Album Review | VEGA. – VEGA GENESIS

This album was released on September 9th this year. I’m not gonna lie; I’m super excited about this project. It’s really different from most of the shit I usually cover, but I already know I’m gonna love it. VEGA. is a trap artist that I can’t really tell you much about because there’s not a lot of information about him available online. He’s a super talented artist though. He’s more talented than this project alone will have you believe. The dude is actually super versatile. I first discovered him around the middle of June, and I have been addicted to his music ever since. According to my friend who is more experienced with Trap music, people who like Yeat will probably like this guy. VEGA. seems less repetitive to me though. I don’t know. Give this album a listen and let me know if you think Yeat is a fair comparison. Anyway, I’ve already heard about half of the tracks on this album since they’ve been uploaded to Soundcloud. Normally I’d be kinda disappointed about having heard so much of the album already, but I really love those songs, so I’m glad they’re gonna be on streaming platforms now. I’m just gonna say it now; this is gonna be one of my favorite albums of the year. I’m so glad he’s putting out a project now. I’m excited to talk about this album. I don’t listen to much Trap personally, so this isn’t saying much, but I can tell you right now that VEGA. is probably my favorite Trap artist. This shit is about to be fire.

The album begins with a track entitled Liites Offf!, and it’s fire. I love the synth-heavy production from PHORMANTHA, which sounds like something that Playboi Carti might’ve used for Whole Lotta Red. I love how VEGA. kinda lets the beat breathe for a little while, and doesn’t start performing the hook until the percussion comes in. It’s impossible for me to not sing along with this hook whenever it comes on too.

Lil bitch wanna fuck with the lights on, yeah, let's get it
Rollin' on E in a Dior fitted
Smoke by the P, VEGA. the littest
Your bitch smokin' for free when she came to my buildin'
I get geeked, I don't sleep, I roll weed just to give me a feelin'
I don't tweet, I don't speak, I just get high 'til I'm hittin' the ceilin'

One thing that I really love about VEGA.’s music is the lyrical content. When you listen to his music, you’ll notice that he has a serious addiction problem, and the way he raps about it is hilarious. I mean, it’s kinda fucked up. I don’t know if VEGA. actually does as many drugs as he raps about. I hope not. I just love when rappers rap about getting ridiculously high because it seems like such a hilariously stupid thing to brag about. I just love how ignorant it is. Anyway, the hook on this track is absurdly catchy. I love it. The actual verse is fire too though. I love his flow and melodic delivery during this point…

All of this green on me
Makin' me wanna start calling the trap house a greenery
I'm chillin' in private locations, I'm up in a B&B
Smokin' on purple 'til I feel like Urkel
I get geeked as Steve
Tokin' on murder, opps all in my blunt
93 degrees

These lines are followed by what is quite possibly my favorite bar of the year…

I fucked this bitch then I told her to leave

Bruh. That is so fucking funny. I love it. Can you imagine that? Imagine inviting someone over to have sex and then kicking them out immediately after you bust. That’d be such a hilariously douchy thing to do. It’s also funny because of the way he worded it. He didn’t say “I fucked this bitch then I kicked her right out.” No, he “told her to leave.” That is amazing. There’s only one verse on this track, and that’s honestly all it needed. This track has tons of replay value for me. I love everything about it. In fact, I think I like it more these days than I did when I first heard it. It’s amazing. I fucking love it. However, the following track is even better. It’s called Suuperflyy!, and, as of September 6th at 4:26 PM, it’s my favorite VEGA. song. I haven’t listened to the entire album yet, so that may change, but this track gives me everything I want from a Trap song. Amazing beat? Check. Ridiculously catchy hook? Check. Dumb lyrics about fucking other people’s hoes and doing drugs? Check. It’s all here. It’s legitimately a perfect song in my eyes. This track makes a lot of sense coming right after Lites Offf! too. The beat from Kev Ace has kind of a similar flair to it. Once again, it sounds like something that could’ve appeared on Whole Lotta Red. One of my favorite lines on this track is “bitch, I’ma overdose off these meds.” It’s hilarious to me because… It’s like… Bro, that’s not a brag. It’s such a stupid thing to take pride in, but I mean that in a good way. I just love the idea of someone bragging about making terrible life decisions. It’s so funny to me. I mean, one could view it as a cry for help, but I don’t think it’s that serious. I think the point VEGA.’s trying to make is that he just parties super hard. Or maybe I’m wrong and he is actually struggling with some serious addiction problems. It would be interesting either way. Anyway, one of my favorite parts of the song is when VEGA. reaches into his upper register and gets more energetic with his delivery.

