Don’t Sleep | Mic Logik – Dreams + Whiskey on the Rocks

Don’t sleep on these new singles from Mic Logik. They come from his upcoming album, As I Was Saying. I’m not that familiar with Mic Logik as an artist personally, but I’ve enjoyed the features I’ve heard from him in the past, so I was pretty optimistic about these songs before I even heard them. Dreams was released on July 8th, and features production from Max Julian.

I think the first verse is really well-written. The rhymes are really dope.

The lands infested with mass deception and scammed elections
We repress oppression and scared to look at our damn reflections

That’s my favorite couplet in the verse. The first verse is great, but the second verse is even better. He really went ham & cheese on the rhymes.

Money, I don't worship it, seen the worst that worst can get
Found my purpose then I supplied the verses that nurture it
No one is purposeless, and we all fall short of what perfect is
When the pain has been superfluous I pen the words to fit
The feeling of that point and time, and I craft some poignant rhymes
All you little girls and boys be kind, find your joy, and shine
Let the world see your light, listen, you will be alright
Unlocking your potential, well, that might be a key to life

I love his flow on this track too. I think he killed it. The beat isn’t amazing or anything, but I do like it to some extent. It sounds like something that would play during a training montage in a movie about fighting. Overall, I think the song is really dope. Whiskey on the Rocks was released on August 13th, and I think it’s even better.

I love the smooth, melodic beat from Ronesh, and the guitar from Nikko Daniel is the icing on the cake. The sung hook from Mic Logik has a really sweet melody as well. The verses are just as well written as those of Dreams.

And I just found another gray hair
Supposedly that makes me wiser, Father Time don't play fair
Tryna eat a little cleaner, got too much at stake, yeah
If you ain't matchin' my energy I say "farewell & take care"
Might sing a little bit, but ain't no Drake here
Rap game full of crybabies, it needs a daycare

Part of me wants to think that that’s a diss to Drake, but I feel like that’d probably be a stretch. Anyway, I really have no issues with this track at all. I love Mic Logik’s melodic performance, and the production from Ronesh is fantastic. The song is dope as hell. Check these tracks out and let me know what you think.


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