EP Review | Siul Hughes – Hughes

This extended play was released on September 15th this year. Siul Hughes released one of my favorite albums of 2020, so I was pretty intrigued when I saw that this new project was released. I went into it without any background information about the project, so I had zero expectations.

As always, I’ll write about the songs that I actually like before discussing the tracks that I won’t be returning to. The project begins with Old, which is easily one of my favorite tracks on the project.

I love the jazzy, melodic production, and the first verse is great to me.

My old man told me to take notes
And never choose a bitch over bankrolls
My old habits fucked up some pesos
My new habits actually make those
My old chain swing from a lamp post
I'm in my old bag on today though
My old tag was bohemian vagabond
Blowin' tree strong in Nissans
Cuban links with the heat on
Seein' what's never there when you're starin' like it's a mirage
I told y'all the end's already begun

The one aspect of the song that I’m not crazy about is the hook, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad. The melody just doesn’t really fit with the instrumental that well in my opinion. It sounds a little discordant. I love the way the piano comes in for the second verse though. Overall, I think the song is really dope. Like I said, it’s one of the better tracks on the project. It’s followed by Jokes, which is a lot more hard-hitting.

It’s got a pretty decent Trap beat. The hook isn’t really anything special, but it serves its purpose well enough. I think Hughes sounds really good on the first verse; his flow is really nice. I also appreciate how he kinda switched up his delivery on the second verse. The repetitive beat gets kinda old by the time the song ends, but Hughes’ rapping keeps the song entertaining. I think it’s a pretty good track overall. Track 3 is called Had It, and it’s another good song. Once again, the Trap production isn’t really anything special, but I actually really like the hook on this song. I think it’s pretty catchy, although I can see how some listeners might find it annoying. I appreciate how Hughes employed two different vocal deliveries for the first verse. He starts off very low-key and somewhat monotone, and then switches up to a much more energetic delivery for the last part of the verse. His flow is pretty nice too. To me, the best part of the song is the third verse in which the percussion disappears. He rapped really well at that point. I mean, the first two verses were already good, but I just feel like he really went in for the third verse. The song does feel a bit longwinded, but overall I enjoyed it. The closing track is entitled STICK TO RAP, PT. 5.

I’d never listened to any of the preceding entries in his STICK TO RAP series, so I don’t know how this one compares to its predecessors. However, I think it’s one of the best songs on the project. I really love the kind of jazzy production, and I dig the straightforward structure of the song. He’s just rapping the whole time with no hook. The verse is really good too.

Still stickin' to rap like wax paper
Would you rather make a dance or rap flagrant?
Take a chance or ask favors
This is for them taxpayers who lack tact when they ask for favors
And preach freedom but act slaver

I don’t really have any gripes with this track. I think it’s really dope. Again, it’s one of the best songs on the EP in my opinion. The only track that I don’t really care for is called Huebris. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad song, but it’s just kinda generic. I’m not really into this melodic style of Hip Hop. The melody itself isn’t bad, but it’s not entertaining enough for me to wanna hear it again in the future. I do like Siul Hughes’ flow on the first verse though. The production is okay. It kinda reminds me of something that Zaytoven would make to be honest. Overall, I don’t think the song is bad at all. I definitely did enjoy it to some extent on my first listen. It just doesn’t have much replay value for me personally. It’s decent though.

This is a good EP. It’s definitely nowhere near as impressive as Hueman in my opinion, but I still enjoyed it overall. It was kind of interesting to hear Siul Hughes over some more trendy production than what he usually rhymes over, but this isn’t my preferred style from him. Thankfully, the actually rapping from Hughes met my expectations. I’m hoping that his next actual album will have some heavier themes and less Trap production, but as a whole I enjoyed this project. I think it’s pretty good.

Favorite Song: STICK TO RAP, PT. 5
Least Favorite Song: Huebris


Grade: B-

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