Mixtape Review | Logic – Bobby Tarantino III

This mixtape was released on July 30th this year. In all honesty, I originally had no plans of reviewing this project. I didn’t like any of the singles I heard for it, so I assumed that I wouldn’t enjoy the project overall. However, I’ve reviewed every other project Logic has released since 2014, so it’d only be right to keep the streak going with this one. I haven’t really enjoyed any of the other Bobby Tarantino mixtapes, so I was expecting this project to be pretty bad before I even listened to it.

As always, I’ll write about the songs I actually enjoyed before getting into the material that I won’t be returning to. The first track that I actually like is called Theme for the People. This song has the best rap performance on the project in my opinion. The verse is actually really well written, and Logic’s flow is great. The following lines stood out to me a lot…

I get introspective on a record with a message deep in the lyrics
But after a while, that shit get depressing, they don't wanna hear it
They just wanna turn up so that's when I come back on that Bobby Tarantino
Counting money, sipping vino shit
It's how we stay relevant to the young
I mean I'd rather be rapping on breaks
But whatever it takes to get to the young
I ain't mad at the fact when I rap over 808's
With the hat it make me millions, peep the brilliance

It seems like he’s pretty much admitting that he dumbs down his music to appeal to a wider, younger audience to make more money. That’s really unfortunate. I guess he cares more about financial success than critical success. I don’t know if I can really blame him for that, but it just kinda sucks for listeners like me. I’m happy that he’s found success though, so good for him. I think the verse on this track is pretty great, and I wish it was longer to be honest. The song is short as hell, but I like it. I think it’s pretty good. The only other track that I like is the outro, untitled. I think the production from 6ix & MTK here is pretty nice. I think the verse from Logic on this track is sufficient. It’s not super impressive or anything, but it gets the job done. There aren’t any lines that stood out in a bad way, and I think he had a nice flow and delivery. It’s a cool track. Unfortunately I don’t care for the rest of the material on this mixtape. It opens up with introll. The “troll” in the title refers to the fact that Logic doesn’t actually rap on this song. It’s just some ad-libs and speech over a pretty nice beat from Like & BlakSoap. It’s a pretty inoffensive, albeit uneventful way to start the project. The first actual song on the project is called Vaccine, and I first heard it when it dropped as a single at the beginning of July.

I think this song is terrible. It’s easily one of the worst tracks on the project. The production from 6ix is pretty nice, but the hook on this song is disgusting to me. I just find it to be extremely annoying, and a little corny. It might actually be my least favorite hook on the project to be honest. The verses are pretty lame from a lyrical standpoint, but his flow at least sounds pretty good. It’s just nowhere near enough to save the song. Just look at how bland these bars are…

Came back to the scene, came back with a team
Like rap ain't a thing, I'ma do anything
I'ma rap, I'ma sing, yeah, I'm back, I'm the king
Came back from the trap to supply all the fiends

All the lyrics go in one ear and out the other. I think the song is super wack personally. It’s followed by one of the better tracks on the project, Get Up.

I think melodic, breezy production sounds really heavenly, so I’d say this song probably has my favorite instrumental on the project. The sung hook is pretty simplistic, but I think it works well. I think the content about appreciating your friends and family is pretty cool too. Honestly, nothing about the song stands out in a bad way to me at all. I just don’t see myself listening to this song again in the future. It’s nice while it’s on, but it just lacks replay value for me. I don’t think it’s bad at all though. It’s a pretty okay track. The following song is yet another single entitled My Way.

I actually like the flashy, melodic production from 6ix here, but aside from that I think this song sucks. Logic’s vocals here are just really annoying to me. Just like with almost every other track on the project, the verses have no substance. The weak singing is really the main reason I can’t get into the song though. It just sounds bad to me. I think the song is wack. Thankfully the following track is more tolerable. I don’t think Call Me is a particularly good song, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad either.

It just doesn’t really stand out very much. The sung hook kinda sucks, but I like the melodic production from 6ix & Coop the Truth. I actually think the verse from Logic is pretty well written. It’s not amazing or anything, but it gets the job done.

I know sometimes shit can get crazy and out of control
I know sometimes this world reminds us we should take it slow
Weight of the world make it impossible to stay afloat
And the demons we battle with make it harder to cope
Why you think we get addicted to alcohol and dope?
Addiction's like a mud bath without a bar of soap
In other words, it's impossible to stay clean
For people like us, bein' happy is just a daydream

Again, it’s not a bad song to me at all. I just think the hook sucks. Nothing about the song really stands out in a good way, but I wouldn’t call it wack. It’s just mediocre to me. Same goes for the following track, Inside. I think the production on this track is pretty nice, and the verse from Logic is okay. I just feel like he could’ve gone more in depth with the struggles he’s gone through. He tries to be more emotional and open up about his mental health struggles, but it’s very surface level, and there’s only one verse.

