EP Review | JPEGMAFIA – EP2!

This extended play was released on February 12th this year. JPEGMAFIA is one of the most popular left-field rappers out right now, but I have to admit that my enthusiasm towards his music has kind of dissipated over the past year or two. I liked All My Heroes Are Cornballs to an extent, but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. It was nowhere near as great as Veteran in my opinion. On top of that, the first EP in this series that came out this past December was just really mediocre to me. The only songs I liked from it were Cutie Pie!, Bald!, and the remix of Bald! I’m hoping this EP has at least one song on it that I enjoy, but I’m honestly not expecting to like it overall.

The very first thing that I noticed is that Peggy kinda bit the way Angry Blackmen stylize their song titles. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence because I don’t think Peggy would do something that blatant, but it still kinda bothered me a little bit to be honest. It’s definitely not a huge deal though. The first track on this project is called LAST DANCE!, and I actually think it’s pretty good.

It’s not my favorite track here, but I do enjoy it to some extent. I typically don’t really care for rappers who kinda sing through their verses with autotune just because it gets really annoying to me, but I think it worked well with the production here. I definitely feel like the production is what saves this song for me. I don’t really think Peggy is that interesting of a lyricist, but I do like a few lines in this one.

When I speak to a pig, I'm Biden

This line was funny to me because I just imagined him stuttering a lot and saying things that don’t quite add up when speaking to a police officer. I’m not sure if that’s what he was trying to insinuate, but that’s what I got from this line. I think the Metal Gear Solid reference was kinda clever too.

Solid, it's like Kojima designed me
Slut with the gear and the metal is on me

I usually cringe when people refer to clothing as “gear,” but I’ll allow it this time. I also thought it was kinda funny when he said he was twerking on stage. Aside from that, none of the lines really stood out to me. He had a line about spitting in a girl’s ass, which wasn’t great. I mean, I don’t think it’s a good line, but it’s not like total trash either. If the whole song was about spitting into assholes then I would definitely have a problem with that, but when it’s just one non-sequitur line I’m kinda indifferent to it. Most of the lyrics kinda just went in one ear and out the other. The appeal of this song for me is the production. It’s this really soft, pretty instrumental. The horns that eventually come in sound really nice. I actually think the melodic verse sounds good over it too. It’s a good song to me. Definitely flawed, but I enjoyed it. It’s followed by FIX URSELF!

For whatever reason, on streaming services the 40 second intro to this song is split into its own track entitled INTRO! I’m not sure why though. The bandcamp version isn’t like that. I guess it’s not a huge deal, but it did annoy me a little bit. Anyway, I actually think FIX URSELF! is pretty tight. The lyrics are still a mixed bag, but I just think the melodic delivery sounds better here than it did on LAST DANCE! The production is a bit more energetic, but it’s still very pretty. The horns sound great. I love the way he sounded during this couplet…

How is you tryna make it with no talent or cash?
2020, niggas out here with no clue, no plan, and no mask

I also really like the line in the chorus where he talks about body shaming himself. I’m sure most people can relate to that.

Every morning I body shame, I can't stand my face

I think the hook is really catchy too. There’s a line in the second verse about how somebody tried to sexually assault him by giving him head while he was unconscious. That’s unfortunate. I imagine this line is based on true events because it’d be kind of a weird thing to make up.

I love my baby like Trump loves Putin, in the deepest way
My babies barely scratched the surface, there's a deeper state
Even though you tried to give me top when I was not awake
I know that nigga ain't in the ground, but he still dead to me

So yeah, there are a few lyrics that stood out a little bit, but for the most part I just enjoy the song sonically. I think it’s dope though. Unfortunately, I don’t really care for any of the other songs. Track 4 is entitled KELTEC!.

