Album Review | exociety – deception falls

This album was released on March 11th this year. exociety are a label and group comprised of Rav, Kill Bill, Scuare & Airøspace. I mean, I think there are more members actually. I’m pretty sure guys like Rekcahdam & Ashido Brown are still a part of the group, but any time these guys release a song or project with more than 3 members, it’s credited as an exociety release. Anyway, I first became familiar with them back in 2017 if I’m not mistaken. It honestly took a while for their music to click with me, but I’d definitely consider myself a fan of them at this point. This is their first time releasing a project all together as a group, so I definitely wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it. I’m not expecting this to be amazing or anything, or even great necessarily. I’m not gonna pretend to love every single thing these guys do. With that said, I watched the INTO THE WOODS documentary that they made for this album, and the music in that film sounded pretty fire, so I’m actually really looking forward to this.

The album begins with The Lodge, which was released as the first single from the album.

I really like the strange, kind of electronic production on this track. It kinda sounds like something that I could hear on a Shredders album. It does get kind of old by the time the song is over, but I still think it’s a good instrumental overall. The opening verse from Rav is pretty dope, and same goes for the second one from Bill. I think Airøspace had the best verse on this song though.

Fell through the dirt, I knew the hurt would move me forward like track to train
Jump to the brink of losing hope, I float allowing me to dream
Living lucidly as coke to snort the callous in my brain
And since I cluelessly elope with karmas madness yet again
Found delusion by the boast, a bastard to the game
Who played a cruelty in folk, I planned a mass to kick the pain
Bound and slew me by the rope, attachment to the chain
We made a movie scene at most, cult classic by the name

His lyricism was the most abstract out of all of the verses. Scuare probably had my second favorite verse on the song, even though my attention was kind of wandering by the time his verse came on. I wish the song evolved more sonically, but the rapping is really dope. I think the song is pretty good. It’s followed by a highlight entitled Live from the Graveyard Soil.

I think the main reason I like this song so much is because of the sense of vulnerability in the verses, especially that of Rav. He definitely had my favorite verse on the track.

In case I've been too vague or somehow masking it well
I'm unhappy as hell
Been thinking of blasting myself in an elaborate hell
Where I get everything I asked for, feel dissatisfied still
Try holding on by letting go and so I'm grasping this L

I also really love the soft, jazzy production on this track. It fits Rav’s voice really well. I know I said he had my favorite verse on this track, but the second verse from Airøspace is arguably just as good if not better. I love how poetic his lyricism is here.

December's runnin' frigid, the dream is ending pretty early
My reality and worth has turned to casualties concerning
Surely I could find a way of some, lead me to a straight
I've been leaning on these reasons for nine seasons to the day

Bill also sounds pretty amazing on the third verse. I love the way the percussion comes in during his performance. I’m glad they waited so long for the beat to drop because it keeps things interesting sonically. I’m sure it was hard to fit four different MCs on one song without it getting boring, but they knocked this one outta the park in my opinion. Bill killed this shit.

I let my feet touch lava in hopes of feeling something
I hit a peak I never thought I'd hit, that's really something
But I'm just feeling nothing, cool it's just another day
Making words rhyme just to hear 'em 'cause they're fun to say

Scuare also killed it though. I honestly think this track has some of the best rapping on the whole album. Again, Rav had my personal favorite verse just because of how vulnerable and succinct he was about his emotional state. I feel like the lyricism gets wordier and more complex with each verse.

Nature references don't bring me peace, don't tell me to breathe
I keep a steady count of sheep but still don't sleep right
Take solace in the company, I know everyone can see
Feel it growing inside like nights when you're alone, don't want to be
It's so clear when you meet his gaze, but flickers quick to insignificance
As routines and patterns switch and flip and whisk us back to ignorance
The waves I ride ain't different, how many days and nights swim by
Before I paddle off the shore and meet the fate that I've denied

There’s nothing that I don’t like about this track. The rapping is top notch, and I really dig the production. The song’s dope as hell. Track 3 is entitled Good Grief (How’s Your Little Rap Thing Going?), and it’s one of the weaker songs on the album to me, but I still enjoyed it. The kind of electronic, melodic, yet hard-hitting production from Autumn Falls is solid, and I think Airøspace started things off really nicely on the first verse. The hook from Scuare is solid, and his verse is dope. I think Bill definitely had the best verse on the song. It might just be because his verse felt longer than any of the others, but he really stood out a lot here to me.

