sellin’ cocaine now
Them crackers they got enough on us to go start a motherfuckin’ case now
A nigga get hit with the R.I.C.O., they comin’, they snatchin’ the gang now

I love that line about how he shot a dude and made him shit in his pants. That shit was cold as hell. The second verse was even better than the first one though; his flow was fuckin’ bananas.

A nigga might get gangland hit
That east side insane ass shit
Niggas shot at me and missed with the whole damn clip
Yeah, the bitch couldn’t aim that shit, fuck nigga

This shit is so fucking hard, man. I fucking love it. This song is dope af.

3. Scottie Beam featuring Rick Ross

This is my least favorite song on the album. It’s probably obvious why I don’t like this track as much as the others. Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s a good song. It’s just nowhere near as enjoyable as the others for me personally. I do think the lavish production is very pretty though, and the first verse from Freddie is really nice.

We were bustin’ at police before Queen & Slim, that’s on FN
Let off fifty shots to the squad car, and get in the wind
Told the Gary Police in ’05 that I got more guns than them
Get the feds if you want a war, and they sent them bitches in


Obviously Rick Ross is the main aspect of this song that just did absolutely nothing for me. Honestly, I have no idea why anybody is spending money on Rick Ross features in 2020. Do people really get excited when they see his name on a tracklist? All he ever does is rap about mansions and being fat with that same boring ass flow that he uses on every single song. He’s been rapping for 20 years and hasn’t had one interesting thing to say.

Bitches lookin’ at me, shawty wanna see my soul
All my jewelry on, she only see my gold
I’m prayin’ for my guys, pray you sing along
I fuck bitches in my ride, I never bring ’em home

WHO GIVES A FUCK???? Don’t take this the wrong way; I don’t think he’s a trash rapper or anything. He’s like the same as Troy Average. He’s an incredibly uninteresting artist who makes super boring music that I never think about. It’s fine though. His verse is tolerable. The song as a whole isn’t bad. I definitely would’ve enjoyed it more if he wasn’t here, but he was fine. The song is good overall.

4. Look at Me

This is another relatively weak song in my opinion. I don’t think it’s bad at all, but it just feels undercooked, especially in comparison to the other tracks. I think the dreamy production is very nice, and the hook on this track is cool. There’s only one verse, and it’s not amazing or anything, but I definitely enjoyed it. The song honestly just feels like an interlude more than anything. I think a beat switch and one more verse could’ve done it a lot of favors. It’s not really bad in any way though. The beat is really dope, and I enjoyed Freddie’s performance. It just left me wanting more. It’s still good though; I fuck with it.

5. Frank Lucas featuring Benny the Butcher

This is another major highlight for me. I think this song is fucking amazing. I’ve been listening to this album for about two weeks now, and I still haven’t narrowed down a favorite track, but this is definitely a strong contender. The production here is pure fucking evil. It sounds like a damn horror movie. It sounds like a saw cutting my arms off, but in the best way possible. Freddie fucking murdered that first verse too.

Fuck rap, bitch, I’m poppin’ off of poppy seed
My name cocaine, they ain’t gon’ put me in the nominees
Since Gangsta Gibbs brought back the bars, I see a lot of me’s
Niggas is my sons, I wish they mamas would have swallowed these, nigga
Cappin’ ass nigga
Jeezy used to say, “Boy, you one rappin’ ass nigga”
I said “I’m shippin’ packs, I don’t need no advance, nigga”
Niggas thought I took a loss, but I jumped off, then I got richer

I don’t think Benny’s verse was as good lyrically, but he sounded pretty awesome over this beat. I loved that line about how he went from selling lines to abusers to abusing listeners with lines. That was hard. My favorite aspect of this song is definitely just the production, but both of the MCs here definitely did it justice. This song is fucking fire. I love it.

6. Something to Rap About featuring Tyler the Creator

This isn’t one of my favorite songs on the project, but I do still think it’s fantastic. It’s better than the best tracks on most other artists’ albums. Once again, Alchemist’s production here is absolutely stellar. This beat sounds like sunshine in the form of music. I like how Freddie got a bit more introspective and personal on the first verse of this song too.

Record labels downed me forty thousand on my first advance
Fucked up on my taxes, IRS kept me on payment plans
Crime fuckin’ pays, but once you paid, you gotta pay the man
Straight survival; right hand on the Bible, I won’t take the stand
Yeah, VL niggas trap it out
Lord let me hit this ho so I have something to rap about
Been through shit with hoes that I look back and I can laugh about
This shit wasn’t no joke, sittin’ in that cage, this shit was draggin’ out

I think Tyler the Creator’s verse was really nice too. I don’t think he completely murdered the song and stole the show like a lot of people were claiming, but it was definitely good. I enjoyed Freddie’s performance more, but Tyler is definitely one of the best features on this album. He obviously did a way better job than Rick Ross, and I’d honestly say he was better than Benny too, but that’s debatable. Overall, I think the song is dope as hell.