Ridin' round in the 'vert, bitch, I just drifted
Bitch, I be fuckin' yo thottie, I come to your crib and then I put my dick in
Bitch, I'll never ever stop
Bitch, I won't quit
Bitch, won't ever give up on this shit

Pretty much every single line in this song stands out to me either because of the lyrical content or the manner in which it’s delivered.

Every day I just be gettin' high, high, high
You know how I be movin'
Feelin' like I'm 'bout to die, die, die, die
But you know my life a movie
VEGA. get geeked 'til the sun up, yeah
VEGA. get high 'til the sun down
These bitches know I'm on the come up, come up
Bitch, you know I can't come down

I can’t compliment this song enough. It’s probably my most listened song of all time on Soundcloud honestly. I think it’s dope af. It’s followed by No Sleeep!, which sees the sound kind of shifting away from the WLR-style synth-heavy production. It still kinda sounds like something that could be on Whole Lotta Red, but not as much. This is a really well sequenced album. This song makes a lot of sense coming right after Suuperflyy! Once again, the hook is extremely catchy. I love the “LESSGETITLESSGO” ad-lib, and these lines during the hook always get stuck in my head.

It ain't no cap comin' out my mouth
It ain't no trap comin' out your house
If it ain't 'bout racks I won't take that route
If it ain't 'bout cash then I won't even count

I also love how he bragged about doing so many different substances.

I'm on the Percocet, molly and codeine 'til I'm in the clouds

The verse on this track is loaded with catchy vocal melodies and funny lyrics. This is another one of my favorites.

I took a bigger dose than I should

I feel like I don’t know how to explain why exactly I find this type of songwriting funny. It’s just so absurd. I love it. The song is dope af. The following track is even better though. It’s called Figuree it Outt!, and, once again, the sequencing makes a lot of sense. This song couldn’t have been placed anywhere other than right after No Sleeep! The production sounds like it takes similar elements from the preceding instrumental and expands upon them, which is impressive considering the fact that they’re produced by two different people. This one is produced by an artist named Ronio. This track definitely has another one of my favorite hooks of the year. It’s impossible for me to not sing along with “Yeah, you know das me on da high rise with the gang chillin’, shmokin’, high as hellllllll.” That line in particular is performed in a manner that really reminds me of Young Thug. I feel like Thug would work really well with VEGA. Anyway, I also get these lines stuck in my head every time I listen to the song.

I don't give a fuck about a price, I buy what I like
I'm coppin' shit I used to steal
I don't give a fuck about your life, ain't tellin' you twice
Lil pussy, I been in the field

I love the line about mixing syrup and soda. The main appeal of this one is just the vocal melodies along with the production though. This shit is fire, and probably my second favorite VEGA song behind Suuperflyy! Or maybe it’s my third favorite. I don’t know. There’s this song called Psychiic that didn’t make it onto this project that I also really love, but I digress. Anyway, the following track is entitled Nuu Dimensionn! Once again, I think the sequencing makes a lot of sense. I love the production on this track, and the hook is catchy as fuck. I love the ignorant lyricism too.

I just took me an X pill, I'm goin' up
I just turned me a bad bitch to a slut
I'm smokin' and drankin', I'm smokin' and drankin'
It's dope in my backwood and drank in my cup

I love how he kinda reaches into the upper register of his voice for the first part of the verse. The tone of his voice kinda fluctuates throughout this song, which is really cool. I love these lines toward the backend of the verse…

Stupid bitch that ain't no coke, that's just bakin' soda
Fuck stayin' sober
Bitch I might turn up 'til VEGA. takin' over
Lil bitch, and I won't stop until my range is rover
And you pussies won't pop, you hoes will never blow up

I really like the lines about him mixing acid with shrooms too. I like this song even more now than I did when I first heard it. I think this shit is dope as hell. The following track is called Stuupid Upp! Once again, I really like the synth-heavy production, and the ignorant lyricism is a big part of the appeal for me.

I gave a perc to your bitch, now she a zombie

There are also lines about doing oxy and adderall and shit. It’s hilarious. I love that line where he says “I was fuckin’ yo bitch, but she went insane.” One thing that I forgot to mention earlier is that VEGA. has this “It’s Vega!” tag that’s on every track. I assume it’s from Street Fighter since there’s a character named Vega in that game, but I could be wrong. It’s cool though. I fuck with it. This song is really dope. The following track is another highlight called Kryyptonitee! This track definitely has one of the coolest beats on the album, which is saying a lot. The production is kind of amazing honestly. I think it’s produced by Draven1k. They did a fantastic job. I love the lyricism on this track too. It’s fucking fire. There are so many dumb lines that stood out to me, but in a good way.

