EP Review | Darko the Super & Yuri Beats – One Day It May Matter

This extended play was released on July 22nd this year. Darko the Super is one of the most prolific musicians that I know of, and I’ve never heard a project from him that I don’t like, which is really impressive. The first project I ever listened to from him was his collaboration with Steel Tipped Dove, The Devil Defeated, which came out in 2020. On the other hand, I don’t think I was familiar with Yuri Beats at all prior to listening to this project. I wasn’t really planning on reviewing this EP at first, but once I listened to it I knew I had to tell people about it.

The album starts with A Kid Again, which features a very obvious sample that I wish I could say, but I don’t wanna sample snitch. I like it a lot though. The beat’s pretty awesome. I love the way Darko rapped over it too. His flow is great, and the content about wanting to be a kid again is pretty relatable.

If I had a tumor, I'd name it after gym teacher
Always came in last, blamed it on my damn sneakers
"Throw Some D's," man, that was a heater
In science class, measuring the beakers

It’s a really fun song. The hook is fantastic though. The way the sample was flipped is really nice. I liked it when I first heard it, but now I love it. The song’s dope as hell. It’s followed by another highlight entitled Darko’s Anthem.

I feel like this is one of those songs that you’re just guaranteed to like if you’re a fan of Darko at all. This is quintessential Darko the Super music. I love the melodic production, and Darko’s rapping about himself is really well done.

Take me to my happy place, YMCA Saturdays
Playin' basketball, listening to Mac Mall
C-Bo, and other rappers you don't know
Played my first show at a college in Lancaster
Cleared the dance floor
Made 47 bucks, but I still needed more
Couple hundred views on YouTube, and I'm still hungry
The pursuit of happiness, saw a little money
Saw my first download giving out CD's at shows

The references to Jet Jaguar & Tech Decks were much appreciated.

Doom lost his fronts while I had braces
Back when the world was filled with strange faces
Crawlin' up the stairs at my grandma's, playin' Tech Decks
Now I see a psychiatrist 'cause I'm so depressed

I’m not gonna lie. The first time I heard that line I laughed. I’m laughing with Darko though, not at him. I’m laughing because I feel it, and I can relate. I’m also laughing because of the way he delivered the line; it just sounded kind of humorous. God, I hope I don’t come off like a prick for laughing at that. Anyway, I think the song’s pretty fucking awesome honestly, and easily one of my favorite songs Darko has ever done. It’s dope af. The following track, Don’t Stray, is arguably even better though. It has another very obvious sample that I love. This track has one of my favorite hooks that Darko has ever done.

Wait, they don't love you like I love you

That line in the hook probably gives away the sample. It’s really well done here. I love the way Yuri Beats flipped it. Darko’s lyricism is incredibly endearing too.

Capitalism wants to kill everyone I love
Happiness is a warm gun
A hole in your head, a call from the feds
A burning pile 'cause we're still in denial
And I'm still a child
A hundred miles and running, comfortably numbing
Sun in and sun out
Life's like Boogie Nights if they took all the fun out

I feel like this is one of those songs that has a very bright, colorful instrumental, but really dark lyrics, which is almost always a winning combination. I fucking love this song. I think it’s another one of the best songs I’ve ever heard from Darko. It’s followed by another highlight entitled Sears Poncho. The production on this track is absolutely gorgeous. It might actually be my favorite beat on the project. Darko killed this shit too.

How do you fit a mind inside that little head of yours?
Is that a real poncho, or a Sears poncho?
Are those my thoughts or yours?
This is not my beautiful wife, I don't even know that girl
If I ever meet her, I'll give her the world
'Cause that's the way the story goes
That's all this fishbowl could hold today
Excuse me while I float away

The sung hook is pretty good, and the Ghostface Killah vocals at the end of the track were a really nice touch. The song’s dope as hell. The penultimate track is entitled Sentimental Rap. It’s got another really nice, melodic, chill instrumental. When I first listened to this project, I wasn’t really crazy about the hook on this song, but now I love it. It really grew on me. I just think it’s really cute honestly. Darko’s vocals are super charming. The second verse is one of the best on the project in my opinion too.

What else do I gotta do?
Some days I rue the maze that grew inside my heart
It's like tryna find a place to park
The only humans on Noah's ark
A poet and his muse
A poor man singin' the blues
A broken heart, and you with the glue
A pimp and his golden tooth
A man who sold the moon just to buy the world to give it to a girl
Unrequited love makes me wanna hurl
All the butterflies and vanilla chocolate swirls
Diamonds & pearls

He killed this track. It’s really dope. The closing song is entitled Go Harry, and it’s got another phenomenal instrumental.

It’s a really fun, danceable beat. Darko killed this shit too. The storytelling about this Harry character was pretty interesting. The story actually has a really fucked up ending, but it’s delivered in such a nonchalant manner that you might not even notice unless you’re really focusing on the lyricism. I think this is another really dope song. I fuck with it.

I’m gonna be honest… I think this project is kind of amazing. I love the melodic production style from Yuri Beats, and Darko utilized all of these instrumentals beautifully. If you’re a fan of Darko, you do not wanna miss out on this project. It’s just a really fun listen. I honestly think it’s the best extended play I’ve heard all year, which is saying a lot. There’s not a single track here that I don’t think is dope. I had a lot of trouble choosing a favorite and least favorite track just because I really enjoy every single song here. This shit is fire. It’s honestly one of the best projects I’ve ever heard from Darko. I love it. Don’t sleep on this shit. It’s dope af.

Favorite song: Don’t Stray
Least Favorite Song: Go harry


Grade: A

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