FHH Update 3-7-2022

As you may have noticed, things have gotten pretty slow on this blog over the past few weeks. I’ve just been super busy with school. Since I’m on academic probation, I can’t really afford to not put school first, so that’s why I haven’t been as active here. Honestly, I’m not sure when I’ll start being more active. I’m still gonna try to recommend great albums when I hear them, but they’re likely gonna be in the form of Don’t Sleep articles instead of full album reviews. In the meantime, if you guys wanna know my thoughts on new singles and albums that aren’t quite good enough to warrant full reviews, join my discord server. We’ve got a pretty nice community already, but I’d love to see it grow even more. Just don’t be shitty because I’ll ban the fuck outta you. That thankfully hasn’t been a problem yet. I haven’t had to ban anyone. I’m proud of you guys for not being dickheads. Anyway, I think that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. Sorry again for how slow things have been, but I gotta focus on school. I look forward to seeing you guys on Discord though. Peace.


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