EP Review | Spaceman Jones & the Motherships – The Loops of Life, Pt. 1

Note: The following review was written on January 22nd of 2021.

This extended play was released on March 9th. Spaceman Jones & the Motherships is a Hip Hop duo comprised of MC Spaceman Jones and producer MOTHER HOOD. I can’t remember how exactly I first came into contact with Spaceman Jones. I know we followed each other on Instagram, but I can’t remember why I followed him. I think it’s probably just because I saw that he’s from North Carolina, and we probably had some mutual followers. I also probably just thought he had a cool stage name. Space is cool. Anyway, I thankfully got a chance to hear this project ahead of the official release, and I was beyond satisfied with what I heard.

The first track is entitled Darker Days Pass. MOTHER HOOD’s production here is very chill. It kinda reminds me of Blockhead‘s Bubble Bath album. It sounds like something I’d hear in a spa. I can see someone like Action Bronson rapping over this, but I feel like that’d be boring since he just isn’t that interesting of a lyricist. Thankfully Spaceman was able to hold my attention. He can rhyme really well.

These niggas savage out the gate
Don't let 'em slice you thin, they gon' make you out a plate
Set your rate and get the fuck up out the way
Let God grant grace, shoot a fucker in his face
'Cause we need all the change, am I safe
Sour-hearted losers love the tape
We only had to dodge a noose in slavery days
Now every little nigga K, and don't aim when they spray

He has a pretty heavy Southern accent, which I like a lot. I don’t really hear a lot of Southern rappers spitting over this type of production often. At first I assumed he was from Charlotte, but I think he’s from Asheville. I love how laidback his flow is over this beat too. It matches the tone of the production really well. I think the song is a bit tame sonically since it doesn’t get too adventurous. You pretty much know how the whole track sounds after the first few bars. The main appeal is definitely the actual rapping for me. I think the song is dope overall though. It’s probably the weakest moment on the project for me, but I still fuck with it. The second track is called Crates of Greats. The beat here sounds more like something Mick Jenkins would rap over. It’s a traditional boom bap beat, but it doesn’t exactly sound old-school. With that said, I could see someone like Nas spitting over this in the 2000s. This would have been one of the best beats he chose though. I love Spaceman Jones’ writing on this track. If you’re familiar with my taste you know that I always appreciate rappers who have something different to say. I actually really like the hook on this song too, even though it’s pretty repetitive.

Exercise my vision through my code of livin'
Uncover what was hidden, found what we was missin'
Put it all to use, create a great position
Far different from them hatin' folks penny-pinchin'
Lil nigga, I'm the boss and the fuckin' henchman
Lil nigga, I'm the boss and the fuckin' henchman
Lil nigga, I'm the boss and the fuckin' henchman
Lil nigga, I'm the boss and the fuckin' henchman

The song is hard as fuck honestly. The beat here is straightforward much like that of the opening track, but for whatever reason I feel like the minimalistic approach here just works better. It’s kind of a hypnotizing loop that I got lost in. I feel like Roc Marciano would fit over it really well. I don’t think I’m tapped into the local scene as much as I should be, but I don’t know of any other NC rappers who spit over this production style. The closest one I can think of is Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, but it’s not really the same. His vocal delivery is too energetic to fit the tone of a song like this. Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure he would sound great here. He just wouldn’t be my first choice for a feature on this one. Not that the song needs a feature. Spaceman killed this shit.

These are heavy jewels, share 'em with your crew
I got 'em out the mystery school of the avenue
Holy prostitutes help me get my loot
Payin' tithes to the plugs 'til we all in coupes
Clean the bread through the laundry chute
Once it's lathered up we make another move
Motherfuck the pen in some New Balance shoes
We really men, see what we had to lose?

I feel like the way he rhymes just fits over this production style perfectly. I honestly don’t really have any gripes with the song at all. This shit is hard. I think it’s dope as hell.

This shit is pretty great. It’s the first release that I heard from 2021, and this was probably the best way the year could’ve started for me. I don’t really have a single consistent gripe. The production is dope, the rapping is fire, and the hooks stuck in my head. I can’t ask for more than that. I guess for future releases they could get a bit more ambitious sonically, maybe by incorporating some switch ups or more dynamic production, but this was a stellar first impression. I’m looking forward to hearing more work from these dudes. I’m excited for the second part of this series to come out as well because I think it’s even better. Don’t sleep on this shit. It’s really dope.

Favorite Song: Crates of Greats
Least Favorite Song: Darker Days Pass


Grade: B+

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