7. Baby $hit

This is another highlight on the album for me. Once again, the production is absolutely marvelous. It has more bounce to it than most of the other instrumentals on the album. It’s impossible to not get that coveted involuntary head nod while listening to this track. Freddie’s flow on the first verse is awesome, and I love that line in the hook about him having a pocket full of dead slave masters. Honestly, I don’t think either of the verses on this song are super impressive from a lyrical standpoint. It’s mainly just his flow and delivery that stands out. None of the lyrics are actually bad though; I just don’t think they’re particularly interesting. He’s pretty much just talking about fucking hoes and getting money. He’s doing it well, but it’s still just not that interesting to me. I love the song though. It’s dope as hell to me.

8. Babies & Fools featuring Conway the Machine

This is a major highlight on the album for me. I don’t think the production is as phenomenal as some of the other instrumentals here, but I just think the rapping is top notch. I really like the relatively personal lyricism on this track, and the way the vocal sample is incorporated into the verses is awesome.

Alhamdulillah on the nights that I wasn’t havin’ shit
I say my prayers, but I’m rusty as fuck with Arabic
Lord, take me as I am ’cause I’m gon’ come as I’m is
I might die twice if I look down and see my mama in tears

I would’ve already really liked the song, but Conway just pushed this shit to the next level for me. I think he fucking killed this shit.

I’m on tour, I’m on the road just hustlin’ and shit
My baby mama cut me off, she had enough of my shit
I’ll cashapp stacks every now and then, like that’s enough
She like, “At least FaceTime, your babies don’t see your ass enough”
Plus my older son is failin’ math, that shit ain’t addin’ up
I guess I ain’t around bein’ a dad enough, I owe my kids all of me

This song just solidified my opinion that Conway is easily the most versatile Griselda artist. Benny & Westside Gunn pretty much always give us the same thing, but Conway actually switches up his content every now and then, which I appreciate. Anyway, this is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album; I think it’s dope af.

9. Skinny Suge

This is the last major highlight on the album for me. I think this beat is fucking incredible. It’s seriously a gorgeous instrumental. I think it’s kind of similar to the 1985 beat, but just more downtempo and sentimental sounding. The entire song is just one verse, and it’s fucking awesome. It has the most personal, introspective lyricism on the entire album.

Man, my uncle died off a overdose
And the fucked up part about that is I know I supplied the nigga that sold it
Put a pistol to my head, I was way too scared, drunk off emotions
I’m drinkin’ and takin’ these drugs ’cause I can’t numb the pain with smokin’
Loner, but I hate to be lonely
I fuck a bitch, she fall in love, but I just wanna be homies
If I fall off or get locked up she might just fuck on the homies
Most niggas die over love for a bitch or havin’ trust in they homies

This is easily one of my favorite tracks on the whole album. I don’t have a single gripe with this song. He could’ve made this song three times longer than it already is and I’d still love it. This song is incredible.

10. All Glass

This is another great song. The previous track transitions into this one perfectly. The instrumental here is far more upbeat, and the lyricism is far less emotional than it was on the preceding song. I think this was a smart way to close the album. It would’ve been kind of odd to leave things off on such a sobering note with Skinny Suge. I don’t think the rapping is super amazing or anything, but I was definitely satisfied with this track. I wouldn’t exactly say that this song stands out from the others in a good or bad way, but I do think it’s a good closer. Nothing about it really blew me away—aside from maybe the production—but nothing about it bothered me either. I think this is dope as hell.

This album is amazing. I don’t think it’s quite on the level of Piñata, but it’s definitely better than Bandana in my opinion. This is one of the best albums of the year. There’s not a single bad track here. The Alchemist cooked up some of the best beats Freddie has ever rapped over, which is saying a lot, and he rapped just as well as he always does. I didn’t love every single feature here, but they got better and better as the album progressed. This album pretty much gave me exactly what I wanted. Freddie is one of those rappers who can sound good over any type of production. I’m glad he didn’t try to sing at all on this album. That’s the one thing he does that usually doesn’t go over too well for me. I think they knocked this shit outta the park though. Any Hip Hop fan who doesn’t listen to this record is seriously fucking up. This shit is dope af.

Favorite Song: Skinny Suge
Least Favorite Song: Scottie Beam


Watch the videos below for more thoughts on this album.

A flat
Grade: A

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  1. man, I’ve just been skimming through you’re reviews and this is so much more fun than looking through pitchfork, you don’t sugar coat anything.

    You should review to donuts by dilla. surprised you haven’t.

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