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This album was released on February 4th this year. brainorchestra. released one of my favorite extended plays of 2020 with The Wizard’s Scroll, so I’ve become a fan over the past 12 months. I didn’t get around to covering them on this blog, but his Marmalade & Sacred albums were really good too. I figured it’d only be fair to finally cover one of his Rap projects since I’ve only done an instrumental one so far. This was one of the first notable releases of February for me, so I was pretty excited for it. Everything is self produced.

The project begins with Get a Boat.

I really like the dramatic, washed out piano loop on this track. I also like how this song is structured; it’s just one long verse that lasts about a minute and a half. The verse itself is very good too.

Newsflash: you dudes are ass
I’m too classy in a blue Jag’
City lights reflectin’ off tinted glasses
In the mix like gin, no gettin’ past us

The beat is a little repetitive, but I like the way it switches up for the outro skit. I think the song’s really dope overall. The following track is called Mic Doctor.

I really love how funky the production on this track is, and brain’s flow on the verse gave me the coveted involuntary head nod. He killed this track.

I’ma let it be known in advance, I’m the coldest
Every time I lay the pen to the paper the ink golden
I don’t work for nobody, every time my face shown in the booth
I get paid, kid, I’m showin’ in provin’, motherfucker

The song has the same exact structure as the opening song, which I didn’t mind too much at this point on the project. I think the song’s dope overall. The third track is called Newark Bound. This track has one of my favorite beats on the album. I love how cold and soulless it sounds. The first verse on this track is performed by an MC named Fa$tLife, who I was unfamiliar with prior to hearing the album. However, he really impressed me on this track. I think his flow was really nice, and he rhymed really well too. I like the way brainorchestra. comes in right behind him.

Me and Fa$t get to the biz, plans to work out
Money blue tinted and the tree is purped out
Wave surf style Godbody on Earth, kid
We turn styles more than the band, you ‘bout to learn now

I honestly think I liked brain’s verse more to be honest. His lines are more quotable to me. Overall, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I think it’s dope as hell. It’s followed by the title track, which is just a skit in which some guy comes up to brainorchestra. on the street and is talking to him about how he’s tryna cop a beat or something. I think the skit is very well made; everything sounds really clear and I could tell exactly what was happening. However, the actual content of the skit isn’t particularly interesting. With that said, I’m not gonna pretend to have a huge issue with this track. It’s fine. Anyway, I really like the softer, more sentimental sounding production on New Day. I can see Nas spitting over this beat; it kinda reminds me of the Lost Tapes. The first verse from brain is really dope.

Play it safe, but talk shit and taste the blade
Erasing lames off my radar while we paper chase
You in a rat race, I’m steady lettin’ raps off the page
Stayin’ classy, but my mind on a rapid pace

The hook isn’t really anything special, but it serves its purpose well enough as a break between the verses. The second verse is just as good as the first one. The production kinda gets old by the time the song is over since it never really switches up or throws any surprises; you pretty much know what the whole track sounds like after the first few bars. I still really like the song as a whole though. I think it’s pretty good. It’s followed by another highlight entitled Too Smooth. This track has one of my favorite beats on the whole project. It flips the same Crowns of Glory sample that was used in Heavenly Father by Isaiah Rashad, but brainorchestra. was able to put his own spin on it thankfully. I think this track has some of brain’s best rapping on the whole album too.

Strike gold, watch the story unfold
And live bold ’til I’m 6 feet deep in the coal

Once again, the structure of this song is very straightforward; the whole track is just one verse, with a beat switch for the ending skit. This is one of the better songs on the album for me. I love the production, and I think brainorchestra. killed it. This shit is dope as hell. The closing track, Billy Scones Theme, is another highlight for me. The beat is a bit grittier and darker, but still pretty melodic. I can see prime Heltah Skeltah rapping over a beat like this. It’s actually probably my favorite beat on the project to be honest. The hook on this song is pretty solid. There’s only one verse on this track, but it’s very good. The main reason I like the song so much is just because of the production though. I think the song is dope as hell overall.

This album is pretty great. There aren’t any songs on here that I don’t like. I still look at brainorchestra. as a producer first and rapper second, but it’s not because his rapping isn’t good. I just generally am more impressed by his production, but he’s definitely a competent MC. I really don’t have any consistent gripes with this project. Maybe some more diversity in the way the songs are structured could’ve made things a bit more exciting, but that’s just a suggestion rather than a real nitpick. I think this shit is dope. Check it out.

Favorite Song: Billy Scones Theme
Least Favorite Song: New Day


Grade: B+

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