Song Review | DrxQuinnx – One

This single was released on July 22nd. I first became familiar with this artist in 2019 when I checked out his group with Denmark Vessey & Azarias, Bullies. Wait a minute… That’s not true. I first heard him back in 2018 when he was featured on my favorite song from Denmark Vessey’s Sun Go Nova album alongside Vic Spencer. I guess I’ve been aware of him for longer than I thought. Anyway, I definitely liked a lot of what I’d heard from DrxQuinnx in the past to some extent, but this was my first time listening to a solo track from him, so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect.

The first aspect of the song that immediately stood out to me was the instrumental. He handled the production himself, and the beat is pretty groovy and fun-sounding. I like DrxQuinnx’s flow on the opening verse. The hook is pretty straightforward, but it serves its purpose as a break between the verses well enough. I like the second verse even more than the first one.

My only weakness is perfection
Fuck a craft, this an investment
Shit is meant for the elite, not the hobbyists
Half y'all niggas sold your souls, lobbyists

Nothing about this track really blows me away, but I certainly enjoyed it overall. The production is really nice, the hook is solid, and the verses are entertaining. It’s far from the best song I’ve heard DrxQuinnx involved in, but I’m definitely satisfied with the finished product here. Give it a listen and let me know what you think of it. I think it’s pretty good personally. It does leave me wanting more, which I guess is the ideal outcome of a good single. I look forward to hearing more from DrxQuinnx in the future.


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