EP Review | NoFace, Rapper – Filthy 2

This EP was released on April 2nd this year. It’s the sequel to the first Filthy EP which came out just a month prior. I enjoyed the original project a lot, so I pretty much knew that I would like this EP before I even listened. The whole thing is produced by Killer Kane, who I’ve become a big fan of over the past 12 months, so I had high expectations for this EP.

I think Solo is a pretty good intro to the project. The beat from Kane isn’t really one of his best, but it’s still pretty enjoyable. It’s really just the rapping from NoFace that makes the song worth returning to. As far as song structure goes, there’s nothing here aside from one verse. The verse is thankfully good pretty good. I think NoFace has got a pretty expressive vocal delivery, which I appreciate. The content about how NoFace has flown solo throughout his life kept me pretty interested.

Mom sent me to live with my grandparents after my father died
A laundry list of darker times still reside in this heart of mine

I actually kinda like the abrupt ending to the song. I think it works really well for an intro. The song is dope. Track 2 is called Monopoly, and it has what sounds like a Gospel-influenced beat. The only artist I could think of while listening to the song was Kanye to be honest. It’s a really pretty instrumental. There’s just one verse before the song ends, which results in the track sounding like an interlude. NoFace even comments on it in the verse.

This sound like an outro
Maybe this an interlude
Media be lyin' bruh
It's barely truth up in the news

The verse itself is pretty good, although I think that of the preceding track was more impressive. This time I was more impressed by the production, but the rapping is still good. It’s a nice track overall. I fuck with it. The final track is entitled Pieces, and it’s another pretty good song. I think the production here is nice; it kinda reminds me of something 9th Wonder would do. I think NoFace was able to match the somewhat serious tone of the production pretty well by rapping about loved ones who have passed away. Once again, the song just consists of one verse, so there’s not much going on aside from that. It’s the longest track on the project, but it still doesn’t even reach 2 minutes in length. The verse itself is really good though. I really liked that closing reference to the coronavirus.

Flask in the booth
I was at the funeral in a mask and a suit

The song definitely could’ve been fleshed out more, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I think it’s really good.

This is a good EP. When it comes down to just beats and rhymes, I don’t really have any complaints. I think the rapping is really dope, and Killer Kane’s production is of course very nice here too. My main complaint is just that this is a very scant project. It sounds more like an intro, an interlude, and an outro than three fully fleshed out songs. If you listen to this project, you’ll just hear three verses. There are no hooks or bridges or anything like that. NoFace has proven himself as a competent rapper, but I think a full album would benefit from some more work in the songwriting department. This project just left me wanting more. I enjoyed the first Filthy EP more, but this one is still entertaining to me, and I’d say it’s worth checking out. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Favorite Song: Solo
Least Favorite Song: Monopoly


Grade: B-

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