Kaiju touching treetops
Smoking blunts at the Wingstop
In the woods with that pink cots
Make waves when the wings drop
Moses feet touching dry land
Fuck your deal, I'm taking my advance
Pop a pill, I'm off Vyvanse
Feature run about five bands
Next month I might double up
Skip your tape, it's not double-dutch
Waste my time, I might fuck you up

I think some of those lines are misquotes—particularly the “pink cots” line—but I got them from Genius, so blame them. Anyway, the closing verse from Rav is also really good. It was a little weird to hear him kinda flexing on this track because that’s not really something he does a lot. I think he did it well though. It was dope. Even though this isn’t a favorite of mine on the album, I definitely enjoyed it overall. I think it’s a good track. The following song is entitled Step, Slide, Separate. I love the slow-paced, somber, melodic, jazzy production from seito, and Rav’s melodic vocals on the intro reminded me of Bone Thugs to be honest. I would’ve never expected to make that comparison, but here we are. His actual lyrics were very relatable for me as well.

I don't feel like sharing shit no more, my thoughts, my emotions
Tell me "It'll be okay," yeah, no shit
The universe won't implode 'cause I feel hollow, but I'm still hollow
And who gives a fuck if I won't or I will tomorrow? Guess I can't follow

I absolutely love the way the percussion comes in during Scuare’s verse. I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about his flow at first, but as soon as the beat dropped I was sold.

At least I got manners
That's more important to me than my chances
Barely even learn how to beat, my heart dances
Learning that I never needed some answers
Looking for peace while I'm feeding my cancer

His singing on the hook sounds really good to me too. Kill Bill’s flow on the third verse was really goddamn nice as well. However, I actually think Airøspace had the best verse on this song. He really killed this shit. Everything about his performance from his flow to his vocal delivery to his lyricism had me hooked. His verse is easily my favorite part of the song. I think the track is really dope overall. It’s followed by a highlight entitled Astasis, which has a relatively lighthearted-sounding instrumental from Raw Stiles. Rav’s melodic delivery over it sounds amazing too.

I've been in survival mode for a minute now
My O2 tank starting to diminish out
Feel so distant when I get so close
Guess I get so high not to get so low
What do I need? Man, who is to say
Spark a fine weed just to move out my way
I don't trust myself to maneuver these days
Bring the high to the front and lock my doom in a cage

I think Bill probably had my favorite verse on this track.

I got eggs in the microwave, syrup in the Faygo
I'm mad stitches didn't toss a bird up in my face though
One day I'll snap and trade my house for a Winnebago
I think I'm Ivan Drago; if he dies, he dies
Eyes redder than Kano in his blindest eye
You the type to say "Joe Rogan is my type of guy"

The closing verse from Scuare is really great as well though. Airøspace is noticeably absent from this track, which may or may not be kind of disappointing depending on your perspective. I was disappointed at first, but upon further reflection I decided that he would sound very out of place on a song like this. Anyway, the song’s dope as hell. It’s followed by a solo track from Scuare entitled Scuare’s Respite. The beat comes from a track entitled Beach Episode (filler), which appeared on Rav’s instrumental album from last year, School of Error. It was one of my favorite tracks from that album, so it’s pretty cool to hear it turned into a more fleshed out song here. The production is really great, and Scuare’s vocals sound fantastic over it. I think it’s a really dope song despite feeling more like an interlude than anything. It’s followed by Blunts & Clementines, which has a really nice beat from Raw Stiles. I love the violin that comes in between each verse. The opening verse from Bill is fire. I never really think of him as a Southern MC, but he definitely reminded me of where he’s from with this performance.

It's Kaiju Billy in the motherfucking house
Ashing backwoods on your motherfucking couch
I love it out west, but I'm coming from the south
And boy, I got gold in my mouth, no doubt
See, I'm a player with this shit, I got no time for politicking
Hating on Billy, but their boys prolly tripping
I'm sipping, bumping Mike Jones, Still Tippin'
Hand around the wood wheel, gripping, it's pimping

He sounded smooth as hell here. That’s probably my favorite verse on the song honestly. Scuare & Rav both rapped really well on their verses too though. Rav had a really nice flow and relatively aggressive delivery. Airøspace isn’t completely absent from this song like he was from the preceding couple of tracks, but he doesn’t spit a verse here. He just kinda talks shit on the outro, which is cool. Once again, I’m not sure how he would have fit over such a lighthearted-sounding instrumental. He probably could’ve made it work though honestly. Anyway, I think the song’s really dope. Track 8 is called Viridian, and it’s got a really nice sample-based instrumental from Raw Stiles.

