Album Review | 2 Dolla Will & Bloodblixing – 2 DOLLA MENU GANGSTA EDITION

This album was released on November 24th in 2022. 2 Dolla Will is a rapper from Montana who I’ve been aware of for about 2 years now. This was my first time actually listening to a project of his though. I’d heard bits and pieces of his music in the past and assumed it just wasn’t for me because I wasn’t crazy about his delivery. The reason I decided to check out this project in particular is because it’s a collaboration with Bloodblixing, who I’ve become a fan of recently. I’m more familiar with Bloodblixing as a producer than as a rapper, but I enjoyed his NBA STREETZ: GANGSTA EDITION album that came out in June, so I’ve been becoming more acquainted with him as an MC. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this project before I listened to it, but thankfully it ended up being pretty enjoyable to me.

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The album begins with a highlight entitled KAREEM ABDUL JABBAR SKY HOOK, which features Lunar. The production from Bloodblixing is pretty awesome. The piano loop sounds really good, and I really like the percussion here. Just like with a lot of Bloodblixing’s other beats, the bass sounds kinda blown out, although not as much as usual. It’s a quality that might be kind of an acquired taste, but personally I think it gives his beats a really cool aesthetic. I appreciate how recognizable Bloodblixing’s style is. Even if nobody told me he produced this track, I might still be able to guess that he was the one who made the beat. The first verse from 2 Dolla Will was actually pretty enjoyable to me. I honestly love how disrespectful he is on the microphone.

To tell you the truth, if it can be misconstrued as a diss assume it is
New bitch, goth lookin' with huge tits, super thick
I been the nicest for a minute now, get used to this
I got the spinach ground in the booth for six hours, doggie
It's the 2 Dollar Menu with Blix
Catch me puffin' two Ls, yellin' "eff you" to pigs

I really like how Bloodblixing sounds on the second verse. His voice sounds really good over this beat. I like his loud vocal delivery too. The way he’s kinda shouting his lyrics sounds really good. This track has a really nice energy to it. The final verse from Lunar is great too. I’d only ever heard Lunar’s production before checking out this project—his work on Lync Lone‘s Moon Phases album was really nice—so I wasn’t really expecting his verse to be as good as it is. I was immediately hooked by the first few lines of his verse though.

I left a turd on your porch in a flaming bag, word is your mom got the clap
We had a gourmet tasting, they serving craft beer from the tap
But I still keep that bourbon in the flask
Got the UN unnerved 'cause the whole world in my grasp
Y'all nerds was in the locker room playin' grab-ass
Toke the herbs from the gas mask apparatus
Leave you in the desert impaled by a cactus
The erratic one, movin' figures like an abacus

I like this song even more now than I did when I first listened to this project. I think the production is fantastic, and all the verses are really entertaining. The song is dope as hell. It’s followed by PRO @ PIMPIN’, which is performed by Yung Regis. I’d seen this guy’s name floating around the internet before, but this was my first time actually hearing him rap. He’s a member of the Arsonists crew along with guys like Lil Curbstomp and 2 Dolla Will himself. I think his flow is pretty nice, and his bars were cool too.

Ever since they tried to take my biscuits I been movin' different
Crackin' bottles in the afternoon just like a new religion
Call the liquor spirits, guess I fuck with superstition
Nowadays these kids is growin' up without no supervision

This song is just over a minute and a half long, so there’s only time for one verse, but it’s pretty enjoyable. This isn’t really a highlight for me on this album, but I definitely enjoyed it to some extent. I like how hard-hitting and raw the percussion sounds. It’s a good song. It’s followed by a solo track from Bloodblixing called SCOREBOARD (WE UP). Once again, I really like Bloodblixing’s loud vocal delivery. This dude raps in all caps. I think part of it has to do with the way his vocals are mixed; it sounds like he’s rapping through a megaphone. Anyway, this is the shortest song on the album, and it definitely feels a little scant. I definitely enjoyed it to some extent, but it’s far from the most memorable moment on the album. I think the verse is solid, but none of the lines really stand out that much to me. I mainly just enjoy it for his shouty delivery. He sounds really good rapping here. The production is pretty nice too. Again, this isn’t a highlight for me, but I definitely think it’s a good song overall. The following track is called DOESN’T LAST. I think the production on this track is pretty great, and Bloodblixing sounds really nice on the first verse. His flow and rhymes were dope.

