Mixtape Review | Skeme – Ingleworld 2

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This mixtape came out on June 9th this year. The third Ingleworld mixtape is apparently gonna be coming out in a few days, so I figured I should go ahead and catch up on this one. I don’t know much about Skeme other than the fact that The Game signed him to Blood Money Entertainment in 2014. I’ve heard a few songs and verses by him. He killed his verse on Food For My Stomach off that Blood Moon album by The Game, and he probably has my favorite remix of that terrible song by Young Thug, Lifestyle. I’ve never listened to a full project by him, but I’m actually expecting this to be pretty decent. I’ve liked what little I’ve heard of him. He’s not an amazing lyricist like Lupe Fiasco or Ab-Soul, but I listen to him for the same shit I listen to The Game for. He’s not nearly as HARD as The Game, but he’s convincing enough. I’ve been putting this review off for a while because the mixtape is kinda long. I guess that doesn’t really make sense because I’ve listened to several projects that are much longer than this. It doesn’t matter tho. I’m doing it now.

Track 1: 36 Oz. (Prod. Sean Momberger)

Uh oh. He starts off the tape with autotune. His first words are in autotune. Eh. I guess that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The melody he sings for the hook is actually pretty catchy. This beat is dope. Kinda wish he didn’t stick to autotune for the actual verse. It’s kinda hard to understand what he’s saying. It sounds like he’s mumbling. What the fuck? This sounds like a fuckin’ Future or Young Thug song. Wow. This actually sounds like that fuckin’ No Words skit off of Hopsin’s latest album. You know you’re fuckin’ up when Hopsin of all people has a reasonable criticism of you. Lyrically, this shit isn’t as bad as your average Trap inspired, autotune-drenched mainstream hit, but it isn’t amazing either. Sonically, this is cool I guess. I like the hook. The autotune just gets irritating during the verses tho. If you’re gonna use autotune, don’t put it on the verses. Just rap the verses. Autotune should only be used on hooks. This is alright I guess. I kinda fuck it, but I kinda don’t. I don’t know. 3/5

Track 2: Still Gittin’ (Prod. Sean Momberger & Lee Major)

More autotune. He sounds like fuckin’ Travi$ Scott. I thought Travi$ Scott was supposed to be the one who’s always bitin’ other rappers’ styles… This really sounds like Young Thug or Travi$ Scott. This really doesn’t sound that different from the first track. Why is he using so much autotune? “Whole lot of money in this bitch right now / I’m the shit right now.” Maybe I was wrong about Skeme. This is all pretty generic so far. He clearly puts more effort into his lyrics than Young Thug, but if he ever blows up will that still be the case? This is just not that good. It’s definitely not terrible. It’s still somewhat entertaining sonically, but I don’t think I would ever have the desire to listen to this shit again. I didn’t realize that I was gonna be listening to this kind of project… I guess Dubb is the more worthwhile Blood Money Entertainment signee. “Pull up in that California ‘rari like, ‘Skrr!’ / Or better yet, I pull up in that brand new Porsche like, ‘Skrr!'” Wow. That is fucking terrible. Nah. This is wack. I can’t fuck with this shit. 2/5

Track 3: Find Out Feat. The Game (Prod. Sean Momberger)

If he doesn’t ditch that wack ass autotune bullshit for this one I’m finna be fuckin’ pissed off. I guess if he doesn’t The Game will keep things from getting too bad. Unless he decided to drown himself in autotune too. This beat is cool I guess. Skeme’s singin’ the fucking hook in autotune. This shit is actually pretty goddamn catchy to be honest. Oh shit; he’s rappin’ for real without the fuckin’ autotune on this one. Eh. His verse was cool I guess. Nothing special. Definitely not terrible. It felt like filler to be honest. Nothing he said is really gonna grab the listener’s attention. The Game easily had the better verse. There’s no competition there. The Game seemed like he was actually trying with the shit he was saying. It was gangsta as hell. The last verse from Skeme was like 8 bars long and it was all in autotune. I don’t know. I guess this shit is alright. Again, I can’t get behind all this autotune shit. The melody is pretty catchy, but it gets old by the end of the song. Skeme’s verses were pretty mediocre. The Game stole the show. The Game is the only facet of this song that’s stopping me from calling it wack. It’s definitely not dope tho. This shit is average. 3/5

Track 4: Roy (Prod. 808 Mafia)

