Album Review | SaVon910 – The Truth

This album was released on January 13th this year. SaVon910 is an artist from North Carolina who I first discovered in 2019 when he released his DON’T SUE ME EP, which I thought was amazing. That was back when he just went under the name SaVon, and I’m glad that he’s since been able to change it to something more googleable. Anyway, I’m not really sure who handled the production on this album, so you’ll have to forgive me for that. I’m not familiar with any of the featured artists, but hopefully they’re good. SaVon is a beast on the mic, so I’m really expecting this to be one of the better albums of the year honestly. I think this shit is about to be fire. Hopefully it meets my expectations.

The album begins with the title track, The Truth, which was released as a single on January 1st. The production is really soulful. I really like the minimal percussion, and SaVon sounds fantastic over it. His flow is still just as smooth as it was 4 years ago, if not more so.

I don't fear, I make 'em feel, ask around 'bout the God
If they know me in real life, it's high regard for SaVon
If you a opp and I'm a problem, make a call for SaVon
You'll need help from some dead rappers, have to call a séance
Say I could never be defeated even with achilles' heel
I'ma kill these niggas, make a meal out your single
If you don't make a mil' out this rap shit you wastin' time
And I love to flow, so I been wastin' mine
Meet me at the top, I been chasin' primes
'94 Nas, '03 Curtis
Been in my bags tryna get my hood perfect
I remember when they doubted me
All star talent, but wasn't picked that's where you gotta fire whoever scoutin' me
Scared to open up, I know she outin' me
Slidin' on my dog, I know she clownin' me
Just save it for the album, G

He spits with a lot of heart here. I think he’s got a really good voice and delivery for rapping. He killed this track. The song’s really dope. It’s followed by a highlight called No Reception. This is the most melodic track on the project. SaVon’s melodic delivery on the verses sounds really good. The production is pretty great too. I think the first verse is pretty tight, but the second verse is definitely my favorite part of the song. It’s mostly because of his flow. He just sounds really goddamn good rapping here. I mean, he always sounds good, but the second verse stood out a lot to me.

Reach for my dreams, I ain't scared of no heights
Life get tough, I ain't scared of no fights
Light that dust, put a hand on my plate
Wanna be me? Come carry my weight

This is definitely one of the most accessible songs on the album. I feel like I could hear this song on the radio. A music video for this track would be cool. Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs on the project. I think it’s dope as hell. The following track is arguably even better. It’s called 1 of 1, and it features some of the best rapping on the whole album, which is saying a lot. The beat is really kind of Trap influenced; the bass is really hard-hitting, and the hi-hats sound really good. It actually kinda sounds like something that Kenny Beats would produce. SaVon’s flow is really nice and bouncy. He sounds really great on this track.

I could kill you like 1001 ways, let me rap with you, settle the debt
I heard your shit and wasn't really impressed
I'm top 10, you ain't even a threat
It's that real 'cause you know I'm the best
This shit illegal, embezzlement, still in the game
I know that they trust me, but ain't in my lane
And stay on some sucker shit, you on a plane
And I'm on a mothership
Yeah, I'm the one, I'm the one on some other shit
Just understand I'm the one you ain't fuckin' with

The content of the lyrics isn’t super mindblowing or anything; it’s really just his flow and delivery that makes this song stand out so much. The dude just sounds fantastic on this beat. I think the song’s dope as hell. It’s followed by Paul Pierce, which is probably the smoothest track on the album. The beat is really chill. I could see someone like Lync Lone spitting over this instrumental. It’s honestly my least favorite beat on the album, but I still like it to some extent. The rapping from SaVon is pretty good.

This is straight from the pen of the assassin
The stagnant shall be swallowed by the greatness that follows me
Comfortably while I rest, rest assured I'm the best to do it
It ain't by choice, I was blessed into it
This ain't murder music, this is righteous Christ
With lightning in his vice grip
Shocking vices, boxing with a titan
I'm from White Oak, all I know is dirt roads and fiends
You a joke, them boys puttin' you on the beam
I'm a dog, I'm a beast, nigga, I can smash your team
I'm spinnin' records back, young and reckless, actin' like teens

I just think he sounds really good rapping here. If his flow and vocal delivery weren’t as good as they are then I might not really care for this track just because the instrumental isn’t super interesting to me. I definitely enjoyed this song overall though. I think it’s pretty good. Track 5 is called All Facts, and it features an artist named Tajgotti. I think the production here is pretty awesome. I love the way they’re rapping with barely any percussion. The opening verse from SaVon is really nice, and Tajgotti actually sounds really nice on the second verse. Again, I wasn’t familiar with him prior to hearing this project, but he ended up impressing me quite a bit. His flow and delivery sound just as polished as that of SaVon.

