EP Review | NoFace, Rapper – Filthy

This extended play was released on March 5th this year. NoFace released a pretty dope EP in February called Black Gold, and it kind of left me wanting more, so I was pleased to see that he dropped this other EP so soon after the release of that one. If I’m not mistaken, he’s gearing up to release a sequel to this one soon too, so that should be cool. EDIT: Filthy 2 was released on April 2nd. All the beats on this project are produced by manwithxface. I’m mostly familiar with him through his work with SeKwence, but aside from that I haven’t heard much of his work. I’m not going into this completely blind, but I still have no expectations. I’m just sure I won’t hate it.

The production from manwithxface immediately stood out to me on this project. The EP feels like it has more of a traditional, boom bap style than the Black Gold EP that I covered in February. Track 1 is entitled Spectacle, and I could definitely see this fitting in with some early Beast Coast shit. I think the production here is pretty fantastic to be honest. Despite the hard hitting dusty percussion, it’s still very melodic. The song is only 92 seconds long, so there’s not much going on aside from a really nice verse. There’s no time for a hook or bridge or anything like that. The verse is great though.

Let's see if I can get it through, the message is simple
Never fear rejection is the brand I'm crafting with stencils
Mastered the mental aspect, I'm at a different address
Where I can't be accessed through all that's plastered and finished

Again, the song is pretty short, but what’s here is really dope. The following track is even better in my opinion. It’s entitled Flashing, and it has a more hard-hitting beat in my opinion. I could see this beat being used in a cypher. It just has a kind of hostile atmosphere to it, which NoFace was able to match really well.

Take a whiff, I swear the aroma is nice
These rappers mediocre, I don't even know what that's like
It's all calculated even when rolling the dice
If I said I got your back it's 'cause I'm just holding your spine

The second verse is even better than the first one in my opinion. I just noticed more multisyllabic rhymes in the second one than in the first. This is definitely my favorite song that I’ve heard from NoFace so far. I think it’s dope as hell. The final track is entitled Bagger Vance. I don’t love this one quite as much as the preceding couple, but it’s still enjoyable to me. The thing is, I think NoFace’s rapping is just as great here as it is on the others. I just don’t really love the production as much. It’s not a bad beat at all; I just have never been crazy about this smooth, airy, R&B-esque type of production. It almost sounds kinda Vaporwave-ish to me honestly. NoFace killed it though.

I do it for God and those that really love that I'm here
Ain't no one man that I fear, it's none of my peers
I appear then I peer and some view me as weird
Sometimes I act like a clown, so they don't see how I steer
Sorry for the handling, sometimes it's damaging
But I don't think my race is gonna end at the rear

I love how aggressive he sounds at certain points during the verse. The track is just slightly longer than Spectacle, so there’s not much going on here. I fuck with it though. I know I sounded kinda critical of the production, but I don’t think the beat is bad at all. It’s just not my preferred style. The song is very good overall though.

This EP is pretty great to me. It’s longer than the first project I heard from NoFace, so there’s a bit more to dig into here. I think NoFace himself comes off more seasoned for whatever reason. Black Gold was really good, but this one just feels more polished. The production from manwithxface definitely stands out more. I think the beats here are really good. In fact, I’d say the production is the main reason I like this so much more than Black Gold to be honest. I’m looking forward to checking out the sequel to this EP because I don’t have any consistent gripes aside from the brevity. A couple of these tracks probably could’ve benefitted from an extra verse or two, but that’s really just a nitpick. This shit is dope. Check it out.

Favorite Song: Flashing
Least Favorite Song: Bagger Vance


Grade: B+

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