Song Review | OfficialX – INNAT MODE

This song was released on November 4th this year. OfficialX is an artist I met about a month or two ago on campus at my university. At first he was just another student to me, but then I found out that he was a music business major and that he makes Hip Hop music under the name OfficialX. I was informed that this single would be coming out soon, so I told him that I would cover it on this blog.

It’s okay. I mean, it’s not something that I’m ever gonna have the desire to listen to again in the future, but nothing about it stood out in a particularly bad way. Well, actually that’s not true. I honestly think I would have a better chance of liking this song if the production was better. The beat didn’t really seem bad to me at first, but after repeat listens it just sounded really dull to me. In fact, the more I listen to it, the more I dislike it. This beat honestly… I really don’t like it. It kinda reminds me of the beat from that song by T.I. called Trap Back Jumpin’. They’re not that similar, but I could hear T.I.’s flow from that song over this beat. Obviously this one is nowhere near as great as that song though. Anyway, as far as the actual rapping goes, I wouldn’t really say that it’s impressive, but it’s sufficient. It kinda just gets the job done. None of the lines stand out in a bad or good way really. They rhyme well enough, and his flow is solid. Sometimes artists send me their shit and can barely rap on beat, but that’s not a problem here. He sounds fine. In fact, I actually think his flow sounded kinda nice on the second part of the second verse. As far as lyrical content goes, this song is pretty standard.

It's been a minute since this pen touched this paper
I been goin' through some things, man, it's been a lot of changes
I don't know who I can trust, man, it's really gettin' dangerous
The ones you thought you knew, they be turning into strangers

I feel like I would appreciate this song more if I just didn’t have a lot of experience listening to Hip Hop music, but, since I’ve heard so much, nothing about this song in particular really surprises me or strikes me as being different in an interesting way. I think OfficialX clearly has a decent baseline level of talent. He’s definitely far from the worst artist who has sent me their music. I look forward to seeing how he improves in the future though. Right now I would say that this song’s greatest strength is just OfficialX’s flow, but it’s still just not remarkable enough to draw me in for more listens. I think there’s room for growth in pretty much every aspect. So yeah, it’s not a bad song overall. I personally disliked the beat, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people who listened to it told him that they liked it. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think the beat is garbage or anything. It just sounds a little… Hmm… What’s the right word to use here? Let me think… I’ll just say this. I can tell that whoever made the beat is young. I’ll put it like that. Is that confusing? Basically what I mean is that it’s clear that the song was not produced by a seasoned veteran. If this was like the first beat that the guy ever made I’d say he’s on to something. I mean, I think the producer definitely has talent. You can be talented and still make music I dislike. It just sounds like undeveloped talent. That’s probably the best description I can give. It’s not really good to me—again, I’m not gonna be listening to this in the future—but I wouldn’t say it’s a bad song. It’s right in the middle for me. As the kids say, this song is… Well, actually I’m not gonna say that because the word I was about to use has kind of devolved into a pejorative term. I’m pretty much indifferent towards this song though. I’m curious to hear how OfficialX grows from here. Give the song a listen and let me know what you think? Do you see where I’m comin’ from or am I trippin’? Let me know.


Tell me if I'm trippin'

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