They seem perplexed to me
Shawty said that she had amazin' sex with me
She probly lyin', but she was wetter than a fire hydrant
I run my life like a tyrant, y'all niggas old like Joe Biden
New vinyls, I put you in a line then I realign you
My side bitch is extra fine too

His delivery on the hook is uncharacteristically reserved. The second verse from 2 Dolla Will is pretty nice. That line about him going almonds or cashews on the ‘Blix beat was pretty creative. This is one of the better songs on the album to me. I really like the drumless production, and both the MCs here sounded really nice over it. This song is dope. Track 5 is called SCROOGE MCDUCK (LAKERZ), and it’s one of the most exciting songs on the album. It feels like the centerpiece of the record. It features two artists with whom I was previously unfamiliar named Slayton Dixon & 1TakeJack. I really love how Slayton spit two verses at the beginning of this track. He could’ve just combined the verses into one big one, but it feels more special when they’re separated. The way Bloodblixing introduced the second verse sounded really cool. I really enjoyed Slayton’s performance on this track. His flow, delivery, and rhymes were all on point. Bloodblixing sounds fantastic on his verse too. That line where he said “best feature out the Apple since FaceTime” was really clever. He sounds really hungry on this verse. I really enjoyed his performance. His sample-based production here is really nice as well. The following verse is performed by 1TakeJay, and he has a really fast paced flow that reminds me a lot of Phiik or Lungs. His vocal delivery is like the polar opposite of Bloodblixing’s too. He sounds really monotone and calm, but not in a bad way. I think it works well. I like how there’s a lot of variety in the vocal deliveries of the artists featured on this song. The final verse from 2 Dolla Will is really good. I loved that line where he said “you sound like Dr. Seuss if he hopped on a loop produced by Dr. Luke.” Also, this line made me laugh.

You are on heroin.

Again, this is one of the more exciting songs on the project. I think it’s really dope. The following track is called GULLY ON BRAMBLETON AVE. This one features a really awesome beat. I love the way the percussion builds up. Once the bass finally comes in this shit sounds awesome. It’s definitely one of my favorite instrumentals on the album. The first verse from Bloodblixing is really nice. His flow was pretty dope. I don’t know whose performance I prefer between him and 2 Dolla Will. I think Bloodblixing had the better flow and delivery, but 2 Dolla Will’s lyricism stood out a bit more. Overall, this is a really dope song. I might actually like this song even more than the preceding track. It’s followed by DROP ONE VERSE A YEAR & EXPECT TO PERSEVERE. This track has one of the weirder instrumentals on the album, which I appreciate. I actually think the beat is pretty awesome. It’s loud as hell, and kind of chaotic. The percussion is fire. I love how hard-hitting the bass is. The opening verse from Bloodblixing is nice, and the following performance from 2 Dolla Will is great as well.

Your mother got a pussy like a gusher, and it's chubby, fat
She suck me fast, her money's double, said she dumped your dad

Again, I love how disrespectful he is whenever he raps. This track is really dope. Track 8 is called CRIMSON CHIN, and it features Lil Curbstomp. This was the first time I ever heard him rap, and I was pretty satisfied with his performance.