I'm feelin' depressed, I'm feelin' like less
Like I'm not my best, anxiety got me, I'm stressed
I see my name in the press
I feel the weight of the world on my chest
I feel the weight of the world on my heart
And the pain that I feel is tearin' me apart
Feel like I just can't escape from the dark
But I'm doin' my part

The singing on the hook from Cynthia Erivo is pretty solid. I feel like if there was another verse then this could’ve been a better track. It just feels undercooked. Nothing about it stands out in a really good way aside from the production. I think it’s a mediocre track. The following song is called Flawless, and it’s a lot worse. I think the production from 6ix is solid, but I really don’t care for the sung hook on this track. The content doesn’t resonate with me either. He’s just rapping about how his girl is flawless to him. That’s cool I guess. Good for him. The song just isn’t good to me. I don’t care for the first verse, and the second one is even less entertaining to me.

Bring it back one more 'gain again
I'm all in again
Fuck around it, I'ma get it in
Pour up some and get lit again
I think I got another hit again
Think the haters talkin' shit again
Fuck 'em though 'cause I'm too on like a lightswitch
Yeah, I turn her on like a lightswitch

I don’t hate the song. I just don’t get any enjoyment out of it. Nothing about this song stands out in a good way to me. I think it’s wack. It’s followed by Stupid Skit, which is an utterly pointless skit in which some woman gets robbed. The acting is intentionally half-assed, but I don’t understand why. I don’t get why this was included at all to be honest. Nothing about this track stands out in a good way aside from the instrumental in the background. It’s a wack skit. The next song I wanna talk about is God Might Judge. This is easily one of the worst songs on the mixtape to me. I knew I wasn’t gonna feel it when Logic said “this one’s for all the ladies out there.” I think the production is pretty decent. It sounded really familiar to me at first, and it’s because it samples the same song that was flipped on Swangin’ by Stalley. I’d honestly rather just listen to that song. This song does have a completely different energy though, so I appreciate that. The content of this song really doesn’t resonate with me at all.

She play my music just to hear my voice
Yeah, that boy so busy she ain’t got a choice
Know I put that work in 'til that girl ain’t got a voice
Roll my weed on the dash, you could call me Rolls-Royce
I'ma fuck you in the west wing, then the east
Throw you on the dinner table then get to the feast
Oh no, she might not be the one but she the right freak
She even got my name tatted on her right cheek

This sounds a lot like a Drake song to me to be honest. I saw someone compare it to Nice for What, but it’s nowhere near as good as that track. I see where the comparison comes from though. The percussion sounds pretty similar. Same goes for the sample actually. I think the main reason I hate this song so much is because it’s FIVE & A HALF MINUTES long. I have no idea why this is the one song he decided to make so long. Most of the other tracks felt way too short and undercooked. God will indeed judge Logic for this song. Just kidding. I’m sorry, that was mean. I just thought that would be funny. Anyway, the song is terrible. The penultimate song on the project is called See You Space Cowboy… It’s easily one of the best songs on the project. I don’t think it’s bad at all. It’s just not something I’d return to. The hard-hitting Trap percussion is kinda cool, and I actually think the first verse from Logic started out pretty good. He wasn’t saying anything particularly interesting, but his flow was really nice. Unfortunately it kinda goes downhill as the verse progresses, but I’d still say that it’s one of his better performances on the project overall. The beat switches up after about 80 seconds, and at this point it gets a lot more Boom Bap adjacent, which I really appreciate. I think the second beat is dope as hell to be honest. I think the second verse on this track is pretty solid. I just wish it was longer to be honest. The last two minutes of this song feel really unnecessary to me since nothing interesting really happens. We just get Logic talking about how he came out of retirement because he woke up and felt like rapping again. That’s cool I guess. Good for him. Overall, I don’t think the song is bad at all. It just has no replay value for me. I think it’s decent though.

This mixtape is kinda bad to me. I don’t think it’s anywhere near Logic’s worst work, but it’s still not good. I think the beats are good for the most part, and Logic’s flow is okay. He just doesn’t rap well enough. There’s no substance in the majority of his performances here. He’s not saying anything in an interesting way. This is just very watered down Pop Rap. It just seems like he’s trying to reach a very wide, young audience that doesn’t include me. When I say young, I literally mean children. People who don’t pay any attention to lyricism will probably think this is a fun, catchy listen. I can’t say I’m disappointed because I’ve never been into this Bobby Tarantino series. I got what I expected. This shit is wack.

Favorite Song: Theme for the People
Least Favorite Song: Vaccine


Watch the video below for more thoughts on this mixtape.

Grade: D


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