EP Review | Spaceman Jones & the Motherships – The Loops of Life, Pt. 2

This extended play is only available to purchase on vinyl at the moment. Presales started on March 7th this year. For transparency’s sake I should let y’all know that the body of this review was written like two years ago. It was around the time that I reviewed the first entry in this series. I think I was fresh out the hospital when I first heard this project. I really enjoyed the first Loops of Life project, and I honestly like this one even more. I’m not sure if or when this project is gonna be released digitally. You can purchase the 7 inch vinyl by messaging @spacemanjonesandthemotherships on IG or by emailing spacemanjonesandthemotherships@gmail.com.

The first track is called Death Dealer. I like the beat here even more than anything that was on the first Loops of Life project. I feel like MF DOOM would’ve sounded awesome over this beat. It just makes me think of crime. Undiscovered crime though. Not like a high speed chase. It’d be more like an assassination with no clues left behind. I feel like the way I talk about production is weird as fuck, so I apologize if you don’t understand anything I’m saying. Anyway, Spaceman Jones killed this shit.

Cool sheets, cold Cava, all my verses lava
And MOTHER HOOD nastier than Goldschläger
Turn the soap-opera to a slobber knocker
Clowns get clobbered playin' Sgt. Slaughter
Powder used to be my favorite product
Now I move in psalms but the trees are solid
What's in your wallet? Lately mine been brolic
I remember when my life was in the toilet
I learned to enjoy it, ignore all the voices
Make better choices, my motherfuckin' point is…
You gotta grow through the ho shit
I cooked a brick in the pot I had to piss in

I really fuck with this shit. It’s not because it’s super unique or experimental. It’s simply because the production and rapping are just that good. The song is really dope. The second song is entitled Abduction. This track probably has the hardest hitting beat I’ve heard from MOTHERHOOD up to this point. It’s the closest thing to a Trap-adjacent instrumental. I really love that piano loop. It sounds really pretty. The beat still sounds dirty though. I love the hook on this song too.

We done made a few dollars, but the love brought us back
Space in the ships, blue magic on the track
A few tried to follow, and they never made it back
High as the Gods, breathin' on that strong pack, and it's…
Lightspeed to the sack
All hands on deck, we ain't cuttin' no slack
Carolina to the death, burnin' BIG ass sacks
More health more wealth, always out for greenbacks

It’s simple on paper, but the way he says it just sounds so dope. The actual rapping is fantastic here too. In fact, I think this song has some of the best rapping on the whole project. There’s not a single aspect of this song that I don’t like. The beat is nasty, the hook is an earworm, and the verses are fire. I think the song is dope as fuck. I was also sent a third song called Phoebe 1984, which I’m not sure is available on the record. It might be a bonus track or something, or maybe they’re gonna use it for a different project in the future. As much as I liked every other track, this is the one that really blew me away. I think it’s mainly because his flow here is super different. I wasn’t expecting him to rap like this after hearing those first four tracks in the series. This one is really bouncy, and I immediately got the coveted involuntary headnod as soon as he started spitting. I love the production here too. Believe it or not, it actually reminded me of Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight. I feel like this beat would play in my head as I’m blasting off into space on a trip to Mars as Earth crumbles. The melodic hook here is really catchy too. This is the only moment on the project that really gets melodic at all. It’s awesome though. There’s not a single aspect of this one that I don’t love. His flow was smooth as fuck, and the writing is great too.

Slick as a curl, smooth as a pearl
I think I'm the best in the world
Me & B blowin' on diamonds
Still could get tighter than ToeJam & Earl
Brothers of thunder, we doper than furl
Smoke with this music and leave with this world, Spaceman
Don't do no hatin'
Salute to everybody who be chasin'
They dreams, sword up like an inseam
Put a lock on it, homie, start achievin'
They gon' hate, don't listen, don't believe 'em
You're great if you stick to your reasons
Stay in your lane and remain through the season
People gon' change and you might have to leave 'em
This life is a process of progress, my nigga, believe me
And it won't be easy to break all these chains and learn to walk freely
While the masters and slaves plot on your grave 'cause they can't do the same

This is the kinda shit I fuck with. I love when artists can be inspiring and positive without being corny. I fucking love this song. It’s dope as fuck to me.

This EP is amazing to me honestly. I really love these guys. Their Immaculate Conception EP was one of my favorite projects of last year, and I think this one is even better. This EP is even better than the first Loops of Life. I highly recommend this shit. Hopefully it’s not sold out already, and, if it is, hopefully it’s released digitally at some point. The production from MOTHERHOOD is pretty stunning, and Spaceman Jones is a really talented MC. He’s a very skilled lyricist, and he’s pretty nice with the hooks too. If you aren’t really into traditional Southern Hip Hop then you might not be as blown away as I was, but I personally don’t have any gripes with this project at all. This is one of the best projects of the year. Don’t miss out on it. It’s dope as fuck.

Favorite Song: Phoebe 1984
Least Favorite Song: Death Dealer


Grade: A

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