I'm fuckin' yo bitch tonight
We smokin' on kryptonite
I got a glock in my pocket that shit'll go blam
No one gon live tonight
I gotta take me an oxy right before I land
Bitch, I almost missed the flight
I said I wouldn't, but I just fucked yo bitch again
She all bark, no bite

There was one line in particular that made me laugh out loud. Basically, he bragged about driving a car while having one foot sticking out the window, and the other one on the gas. That shit is so fucking stupid, but in the most hilarious way. I love it. The song is dope af. The following track is another highlight entitled Nascarr! Once again, the production is really awesome. I of course love VEGA.’s contributions to this song, but it’s actually the guest feature from Don Pablo that pushes this song to the next level for me. I feel like there’s a really nice contrast between their voices. They sound great together. The way Don Pablo comes in right behind VEGA. sounds really awesome.

Yeah, it's gettin' hot in here
Bitch, I'm so geeked, I'm so out of here
That bitch just did a coke line on the mirror
You lookin' for love, you ain't findin' it here

Another line that made me laugh really hard from VEGA. was this…

I'm off the molly, I'm tweakin'
All I can say is let's get it, let's get it, let's go

I’m just imagining him being so geeked that all he can say is his ad-libs. That’s fucking funny. But yeah, this song is fire. Once again, I like this shit even more now than I initially did. It’s dope as hell. It’s followed by Pitstopp!, which has another great beat from Kev Ace. I love the hook on this track. The line about popping a perc at the pitstop is fire. I’m gonna be honest… I kinda don’t even know what to say about this track just because I feel like I’d be a broken record at this point. Pretty much everything I’ve said about the preceding material applies to this one. It just sounds like the soundtrack to the littest party ever thrown, but I guess that could be said about the album in general. The song is really dope though. I fuck with it. It’s followed by ODB!, which features an artist with whom I was previously unfamiliar named Lil Xelly. I’m not sure who produced this one, but I love the instrumental. The vocals from Lil Xelly that are drenched in autotune sound really good to me too. I usually hate that style of Hip Hop, but for some reason it just works here. I think it’s because it makes him sound like he’s high as fuck, which kinda fits the theme of the album. I really love this couplet from VEGA. at the end of the song.

I keep my bitch in the apartment
I keep my blick in the compartment

I don’t even know why I like those lines so much. I just think the use of the word “compartment” sounds really good. Anyway, the song is fire. Once again, this song grew on me. I liked it when I first heard it, but now I love it. The penultimate track is entitled Senilee!, and it features more production from PHORMANTHA. The beat is fire, and I love the melodic hook on this song. I’d heard this song before the album came out since it was uploaded to Soundcloud, but I think I appreciate it more in the context of the album. Once again, there are a lot of funny lines that stood out to me.

Curvin' her friend, "bitch, no"

I also like that line in the hook about how he drinks molly water instead of beer. I’ve noticed that VEGA. doesn’t seem to drink beer at all, which is interesting. I mean, I don’t drink beer either, but I wonder what it is that he doesn’t like about it. Anyway, I think the song’s really dope. The closing track is another highlight entitled 2Niitee! I’d heard this one before too since it was uploaded to Soundcloud, and it’s been one of my favorite VEGA. songs for a while. I think it’s a really good way to close this album. It’s got one of the more atmospheric instrumentals on the album from Kev Ace. The hook is catchy as fuck too. I love the way the bass comes in during the hook. I love this line as well…

I wasn't planning on fuckin' yo thottie, but that how just called me up tonight

I also love the verse on this track. He sounds so fucking high on this track.

You get it for high, I get it for low
My bitch lookin' fly, she wearin' my clothes

This is another track that grew on me heavily. I actually think it’s the first song that VEGA. uploaded to Soundcloud, but I may be wrong about that. I have to check. But yeah, the song is fire. I think it’s dope as hell.

This is easily one of the best albums I’ve heard this year honestly. It’s crazy because I never listen to this type of music. I fucking love this thing though. This is exactly what I was looking for. I love the ignorant lyricism about getting high as fuck from mixing substances, fucking other people’s bitches, and wearing designer clothes. It’s just really funny to me for some reason. The vocal melodies are incredibly catchy too, and I even loved the features on this project. The production is phenomenal too. This is honestly my favorite Trap album of all time, which I guess isn’t saying much since I don’t usually listen to Trap, but still. I really love this. It’s just so much fun. As I said in the body of this review, it sounds like the soundtrack to the littest party of all time. It reminds me of that movie Project X. I mean, I never saw that movie, but I have a slight idea of what it was like. Maybe I should watch that this weekend. I don’t know. Anyway, if you’re into Trap music give this album a listen and let me know what you think. I think it’s dope af.

Favorite Song: Suuperflyy!
Least Favorite Song: Stuupid Upp!


Grade: A

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