The game made up, I done beat the odds, rap a layup
Still in the booth for all the nights they tried to play us
Get in the same room and realize they wearin' makeup
Never sell my soul, I'd never let that money change us
Finally takin' off, so why they actin' like some strangers?
From Charlotte to Fayettenam, the whole world know that we some bangers
One of the hardest, I heard your last shit, it was modest
From the 'Ville to the trap, beat the odds and double back
Risk it all to keep the lights on, he the one like Zion
They think they eatin' off of rap, they movin' pounds like Tyson

Honestly, he might’ve had the better verse on this track. I don’t know. They both sound great here. One thing I have to mention is that their voices sound a little buried in the mix. It seemed like SaVon’s voice was slightly more muffled-sounding than it was on the other tracks. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not, but either way I didn’t really mind. It was just something I noticed. The song is really dope overall. It’s followed by a highlight entitled OITL, which stands for Only Inspired to Live. This track definitely has my favorite instrumental on the album. That beat is amazing. The horn loop sounds absolutely gorgeous. SaVon’s flow is fire too. I got the coveted involuntary head nod as soon as he started spitting. He sounds fantastic here. There are two verses on this song, and they’re both really good. My only nitpick with this track is that it ends kind of abruptly, but other than that I think it’s really awesome. It’s dope as hell to me. The penultimate song is called IDK, and it features an artist named Izzy Mil. Once again, the production is outstanding. I feel like Cloud Envy would sound really great on this beat. It would be fire if he hopped on the remix. The sung hook from Izzy Mil is really great. Honestly, OITL was my favorite track on my first listen of this album, but I think this song is even better now. It’s one of the most personal, vulnerable songs on the album.

I took some losses this year, I ain't happy it seems
I broke a promise with myself, I'm still depending on weed
I'm still depending on my pen, and give me a pen and an 8th
If you been feelin' how I'm feelin', you wish your talents away
You wish for balance and faith, you wish your grandma would stay
You wish a million wishes while wishing for a brand new escape
From wishin'… I'm 'bout reality need shit in my faith
I freak out when I'm by myself, new challenge that I embrace

The verse is really nice, and I love the hook and production. There’s really nothing that I don’t like about this song. I like it even more now than I did when I first heard it. I think it’s dope as hell. The closing track is called If I Fall, and it features an artist named Dante M’$. The production is really great, and SaVon sounds great rapping over it. I think this track probably has my favorite hook on the whole album. The verse from Dante M’$ is really nice too.

I came up from not having shit, and I can't give my child the same
If I fall just promise me that you gon' weigh this ounce the same
Grew up in a house of pain, ironic how it's not the same
Chose to be the change, so if I fall I am not ashamed, it's not a game

Just like with the preceding track, this song grew on me even more after repeat listens. I love the production as well as the hook, and I think it has some of the best lyricism on the album. This shit is dope as hell.

This is a really dope album. There’s not a single track here that I don’t like. Again, I don’t know who handled the production on this project, but whoever it was did a really great job. SaVon’s rapping still fantastic too. The dude blew me away with how polished and professional he sounded at age 22 when he dropped DON’T SUE ME, and he’s still got that smooth, undeniably on point flow. The one area that didn’t really impress me that much was the lyrical content, but I didn’t think it was particularly bad. It just didn’t stand out that much to me. Everything else was really impressive though. This is the best album I’ve heard so far in 2023. I’m really excited to finally have a full album from this guy, and I look forward to seeing him grow in the future. This shit is great. Check it out, and let me know what you think. I think it’s dope.

Favorite Song: No Reception
Least Favorite Song: Paul Pierce


Grade: B+

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