Album Review | Lync Lone – Lost & Found: In Paradise!

This album was released on July 16th this year. I wasn’t really that familiar with Lync Lone before I heard this album. However, I really enjoyed his feature on Iceberg Theory’s Dispatches from the Kali Yuga album, so that’s why I decided to check this out. It also has a lot of enticing collaborations on it. The tracklist had me pretty excited to listen, and same goes for the awesome cover art. I had a feeling that I would at least like this album to some extent before I even listened.

There aren’t any songs that I don’t like on this album, so I’ll write about the full thing in the proper order of the tracklist. It begins with Haleakala, which is produced by Luis Blue. I think the beat here is pretty cool. It sounds like a funkier version of something Conway would spit over. The way Lync Lone raps reminds me of Roc Marciano to be honest. He has a pretty smooth delivery, and he rhymes really well.

Overfluence, I’m rocking the fleece, I overdo it
Overshooting every single throw like I was over-juicing
Flow inducing comas, you comment so that your comment suit him
Promise you I don’t need to type different to come off cooler
Cool as car coolant not even using a special brewing
Herbal mixtures cause me to fixate on making a cool M
You dudes spew phlegm, anything but bars
The Mars vision finally coming to y'all

He killed the first verse, but the second verse is even better.

The blunt spark at once, boss
The runts harsh, my lungs parched
March nights, son, the sun is dark
Run through fog, smog blurrin' my vision
Shit, it won’t dissolve
Throw the ball
Following protocol 'til I got pro’s to call
Drove the car out the old apartment parking lot, I told you all
Flawless, and, bitch, I’m fly of course
Never a loss when I’m in charge

I think he spits some of his best rhymes on the whole album on this track, so it’s a highlight for me. I think this song is dope as hell. Track 2 is called Gonzo!, and it’s produced by Kypat*. The beat here is pretty nice, and the verse from Lync Lone is dope too. It’s just that the song is so short that it feels like an interlude. The simplistic song structure makes this one of the less memorable tracks, but it’s still enjoyable overall. It’s got a nice beat and a dope verse from Lync Lone. It’s a good song. It’s followed by Rochester Airport, which is produced by GRiMM Doza. I really love the jazzy instrumental here. It’s a really chill beat. Lync Lone killed this shit too.

Smorgasbords of reporters and tourists swarm in hordes
More than sorta, I’m lookin forward to scoring foreign whores
Making vacant sounding beats turn to movie scores
Touring for a reason I’m leaving behind this old remorse

That’s easily my favorite quatrain on the song. The way Lync was flowing here kinda reminded me of Boldy James. Once again, this song has a very simplistic structure, so there’s not really much to break down. There’s just one really good verse and then the song ends. I love the jazzy production, and I think Lync Lone killed the verse. The song is dope. The next song is one of the more exciting tracks on the album. It’s called Intercontinental Travel, and it has a feature from Vic Spencer along with a placement from August Fanon. The beat is really lavish and clean sounding. I fuck with it. The first verse from Lync is great.

Overlooking the cliff heights, smoking to get right
The piff price high, but it hit nice
Grim plights for you and your crew if you talk shit twice
Supply knowledge suppliers with all the insight

He layers his vocals on the hook of this song, and at this point he really sounds like Ka to me. It reminded me of the hook to Ka’s Argo. I’m not saying they rap the same way or anything. Their voices just sound kinda similar to me. The second verse on this track from Vic Spencer is really nice.

When I put the knowledge to the production
It feels like I'm about to put a boot to the percussion
Me being the greatest rapper really up for discussion
You ate the grape in a food fight when you knew you couldn't bust it

I don’t have any gripes with the song at all. I think they killed it. It’s dope. It’s followed by another really good one called Bermuda Triangle Turbulence. It has a pretty smooth beat from Bloodblixing, and Lync Lone did a great job with the verse here.

The whole town smokin' the dope that the homie sold
Boatloads of dough go from shore to shore and coast to coast
From Tokyo to Roanoke you know he gettin' quotes for low
Lone’ll go harder than you ever seen a stoner go
Do-si-do motherfuckers thought I was supposed to croak
Overdose mode, I’m going ghost see my floating soul
Sociopath type levels of depth in most the flows
Most the foes look at each other and mutter "Bro, we toast"

It’s another kinda short song with a really simplistic structure, but I think it’s well executed. The verse here is great. I think the song is dope overall. It’s followed by a highlight entitled Hualalai. I love Bloodblixing’s production on this track. It’s one of my favorite beats on the whole album. The first verse from Lync Lone is pretty good. The second verse is performed by Iceberg Theory, and he really pushed this song to the next level for me. I think he killed it. The song is dope as hell overall. It’s followed by another highlight called Skybourne Seas. I really love Lync Lone’s production on this track. It’s got another one of my favorite beats. It’s really pretty. I think Lync Lone’s flow on the verse here is smooth as hell too.

