Dr. Dre


2001: 85%


Wow. I really can’t believe that Dr. Dre’s discography is finally finished. I also can’t believe how much I enjoyed Compton. Were The Chronic & 2001 that good when they first dropped? I know that The Chronic really hasn’t aged well, but I don’t think 2001 is that dated. I wonder if Compton will be the same way in 20 years. It probably will, but right now it’s album of the year material. 86%. Wow. I enjoyed 86% of Dr. Dre’s solo work. That’s crazy. It’s a shame that it’s over, but I guess it had to end somewhere. That was a hell of a way to go out. I don’t know about y’all, but to me it felt kinda sad. Especially the final song on there. Knowing that Talking To My Diary is probably the last Dr. Dre song ever was crazy. As I said in the review, I’m glad he actually got to finish his work instead of just passing away in the middle of his career like most artists do. This is sadly one of the first times that that’s ever happened, and to be honest I expect it to be one of the only times as well. I’m just glad it happened in the first place.

Favorite Song: Forgot About Dre
Least Favorite Song: Bang Bang

Verdict: 86%