These Trap producers need to stop using that same high pitched squeek sound in all their beats. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just listen to Fuck Up Some Commas by Future. As soon as the beat drops you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about. The Mekanics & OZ also used it in that song Really by The Game. The Game fucking ripped that shit to shreds. That’s seriously one of the best verses from him that I’ve ever heard. As I was saying, that squeek noise was cool at first, but if every fuckin’ Trap producer is gonna use it then it’s just gonna get old. It kind of already has to be honest… This beat is underwhelming. It sounds generic af. It’s just a shit load of bass and that squeeky shit that I was just talkin’ about. It even has the Juicy J “Yeah” sample in it. The hook is alright. At least Skeme finally kicked the autotune. This is more of what I wanted from Skeme. He’s actually rappin’ about some gangsta shit. He’s not murderin’ shit like The Game would, but he still does a good job. I don’t know. I like the verses, but the beat and hook are just not really engaging. It’s an alright song. The verses was cool. Pretty much everything else was underwhelming to me. 3/5

Track 5: That Nigga Feat. Young Thug (Prod. Alex Lustig)

This beat is fuckin’ bananas. It’s really experimental. This is real Experimental Trap music. I think that I might’ve referred to Travi$ Scott’s music as Experimental Trap music, but this beat sounds way more experimental and unorthodox than anything he’s ever done. This beat is dope af. Alex Lustig did a good ass job. Skeme’s goin’ in right now without autotune. This is actually really dope so far. This is what I want from Skeme. This is gangsta. As I’ve said like 1000 times before already, Skeme isn’t an amazing MC or anything, but when he’s at his best he can still be pretty entertaining. To me he’s like a much less seasoned version of The Game. “Before I eat steaks with fakes, I throw a ski mask on my face / Put my right shoulder to a front door, and then run in and snatch me a safe.” That part of the verse is dope af. It kinda takes a dark turn right after that tho… “Went and made a meal, then I said my grace, then I cleaned everything on my plate, then I hit a bad bitch; I made her cum first, then I came fashionably late.” It’s not horrible tho. This beat is dark as fuck. It actually sounds like something Vince Staples would spit on. I love the way it slows down and sounds hollow during the hook. This is gangsta as fuck. The hook is dope. Mostly because of the beat. Skeme did his thing too tho. This is great so far, but I’m worried about this Young Thug verse. I don’t think of Young Thug as a G. I just think of him as some goofy ass hood rat from the PJs. Maybe he’ll come through on this one tho. I don’t know. Okay, he’s goin’ in now… Oh my fucking God… What… What the fuck is he doing? HAHAHAHA. This is fucking ridiculous. Young Thug literally did exactly what I didn’t want him to do. I don’t know how to describe this shit. It’s really high-pitched, but he’s not yelling like he normally does. It sounds like he’s trying to rap while inhaling. This verse is fucking horrendous. “Come and make a deal (dill) like a motherfucking pickle.” What the fuck is wrong with this guy? What is his problem? Why the fuck would you do this shit? Wow. It’s over. It was an 8 bar verse. That shit was fucking pathetic. What the fuck was that? “I’m after shawty; his bitch think that I am the bomb like a mufuckin’ missile.” Missiles aren’t bombs tho. I don’t know what the hell this motherfucker was thinking. This motherfucker must’ve been higher than a motherfucker because that verse couldn’t possibly come from a sober man. Or maybe he’s seriously just fucking insane. I don’t know. All I know is that his verse was fucking abysmal. Wow. Young Thug completely ruined all the momentum that this track had. Goddamn, that shit was wack. Skeme’s last verse just barely saved this shit from being called wack. Lyrically, it wasn’t any better than the first one, but his flow and delivery were great. That last verse from Skeme was dope. The fuckin’ Young Thug verse tho… It was so bad. Hahahaha. Yeah. That shit was wack af. The beat was crazy tho. Skeme did his thing too. There’s a lot that I like about this shit. I can’t call it dope tho. The Young Thug verse is really that bad. This is average. It would probably be dope without the Young Thug verse tho. I’m finna have to edit that shit out in GarageBand. 3/5

Track 6: Now Days (Prod. Lyle Leduff)

This beat is dope af. Skeme’s first verse is pretty generic. He’s not really talkin’ about anything different, and his flow was pretty basic. This beat is cold as fuck tho… The hook was alright. The second verse just ended and I have almost nothing to say. It was generic as fuck. The flow was boring. He was rapping about what every mainstream rapper raps about. “Call me Skeme, call me crooked, call me anything that you want to but broke / Stuntin’ homie, money on me looking like I’m meeting papi at the boat.” I really should call this shit wack, but the beat is so good that it saves this shit. I honestly would’ve preferred this as an instrumental track. Lyle Leduff killed Skeme on his own track and he didn’t even say one word. Skeme is easily the least interesting part of this song. It’s alright. It should’ve been dope af, but Skeme didn’t do the beat justice. 3/5

