Album Review | Lync Lone – Magick Tricks

This album was released on May 6th this year. The only project I’ve ever covered from Lync Lone is Lost & Found: In Paradise!, but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard from him since then. My favorite one that he’s dropped since then is called Die Trying. I kinda regret not reviewing that project, so that’s why I made sure to cover this latest one. The one single that I heard from it was fire, and this project’s got some really intriguing production credits, so I think I’m gonna really enjoy it.

The opening song is called Abracadabra, and it’s got a really great beat from ewonee. Lync Lone just spits one verse over it, but it’s really great. He’s still got a super smooth flow.

Snow stick on the trees, I feel at ease
Be the breeze, what I say, but first I need to just breathe
The pencil bleed, signs in the sky point to peace
Peaking through the blinds, lookin' for what's inside of me
Know the reason for my downfall is people wrong me
Thought I see you through the fog, dog, now you all weak
Strong reactions to my flaws, now I'm in the carseat
Gettin' higher than a star, I always had far reach

The song’s only 2 minutes long, and it’s got a really straightforward structure, but the production and rapping are too good for me to have any issues with it. This shit is dope. The following song is called Magick Tricks, and it’s got a really awesome beat from Ohbliv. This song is even better than the opening track in my opinion. I love the production, and Lync Lone’s dense rhyme schemes and smooth flow sound perfect over it.

Lowkey hopin' antidote for this poison is gas, smokin' with class
The past spoken through raps that clap for me, bitch
In class I was smokin' with mad homies
Rippin' wax through dab pens, but some like glass only
That's when Lync was gettin' lonely
That's when pills became my only homie
Roll another one 'cause I'm tryna numb this shit in my domepiece
Roll weed, get geeked with a freak, this dick elite
Pick a beat to feast on after I skeet, you read and weep
The peaceful beans cast a breeze on the beach, the color peach
The peace the palm trees bring me can't compare to the weed

The song is structured the same exact way as the preceding song. Part of the reason I liked Die Trying so much is because it has a lot of really catchy hooks, and I would’ve liked to hear more of that on this project. However, this song in particular is fire. The beat is fantastic, and Lync Lone killed it. It’s dope as hell. Track 3 is called Disco Ball, and it’s got a pretty chill beat from August Fanon. This song actually has a pretty good hook too, which is nice. Well, it’s more of an outro since he only performs it at the end of the song. It’s still nice to get some structural variation though. The verse is just as good as I’ve come to expect from Lync Lone at this point. His flow is smooth as hell, and he packs a lot of rhymes into each bar. The song is dope. It’s followed by Watch n’ Learn, which has another great beat from Ohbliv. This song has the same structure as the preceding track. It’s just one verse followed by an outro. The verse is really good though.

I hold the pen and write
Man, fuck tryna end a sentence right
Smokin' this chronic up in the dead of night
You choke on the stories you told
Know that men and women lie
The Benz ain't mentioned, depend on the sellin' price

His flow is smooth as fuck, man. It’s the kind of song that’s really fun to learn the lyrics to and rap along with. It’s a dope track. The following song is called Houdini. I’m gonna be honest… Until I got to this song, I didn’t even notice that the titles of each track related to the whole magic trick theme. I felt dumb as hell when I finally realized that. Anyway, this song’s got another really nice beat from August Fanon. I like it even more than the first beat August Fanon provided to this project. This track is just under two minutes long, but it doesn’t feel incomplete or anything despite only having one verse.

I take your bitch and smash raw
My university gon' make me say I love college like Asher Roth
Pass the bar so I can run fast, pass 'em, and laugh it off
You bastards soft

Again, the song’s got a really straightforward structure, but everything is so well done that I don’t mind. This shit is dope. The penultimate track is called Human Form, and it was released as a single ahead of the album’s full release.

This is another highlight for me. I love the production from Ohbliv, and the first verse from Lync Lone is great. This song actually has a really great hook too, which I highly appreciate. The second verse is performed by Rahiem Supreme, who did a great job, and I love how Lync Lone came back in right behind to spit one more verse. This is easily the most complete-sounding song on the project. It’s got multiple verses along with a great hook, and passes three and a half minutes in length. This is easily one of the best songs on the album in my opinion. I love it. It’s dope as hell. The closing track is entitled Rose Throwz, and it’s got another great beat from Ohbliv. I think this track is dope, but coming after such a fire song it feels like a slightly underwhelming way to end the album. That’s just me nitpicking the sequencing of this project though. I have no issues with the actual song itself. I love the production, and the verse is really good. I appreciate the more spiritual content of this track.

I'm dyin' tryin' to give thanks when I'm high
Only by design how I'm viewin' shit when Lucy arrive
Rollin' round, but I would be lyin' if I said that I'm fine
Fly in the clouds, lookin' down, scripture said I'm divine

I don’t know if “spiritual” is the right way to describe the content, but that’s the only word that came to mind. Anyway, I really fuck with this track despite its straightforward structure. I think it’s dope.

This album is pretty great. I actually think it’s the best project I’ve ever heard from Lync Lone to be honest. There’s not a single slouchy moment on this album. It’s only seven tracks, so there wasn’t really any room for error, and thankfully he didn’t slip up at all. If you’ve heard projects like Meet Lync Lone and Lost & Found: In Paradise! then you probably know what to expect from this album. The main reason I think it’s his best work is just that the flows are smooth as hell, the beats are all fire, and his rhymes are pretty dense. I think this would be a pretty great entry point for new listeners. Part of me hopes he’ll drop another project in the style of Die Trying some day, but I’m definitely satisfied with this latest album. It’s really dope. Check it out.

Favorite Song: Magick Tricks
Least Favorite Song: Disco Ball


Grade: B+

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