Unfortunately the production here wasn’t as entertaining to me as that of the preceding material. I actually don’t like this beat at all. I think it’s pretty bad to be honest. I mean, maybe a better rapper could make it work. It’s just kind of an ugly beat to me. It makes me think of the blocky Minecraft aesthetic, and not in a good way. It almost sounds kinda Vaporwave-ish to me. The song really just feels like a throwaway track to me. Nothing about it stands out in a good way. I guess his flow is decent, but the soft, melodic, autotuned vocals just don’t sound very good to me, and the lyrics aren’t particularly interesting. It’s not the worst song I’ve ever heard or anything, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t wack to me. I’m not feelin’ it. The following track is entitled THIS ONES FOR US!

I guess the production here is okay. It’s just kinda boring to be honest. Nothing stands out about it. I mean, I guess it’s kinda pleasant while it’s on just because it’s so chill and soft, but it’s just not memorable at all. It actually kinda reminds me of Goblin-era Tyler the Creator production. Once again, Peggy is rapping with a very soft, melodic, autotuned delivery. After a while, hearing so much autotune just starts to get annoying to me. All the verses on this project kinda sound the same because of it. It’d be fine if he was saying something interesting or unique, but that isn’t the case. I mean, some of the more aggressive lines are kinda hard, but they just feel pointless because it’s the same exact formula of comically angry threats targeting white supremacists that we’ve been getting throughout his whole career.

White boys scared of the Peg in private, but postin' they black squares now
When you see me, better say it with your chest
And you better have a vest 'cause I don't waste rounds

I definitely like that aspect of his music, but I kinda wish he would do something new with it, ya know? I’ve been listening to him for 3 years and pretty much all of his music can be summed up by “white supremacists are pussies and I like to kill them.” I can obviously get behind that sentiment, but I just want a bit more at this point. Then every now and then he’ll toss in a line like this…

Spinnin' that pussy, go back in, back out
Eating ass, feel like Pac-Man

It’s just not a very interesting song. I find it really dull personally. I think it’s mediocre. The following track is even worse. This one is called PANIC ROOM! and it’s actually co-produced by James Blake if I’m not mistaken.

I do like how the production has a bit more energy to it than that of the preceding track, but JPEGMAFIA’s rapping just kinda sucks to me. I mean, it’s cool that his flow is a bit faster paced, but aside from that… Nah. I got nothing out of this song. I don’t care for the production, and the autotuned rapping is just not fun to listen to at all. Also, I know what he was trying to say with this line, but it’s still kind of a bad look in my opinion.

No, I don't want your consent, nigga I'ma pull this dick on you
Me when I first heard that line

I feel like I’ve only ever heard someone refer to a gun as a dick ironically, but I don’t know. I wouldn’t have said that line personally, but it’s not a huge deal. I don’t even think anything about this song is especially terrible. It’s just really not good. Nothing about this track stands out in a good way. It’s boring as hell to me. I think it’s wack. The closing track is a bit more tolerable. It’s called FEED HER!, and it’s not something I’ll be returning to personally, but it’s not bad. The production here is a lot more interesting to me. That’s the main reason I like this more than the preceding track. The lyricism is literally just more of the same, so I barely have anything to say about the song. It’s structured the same way as pretty much every other track. I think FIX URSELF! might be the only song with an actual hook. Every other track is just him rapping with autotune for two minutes until the song ends. I think this one does sound better than a couple of the other tracks, but overall it’s still very mediocre to me.

This project is about as mediocre as I was expecting it to be. These tracks really felt like a bunch of rushed leftovers. It sounds like he just wanted to record some throwaway verses real quick. I really don’t care for the way he delivered his vocals with autotune all over this project. I also wish the songs were more fleshed out structurally since almost all of them are just loose verses with nothing else going on. The lyricism is exactly the same kinda shit we’ve always gotten from Peggy. To me it doesn’t seem like there’s been any growth since his last album. I’m hoping his next project is a bit more creative because this honestly felt pretty uninspired to me. I hope he goes back to making more aggressive and creative beats like Real Nega or Baby, I’m Bleeding. The softer more melodic shit he makes is nowhere near as memorable to me. I’ll still interested in his music and I’ll check out whatever he does next. I just hope it’s a bit less dull. This one is my least favorite project of his so far.

Favorite Song: FIX URSELF!
Least Favorite Song: KELTEC!


Watch the video below for more thoughts on this extended play.

Grade: D+

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