The Sunday driver, love to get higher
Roll the spliff then I go spit this fire
The rift made from this shit split Miss Gaia
Drift in space 'til the scripts slit these liars

It’s just a really smooth song. It’s structured the same way as most of the other tracks, so it didn’t really surprise me in any way, but the rapping and production are good enough on their own to keep things interesting. I think the song is dope as hell. Kahului Airport has a really jazzy, funky instrumental from Roper Williams. The first verse is performed Flashius Clayton, who did a really nice job. I was personally more impressed by the second verse from Lync Lone, but they both did a great job in my opinion. It’s a dope song. The following track is called Exotic Animal Species, and it’s produced by Iceberg Theory, who provided one of my favorite beats to the album. It makes me feel like I’m on an island enjoying margaritas. It’s really nice. Once again, the structure of the song is very straightforward, so there’s not much to break down here. The verse from Lync Lone is really nice though. The mustard / ketchup line was cool, despite being something I’ve heard from other MCs before. I think the song’s dope overall. Ego Deaf! is produced by Kypat*, and it has a pretty nice guest feature from Big Kahuna OG. I really like the kind of glitchy production here, and Lync killed the first verse. I’m not sure whose verse I preferred between him and Big Kahuna OG. I’m leaning towards Lync Lone just because his rhymes were a bit more impressive to me, but Big Kahuna OG did his thing too. It’s a dope song overall. I really dig the production from Achille on Maximum Potential. It sounds a lot more tense than any of the other beats on the album. The song is short as hell, but the verse from Lync Lone is really nice.

Type proto, albums created solo
The spokesman to do it yourself and never fold, ho
The quotables make me dough here, you don’t know?
The biggest whales still breathe through small blowholes

I think the song is really dope despite the brevity. The beat is nice, and same goes for the verse from Lync Lone. The following couple of tracks are called huntingfortruth…… (interstellarlude) & Hi Altitude!, and they’re both produced by Lync Lone himself. I think the “interstellarlude” is meant to showcase his production skills more than anything. Not that the rapping is bad or anything; it just seemed like there was more of a focus on the production.

You dudes riding out the same album 'til next June
I make moves, pay dues, shine and polish my shoes
Psilocybin got me vibin', I’m high from eating the shrooms

It’s a good track, but not one of my favorites from the album. I did think Lync Lone’s stoner laugh at the end of the song was pretty funny though. I was pretty impressed by the production on Hi Altitude! I appreciate how his flow and delivery are relatively aggressive on this track too. Neither of these songs are favorites of mine on the album, but I did enjoy both of them to an extent. I think they’re both pretty good. The penultimate track is entitled Soul Searching, and it features another beat from Luis Blue. The beat honestly reminded me of Jay-Z’s Heart of the City. I think Lync Lone spits one of his smoothest flows on the album here too. Once again, Lync Lone’s performance here reminded me of Boldy James. I think it’s one of the better songs on the album overall. It’s really dope. The closing track is called Mauna Loa, and it has more production from August Fanon. I think the beat is really pretty and smooth. Lync Lone killed the verse too.

Load the dope in the pipe to get my focus right
Then I rise to the skies as karma roll the dice
Sprinkle piff all up in the mixture to get my filter straight
Hearing colors, seeing sounds, music help me motivate

I think this track is even better than the preceding one. The beat is great, and Lync Lone killed it. The song is dope as hell.

This is a great album. There’s not a single track that I didn’t like, so I’d say this was a pretty successful first impression for Lync Lone. I think this project turned out about as well as I could have hoped it would. All the producers and features came through, and Lync Lone really impressed me as an MC. I think he rhymes really well. I can also say that he’s a pretty good producer just based off the few beats I’ve heard from him so far. Some more varied song structures would probably go a long way in making the songs more memorable, but aside from that I don’t have any consistent gripes with the project. I look forward to hearing more from this guy in the future. This shit is dope.

Favorite Song: Skybourne Seas
Least Favorite Song: huntingfortruth…… (interstellarlude)


Grade: B+

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