Track 7: Workin’ Feat. Danny Loc

I couldn’t find any producion credits for this shit unfortunately. This beat isn’t anything special to be honest. It’s kinda cool, but nah. It’s not bad tho. The hook from Skeme is average. The first verse was cool. The shit he’s rappin’ about on this song is a little more interesting than on the previous track, but his verse wasn’t very impressive lyrically. His flow was kinda cool tho. Woah. I’ve never heard of this guy Danny Loc, but he’s actually kinda goin’ in right now. His flow is dope af. Wow. He stole the show. That’s crazy. I’m pretty sure he isn’t even a full time MC because I just looked him up, and I couldn’t find a single page about him. I’m actually impressed by that guy. His verse was dope. Damn. That last verse was actually hot too. They were tradin’ bars and they flows was great. You know what? I’m finna give Skeme a break and go easy on this one. The first minute and a half was boring as a motherfucker, but once Danny Loc came in, I was like, “Woah. I’ve never heard of this guy Danny Loc, but he’s actually kinda goin’ in right now.” I actually enjoyed this. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 8: B Like (Prod. Mike Free)

This beat is alright I guess. Skeme’s goin’ in right now, and this is generic as a motherfucker lyrically, but his flow is actually pretty dope. The hook is average. I just listened to the whole song. It doesn’t get better. It’s just boring as hell. The beat sounded like DJ Mustard. The shit he was rapping about was generic as fuck. This sounds like a YG song with a better flow. It’s not horrible, but a good flow isn’t enough to make a decent song. This is wack to me. The music video is just as generic as the song. Not feelin’ this shit. 2/5

Track 9: Issues Feat. T.I. & RJ (Prod. Smoove Da General)

Isn’t Smoove Da General the motherfucker from Cali Swag District? What the fuck? Since when is he a producer? And since when does he have a job? Did he produce Teach Me How To Dougie? Whatever I don’t fuckin’ care. I’m actually expecting this song to be pretty dope. T.I. is dope, and I actually kinda fuck with RJ too. I really liked his verse on a song by DJ Mustard called Shooters. That shit was dope. Anyway, I’m finna start this song now. This beat is actually pretty dope. Skeme is using autotune on this first verse. It’s not that bad I guess. Jeez. This verse is kinda… gross. “Yellow boogers in the watch like I pissed on ’em / Nuts hanging cause a young nigga been swinging / Bet my last dollar that your bitch wanna kiss on ’em.” He stops singin’ after that last bar that I quoted, but he still has autotune on his voice. It’s not that noticeable tho. I actually kinda fuck with this verse. His flow was dope. This hook is alright I guess. He’s just singin’ about how he’s got “rich nigga issues” in autotune. Tip’s goin’ in now. His verse was cool I guess. It was nothing special to be honest. It wasn’t bad tho. RJ’s goin’ in now. Eh. Not really feelin’ his verse to be honest. This isn’t the kinda shit I wanna hear him rap about. I wanna hear him rap about whippin’ brothas’ asses in the streets, not stackin’ Benjamins. He’s too gangsta for that. This is an alright song I guess. It was cool at first, but it gets boring pretty quick. I’m not really impressed. This is average at best. 3/5

Track 10: The Man Feat. Lil Uzi Vert (Prod. DJ Plugg)

This beat is dope af. DJ Plugg put his ass in this beat. This shit is great. The hook could’ve been better. It’s generic. Skeme’s on the first verse. “These pussy niggas gon’ get tense like I’m rubbing the clitoris.” His flow is kinda cool. The verse is pretty wack lyrically, but I feel like I could say that about anything on this tape so far. Uzi’s on the second verse. “A pussy, a pussy, and you is a pussy, that’s three cats.” Nah. This song would be so dope if it was just an instrumental. Skeme & Lil Uzi Vert just weren’t good enough. DJ Plugg did his thing. The actual MCs couldn’t keep up. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 11: Wish Feat. PeeWee Longway (Prod. Cardo & Johnny Juliano)

The song hasn’t really started yet, but from what I can tell, this song is about to be wack. All I’ve heard is the stupid shit that PeeWee & Skeme said on the intro. Maybe I’m being too harsh. I haven’t even really gave this shit a chance yet. Skeme is goin’ in now. This beat is kinda dope. Skeme’s verse actually wasn’t that bad. This hook is boring as fuck. It lasts way too long. PeeWee’s about to go in now. He actually had a pretty cool flow, but that’s about it. The shit he was saying didn’t impress me. I’m really not feelin’ this hook. This song is boring as fuck. The beat’s cool, but… Well, lemme see how this motherfucker Skeme does on the third verse. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this shit. This shit is wack to me. 2/5