I'm at the fiesta, tortilla chips and salsa picante, Dos Equis
Upon my entrance they throw confetti, I rock it steady
I hit the piñata with the machete, don't try to step to me
Lyrics I kick be deadly, like I'm venomous, rapper of the century

The content of the lyrics isn’t super interesting, but the rhymes themselves were pretty nice. The second verse from 2 Dolla Will is even better in my opinion. One thing that I haven’t mentioned up to this point is that Bloodblixing includes a lot of tags—the kinda thing you would hear on a TRAP-A-HOLICS mixtape. In fact, I think he even used TRAP-A-HOLICS’ legendary “DAYUM, SON, WHERE’D YOU FIND THIS???” tag on one of the songs. Fun fact: that’s my text tone. Every time I get a text message, it says “DAYUM, SON, WHERE’D YOU FIND THIS?” I’m really proud of that. I think it was a great idea. It’s always awkward as hell whenever someone texts me in the middle of class though. Anyway, my point is that I really enjoy the tags included on this album. They’re funny to me. Speaking of funny, here’s one of my favorite lines on the song from 2 Dolla Will…

You probably rockin' crocs that have a zipper

I really like the horn-based instrumental on this track a lot too. I think this is one of the better songs on the album despite lacking a verse from Bloodblixing. The song’s dope. It’s followed by PUT YA CREW ON DA NEWZ, which is a solo track from 2 Dolla Will. I really like the beat on this track. It sounds like a night in the city in the form of music. This line was pretty funny to me too…

Not to talk shit, but you sound like you made your songs at a youth group

I love how creative 2 Dolla Will gets with his disrespect. Pretty much every verse is him talking shit about wack rappers, which I appreciate. This is one of the shortest songs on the album, and it just consists of a singular verse, so as a result of the brevity it’s not as fulfilling as some of the other tracks. I still enjoyed it overall though. I think it’s pretty good. The penultimate track is entitled SOCC MOMMY, and it’s got a really great sample-based instrumental. Apparently Bloodblixing sent it to three other artists who turned it down, which is interesting. The opening verse from him is really good, and the second verse from 2 Dolla Will is even better in my opinion.

I'm underground like a freakin' ostrich beak

The lyrics about sodomizing the listener’s girlfriend and shooting his shot as Soccer Mommy were very entertaining to me. This is another dope track. The closing song is a highlight called AMBER HEARD, and it has another feature from Lil Curbstomp. The beat is pretty amazing honestly. The sample is gorgeous. 2 Dolla Will sounds great on the first verse too.

Please don't say shit
I'll have a tweaker off a reefer-crank mix that's eatin' paint chips
Put you under a sheet for paper, see you later
MT's greasy and dangerous, Ray with the seagulls at the dump
Have a fiend turn you to pulp with the pump
I bet you bumpin' Joe Budden, Pump It Up
Borrowin' your father's musty truck
Speakin' 'bout 2 Dolla, you must be drunk or somethin'
Puffin' nugs in the tub with your mother
Auto undercover, pot rolled up, it's pungent

I like the way Lil Curbstomp comes in right behind him, and his verse is pretty nice aside from the F bomb. The closing verse from Blix is probably my favorite part of the song. Once again, his vocal delivery sounded really good. This is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. I think it’s dope as hell, despite ending kind of abruptly.

This album is really goddamn good. I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I’ve been sleeping on 2 Dolla Will I guess. I don’t know what song it was that I heard from him in the past, but this sounds way better than that shit. I don’t know if he’s just improved a lot over the past couple years or if what I heard was just a bad representation of his work, but I’m really glad I gave this project a chance. The production from Bloodblixing is great, and the rapping is pretty enjoyable. The one thing that could’ve made this project more enjoyable would be some more ambitious, fleshed out songwriting. There’s not a single hook on this album. Each track is just a series of rap verses, which obviously isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just think some more variation in the way the songs are structured would’ve made for a more interesting listen. That’s the only complaint I can scrounge up though. I really enjoyed this. I think it’s a pretty good introduction to 2 Dolla Will’s work, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from him as well as Bloodblixing in the future. This shit is dope. Check it out.

Least Favorite Song: SCOREBOARD (WE UP)


Grade: B

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