EP Review | Stik Figa – East of MacVicar Ave

This project was released on September 17th this year. Stik Figa dropped one of my favorite extended plays of 2020, so I’ve been looking forward to seeing how he would follow it up this year. I feel like he’s only been improving as a lyricist, so I think I’m gonna really dig this project. It’s completely produced by an artist named DJ Sean P, whom I’m not familiar with, but I have faith that the beats will be pretty good.

The project begins with an intro entitled Exit 362 C, which is performed by an artist named Str8jakkett. It’s pretty much just him introducing listeners to the region which this project is named after. I think it works really well as an intro to the project, and it transitions really smoothly into the following track, Outside. I think the production from DJ Sean P here is pretty dope, and the song’s got a nice hook as well. The first verse from Stik Figa is only like 8 bars, but it’s very well written. The second verse is performed by an artist named BizzWho. I’d never heard of this guy before, but he really impressed me. I like his voice a lot, and his flow was smooth as hell. His verse is really damn good. The whole song is dope. The following track is even better in my opinion though. It’s called Shotgun!, and it’s got a really great, melodic instrumental. One thing I appreciate about Stik Figa is that he knows how to make fleshed out songs with detailed structures. These tracks aren’t just a bunch of loose verses with no hook or bridge. He knows how to finish his songs. I feel like that’s a quality that’s becoming more and more rare over the years, at least in the underground. Anyway, the first verse here is really dope.

Tragic news travels, wish that you never told me
'Nother fatherless child, another dead homie
Another car wash, a text with broken heart emojis
Mama, pray for me; granny, would you hold me?

The hook is pretty good, and the second verse is great too. There’s really nothing that I don’t like about the song. It’s got one of my favorite beats on the project. I think it’s really dope. The following track is a major highlight entitled Stove Top. I became afflicted with the coveted involuntary head nod as soon as Stik Figa started rapping the hook. That’s probably my favorite hook on the whole project. The beat from DJ Sean P is relatively bouncy too. I feel like this is probably the most accessible song on the whole EP. It’s really catchy. Stik Figa’s flow on the first verse is awesome.

Need a horse to the game, dig a dork or a lame, and they can't be forced to absorb it
Find a course or a lane to extort for some change, and ignore all the pain you was born with
Need a Porsche or a chain, pass a torch to the game, pray the lord can replace the endorphins
No remorse for the fame, we at war for the change to report the remains for the tourists

The whole verse is stuffed with internal rhymes. I appreciate how he switched up his flow for the second verse too. There’s really nothing about this song that didn’t impress me. I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard from Stik Figa to be honest. This shit is fire. I think it’s dope af. It transitions really smoothly into the following track, which is an interlude performed by Bodye entitled Summertime on 11th St. I really like the mellow production from DJ Sean P on this track, and Bodye’s Spoken Word performance was pretty interesting. It’s a dope interlude. The penultimate track is called Tell It All. The production from DJ Sean P on this one sounds like it’s Gospel-inspired. It’s a pretty good beat, and I think Stik Figa fits over it perfectly. The religious content matches the tone of the production really well too.

Prayin' man, please don't hold it against me
Blood on my prayin' hands, will my father forgive me?
Lose a spot in the kingdom, addin' insult to injury
Addin' guac with the sprite, mixin' coke with the henny
Death or the penitentiary, devil tried to convince me
Seekin' shelter in the rain, they denying him entry
Been stressin', been strugglin', the solution was simply
Jah fillin' up my cup when I'm runnin' on empty

I feel like the rapping just gets better and better as the song progresses. Stik killed this track. It’s really dope to me. The closing song is another highlight called Count Sheep. I love the melodic production on this track, and I think this song features some of the best rapping on the whole project. That line about the girl swallowing kids like a titan was fire. The first verse was great, but he really snapped on the second verse.

Nothing's as advertised when it comes to these rapping guys
Won't act surprised, not tryna catch a vibe or slap 'em five
Bro, have some pride, matter fact, you cats is satirized
I laugh at lies, talk greasy like a big bag of fries
I sanitize dirty money, G's in proximity
Glock semi squeeze on any and all enemies
In love with good girls, classy hoes with thot tendencies
Get off my goldmember, received that I got mini-me's

This is another one of my favorite songs on the album. I love the production, and Stik Figa killed it. I even like the hook on this track. It’s dope as hell.

This EP is really great. It’s pretty much as good as I was expecting it to be. There’s not a single song here that I don’t think is dope. I really don’t have any consistent gripes. I think the production from DJ Sean P is really good, and Stik Figa’s writing is as good as ever. This has me excited to hear more from Stik Figa in the near future because he’s been working on projects with some of my favorite producers right now. I feel like this is a must-listen project for fans of Stik Figa. It’s really fucking dope. Check it out.

Favorite Song: Stove Top
Least Favorite Song: Outside


Grade: B+

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