Don’t sleep on this latest album from LORD BYRON. It was released on August 17th this year. LORD BYRON is an artist I first started listening to in 2019 when he dropped a handful of extended plays that I really enjoyed. I went on to enjoy his RIKU & A Portrait of Fyodor on Fire albums. I also went back and checked out the project he dropped with (Liv).e & Pink Siifu as Kryptonyte in 2018, which was also good. I think he’s a really slept on artist, so I was pretty excited when I saw The Alchemist shouting him out on Twitter earlier this year. Even though I’ve enjoyed every project I’ve heard from him in the past, for whatever reason my expectations for this album were kinda low. I really can’t tell you why. However, obviously since I’m choosing to write about it now, I really enjoyed this project.

Since this isn’t really a full review I’m just gonna write about a handful of my favorite tracks. The first highlight for me is entitled YOU SEE IT. I’m just gonna say it now; this is my favorite song on the album. It’s the hook. I love that hook, man. It’s catchy as hell. His flow is bouncy as hell too. It’s impossible to not get the coveted involuntary headnod when listening to this track. I mean, his flow is fire all over this album, but it’s especially fire on this one. There’s only one verse on this song, but the track doesn’t feel undercooked at all. The production from Ben Hixon is fire too. That dude is super talented honestly. If I’m not mistaken, he’s produced every single solo project that I’ve heard from LORD BYRON, and he always does a good job. This song is fire. Again, I mainly love it for the hook and production, but the actual verse itself is really enjoyable too. The song’s dope as hell. It’s followed by another highlight entitled HIGHLOW. Once again, the production is very good. It kinda reminds me of What They Want by ScHoolboy Q. I feel like a collaboration between Q & BYRON would be fire honestly. The rapping here is really entertaining. I think it’s mainly because of his flow, but the lyrics were enjoyable to me too.

I had a dream I was driving a Benz
Then I woke up, I was driving a Benz
They wanna book me and I'm like "prob'ly"
Look at my face, I look like anunnaki
Look at the clouds, you probably'll spot me
Shape of a ring, ain't talkin' 'bout Rocky
They wanna use me, and that is just not me
They wanna use me, and that is just not me
You cannot use me, and you cannot stop me
You can't take my confidence, I am cocky

This shit is just catchy as hell. Just like with the preceding track, I can’t not get the involuntary headnod while listening to this shit. I really love the bizarrely jazzy outro too. The song is dope as hell. The following track is called B2B, and it features an artist named David Morgan. The production is fire, and BYRON’s flow is catchy as hell. I like his verse a lot. The second verse from David Morgan is honestly my favorite part of the song though. That dude sounded awesome on this track. His flow was great.

You are no rockin' with the dream team
In the huddle know I come up with a mean scheme
No creatine, just green things
That's a lot of weed, a lot of cash
Born in the trap, I don't have to pass

He killed it honestly. I love his performance. The song is really dope. The last track that I wanna mention is the closer, SHALOM. This track has one of the prettiest instrumentals on the album. It’s really melodic, and actually kind of emotional-sounding. The hook is catchy as hell too. Honestly, this is kind of a bold statement, but I think LORD BYRON is one of the best artists in the underground when it comes to hooks. The dude really knows how to create an earworm. I can’t listen to this song and not have “me and my niggas, we yellin’ shalom” stuck in my head afterwards. His bouncy flow also just makes him a super fun rapper to listen to. I really fuck with this track. Again, the production is fantastic, the hook is catchy as hell, and the flow on the actual verse is great. The song’s dope.

This is a good album. I’m really glad I gave it a listen because there are some really fun songs here. There are a couple tracks that I won’t be returning to, but I wouldn’t even say that they’re bad songs. Ben Hixon’s production is pretty fantastic, and, as I just said in the body of this write-up, I think LORD BYRON is one of the best artists in the underground when it comes to hooks. He’s also got a very catchy flow, and a good vocal delivery. I really hope more people start paying attention to this dude in the future because he’s super slept on in my opinion. You’d think that he’d have more eyes on him due to the (Liv).e & Pink Siifu connection. I don’t know why people aren’t paying attention, but I guess that’s what people like me are here for. So yeah, check this shit out, and let me know what you think. I think it’s a dope album personally.

Favorite Song: YOU SEE IT
Least Favorite Song: IT’S REFRESHING


Grade: B-

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