Track 12: 1 Time 4 Pimp (Prod. Sean Momberger)

I guess this is supposed to be a eulogy for Pimp C or something. This beat sounds pretty boring and generic at first, but once them drums kick in it’s a lot better. This beat is dope. Skeme’s goin’ in now, and he’s actually kinda spittin’. This shit is actually hard. Damn. His flow is fucking great on this second verse. I’m actually really enjoying this. Damn. He’s usin’ the N word a lot. Whatever. He still was spittin’. I actually fuck with this song. The beat was nice & dark, and his flow was great. This song is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 13: Opposite Feat. S.A.S. (Prod. Boi-1da)

Autotune. This beat is cool I guess. I’m so tired of autotune tho. Nah. This is so boring. I’m so tired of fucking autotune. The first verse was not good. I don’t know who the fuck S.A.S. is, but his shit was wack. His flow was kinda cool on the second half of his verse, but his lyrics are just so generic. This whole tape is generic as fuck honestly. I’m so tired of this shit. “How these niggas still broke? S-M-H. Tsk Tsk.” He actually said “tsk tsk.” He seriously pronounced the shit like “tisk tisk” and everything. This is fuckin’ terrible. I’m fuckin’ done with this bullshit man. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 14: Do It For Me (Prod. Sean Momberger)

Goddamn. This beat is dope af. Autotune. I think this is supposed to be a love song or something. Skeme. Stop. Everything he’s saying is so boring. I’m so bored right now. This autotuned singing is fucking annoying. Why doesn’t he just rap? It’s not like the shit he’s saying is interesting in the first place, but him moaning in autotune about a random ass chick with a fat ass doesn’t exactly make it more appealing. This shit is wack. You know what? Not even the dope beat could save this shit. Skeme ruined this shit. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 15: Driveway (Prod. Sean Momberger)

This beat actually sounds different. It’s dope af. The first verse was cool. The autotuned hook isn’t. I don’t know about this song. It’s still pretty boring. The beat is dope af. The hook is wack. The verses honestly were average. At least he’s actually rapping instead of just yelling & moaning in autotune. It’s an alright song I guess. 3/5

Track 16: Khalil’s Song Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid (Prod. Alex Lustig)

This beat sounds emotional. Wow. Skeme’s actually rapping about something. Khalil is his son. This beat is dope. I can’t believe he finally decided to say somethin’ on this last track. Sixteen fucking songs. Only one of them has any substance. Fucking ridiculous. The first verse was cool. “I had a baby boy, that’s my pride and joy, and losing him would leave me empty, feelings null and void / I loved him before I saw him, that’s just raw and honest / Khalil’ll never want for nothing, that’s his daddy’s promise.” This hook from BJ The Chicago Kid is alright. It’s not poorly sung or anything. It’s just a little too… I don’t know. Slow & emotional. It’s not for me. The second verse was alright. He tried to rhyme “mother” with “youngin’.” The third verse is starting now. “I might just make a million off a mixtape / Then double park my whip in front your bitch place / Go and tell these broke niggas get they shit straight.” I just realized that this song has absolutely nothing to do with his son Khalil. He’s still just rappin’ about how he has more money than me. This is just… I don’t know, man. I guess he tried. He didn’t really pull it off tho. I’m not feelin’ this song. The song ends after five minutes and twelve seconds, but the actual track is five minutes and fifty two seconds long, so there’s just forty seconds of dead silence at the end. That’s fucking annoying. 2/5

Final Thoughts:

That shit was boring as FUCK. That was so fucking boring. That’s one of the most generic projects I’ve heard since Troy Ave’s Major Without A Deal. I kinda wish somebody would’ve warned me that Skeme was Iggy Azalea’s ghostwriter before I decided to waste my time with this bullshit. This shit was so boring and generic. Even the songs that I liked weren’t THAT good. Skeme is just not that good of an MC. The shit he says is basic as fuck. And the fucking autotune. Don’t even get me fucking started on the fucking autotune. Every fucking song. When will rappers learn that using autotune on every fucknig song makes it so much more boring. Everybody sounds the same when they use autotune. It’s not good at all. Fuck. I’m fucking done with this shit, man. Ingleworld 3 dropped while I was working on this fuckin’ review, and I probably won’t review that shit. Skeme just isn’t a good enough rapper. Dubb is the Blood Money Entertainment signee worth watching tho. I’ll have to review his latest project some time. I’m pretty sure it’s less than 16 tracks too. Thank God. This shit has got to go tho. I’m done with Skeme for now. These songs weren’t even that bad tho. They were just generic as fuck. This shit is the definition of average.

Favorite Song: 1 Time 4 Pimp

Least Favorite Song: Opposite




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