The opening verse from Bill is great; I really appreciated that Zone of the Enders reference, even though I never played any of those games. I think Scuare delivered one of the best hooks on the whole album on this track. Each verse is better than the last too.

I haven't felt comfortable in my skin these past years
I used to breeze the gap with friends, now I don't even have peers
What does that mean? It means I been drowning in fear
It means my support system broke, EXO make doubt disappear

Rav to me had the most impressive flow, and I really like his quiet, toned-down, kind of whispery vocal delivery. The song’s dope. The following track is called Shout Out to *Insert Sponsor Name Here*!, and it’s got one of my favorite beats on the album from Raw Stiles.

I love how jazzy the instrumental here is. Lyrically, this is probably the strangest song on the album. It’s exactly what you think it’s about based on the title. I mean, I actually would’ve expected Airøspace to rap about Sprite, but that’s not what happened here. Bill spends his verse rapping about SoBe. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a SoBe drink before. Maybe I have and I just don’t remember. Anyway, I have no doubt in my mind that this is the best rap verse about SoBe of all time.

Ain't nothing better on a hot day in August
Than to guzzle on some SoBe, that was my favorite product
I’ma riot if I can't buy that bottle of nirvana
Favorite flavor next to dragonfruit
What could come after you?
Monster don't cut it, left me wired on a rainy day
I don't play sports; fuck I look like drinking Gatorade?
Propel don't propel me, the Mate got me tweaking hard
I swear drinking SoBe, man, it felt like I could speak to God

The opening verse from Scuare is also very good, and his hook with Rav is great too. Once again, Airøspace is absent from this track. The song is really dope overall. It’s followed by TREAD, which has another beat from Raw Stiles that I love a lot. It’s really dark; I think it fits Airøspace perfectly. He sounds really great on the first verse.

Said my prayer, Holy Father, need the strength to go on harder
We find hope, endearments, Summer lovе is ever shown, a martyr
I cry bloody soft to deeper calm like storm eyes over water
My struggle made me taller, got nothing on my armor
If she find another hair on me, it's therapy and karma
Say my presence is embarrassing, just bury me in drama
Got drip down to the anklets, spend my Franklins on my mama
Yet in death, I drown, infest, just come correct and meet you father, nigga

The second verse from Scuare is also really great, and Kill Bill sounds really nice as well. This song has another one of my favorite hooks on the album, and the closing verse from Rav is fire too. I honestly don’t know who had my favorite verse, but I think it’s between Airøspace & Rav. Everyone did a great job though. It’s a really dope song. The penultimate track is called Victory Lap (Mirror Mode), and it’s got a really fun, lighthearted beat from seito.

The opening verse from Bill is really nice, and Rav sounds great on the hook. That might actually be my favorite hook on the album honestly. Airøspace had a really great flow on the second verse, and Scuare sounded right at home over this beat on the outro. I think this is one of the better tracks on the album. It’s really dope. The closing track is easily my favorite song on the album though. It’s called One Year from Now, and it’s fucking amazing. The production from seito is glorious. It’s easily my favorite instrumental on the album. The first verse from Bill is phenomenal.

I saw my widescreen get wider, field of view is something stupid
Now I focus on the things to do because they're fun to do it
I'm in isolation, feeling closer than I ever felt to man
I've been happy since the first time I ever held your hand
People say I changed their life, that's cool, I changed mine as well
Will this last forever? I don't know 'cause only time will tell
I pray I live a life that was as perfect as today
I pray a year from now that this shit works and I can say "thanks"

I absolutely adore the manner in which the production switches up for Rav’s verse too. The second beat fits his style so much. The dynamic instrumental really helps keep things interesting. It reverts back to the original beat for the third & fourth verses from Airøspace and Scuare. I think Airøspace probably had my favorite verse on the whole song, but everyone involved killed this shit. Again, this is easily my favorite song on the album. The production is phenomenal, and the rapping is top notch.

This album is great. I honestly think it’s about as good as I could have hoped for. I’m not disappointed at all. There’s not a single track that I don’t like here. The production is generally pretty good for the most part, and the rapping is great as well. It was great to hear all these guys working together. I don’t really have any consistent gripes with this record honestly. Some of the beats were less interesting than others, but this is a very fun album for the most part, and I’m sure it was an absolute treat for EXO’s highly dedicated fanbase. I just hope this isn’t the last time we get a full project from exociety because I’d love to hear more. This shit is dope. Check it out.

Favorite Song: One Year from Now
Least Favorite Song: Good Grief (How’s Your Little Rap Thing Going?)


Grade: B+

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