Album Review | A$AP Ferg – Always Strive & Prosper

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This album was released on April 22nd this year. I’m not really that big of an A$AP Ferg fan, but he does have some songs that I REALLY like. The first time I ever heard his shit was on Kissin’ Pink by A$AP Rocky. Ferg’s verse on that song was fucking God awful. He eventually made a hit song with Work, and I actually liked that song when I first heard it, so I decided to give him another chance. The last time I went to Trinidad to visit my family, I heard that song playing everywhere I went. I think Ferg’s parents are from Trinidad or something, so that might have something to do with it. Anyway, I enjoyed the majority of the singles leading up to Trap Lord, but once I listened to it I wasn’t that impressed. I think it was decent… There were a lot of songs on it that I liked. There were also a lot of terrible songs on it too tho. Hood Pope is probably the wackest song on that album. I don’t know for sure. It’s been a while since I heard it. Anyway, he dropped his mixtape, Ferg Forever, in 2014, and I thought it was fucking horrible. Last year he dropped the first single to this album, New Level. I guess I should save my thoughts on that track for the actual album review. Whatever. All y’all need to know is that I’m not that excited for this album. I guess this is the biggest mainstream album release we’ve had in a minute, so that’s kinda cool. I just hope this is better than Trap Lord…

Track 1: Rebirth (Prod. DJ Khalil & Clams Casino)

DJ Khalil & Clams Casino are two of my favorite producers, so this will hopefully be very good. It’s starting now. Okay, this intro is pretty off putting. I like the beat tho. It’s not really as atmospheric and dark as I would normally expect from Clams Casino, so that’s a little disappointing. It’s still not bad tho. It’s decent. I mean, it kinda sucks, but it’s not terrible. Ferg sounds great over it. His voice fits this production really well. The first verse was cool. I’m obviously not gonna be blown away by anything A$AP Ferg says on a track, but I don’t really think it was bad at all. The second verse is the same way. He pitch shifted his vocals, and I normally hate shit like that, but it actually didn’t sound that bad with this beat. Huh. It just ended. I kinda enjoyed that, but honestly this just isn’t that good of a song. I don’t think it’s that bad. I’m not really that impressed by anything here tho. I didn’t like the singing on the intro & outro, but other than that nothing was bad to me. The beat felt a little disjointed I guess… It’s just not a very good song. It’s decent. I just don’t think I’m gonna be coming back to it. 3/5

Track 2: Hungry Ham Feat. Skrillex & Crystal Caines (Prod. Skrillex)

Oh God… I cannot stand Skrillex, so I’m almost positive that I’m not gonna be fuckin’ with this track. I’m still gonna give it a chance tho. I did end up enjoying the song he did with The Game, so maybe this won’t be that bad. I know I’ve heard Crystal Caines on an A$AP Ferg track before, but I don’t really remember anything about her. The song’s starting now. I don’t know what the hell Crystal Caines thought she was doing on that intro. Was that supposed to be Spoken Word or was she actually rapping? She was completely off beat. This hook is fucking God awful. This beat is pretty goddamn wack too. I wasn’t really feelin’ Ferg’s first verse, but I have to say he did a pretty good job of making his hood seem really fucked up. This hook is soooo bad. It lasts way too fucking long. I didn’t like the second verse. The way Ferg raps… Let me put it like this: if Ferg was five years old, this would be fucking incredible to me. He’s not tho. He’s a grown ass man. Oh my GOD. The fucking bridge was so bad. Hahaha. Wow. This is REALLY bad. I was not expecting this album to start out this rough. Goddamn. They actually had a chick in the background say “Are you serious? What the fuck is this?” I’m wondering the exact same thing right now. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 3: Strive Feat. Missy Elliott (Prod. Stelios Phili & DJ Mustard)

Wow. How the fuck did A$AP Ferg get a track with Missy Elliott? I don’t even really like DJ Mustard, but this might be the best beat on the album so far. Oh God… This hook is fucking horrible. It’s so fucking Poppy and… This is some soccer mom shit. This is fuckin’ minivan music. I REALLY don’t like the direction this beat takes after the hook too. It sounds like some EDM shit that I’d hear in a gay bar. There’s nothing wrong with that objectively, but I just don’t like it personally. This is a REALLY sugary song. It just sounds like it has a lot of mainstream appeal. I wish I could enjoy this, but it’s just too much for me personally. Hopefully Missy Elliott will pick things up because Ferg’s verse was pretty goddamn terrible. Okay, Missy Elliott’s going in now. What the… Okay, I’ve lost all hope in this track because her verse was NOT good. It was still better than Ferg’s verse, but nah. Well, that was disappointing. I’m not feelin’ this shit man. It’s not good. It’s just not. The verses were wack to me. I don’t really like Pop inspired Hip Hop. That’s why you haven’t seen any Kid Ink reviews on this website, and you probably never will. The only time I would ever listen to this again would be if I was dangerously high on ecstasy. Unfortunately for A$AP Ferg, I’m not. When I listen to this song, all I see is glow sticks. This sounds like some shit GoldLink would rhyme over. I’m not feelin’ it. This is wack af to me. This might actually be one of the worst songs I’ve heard all year. Okay, that’s not true, but it’s REALLY bad. Maybe one of the corniest songs I’ve heard all year. Honestly, the more I listen to this shit the more I hate it. This is dog shit. 0/5


Track 4: Meet My Crazy Uncle (Prod. Todd Bee)

This skit was completely unnecessary.

Track 5: Psycho (Prod. DJ Khalil & Clams Casino)

This beat is dope. The hook’s alright. Ferg’s rapping about his uncle. I actually really liked the first verse. It was gangsta af. “He came home bloody screaming ‘Nobody can stop me / Nobody can stop me / I’m the baddest survivor on this planet / Fifty niggas better kill me, nigga, / ‘Cause I will do damage / Checked out the psych ward; I am nothing to manage” The second verse was really dope too. I actually fuck with this one. I think this is a great song. I honestly think Ferg did a good job rapping on this track. The beat was dope too. I feel like Ferg actually contributed a lot to this song’s greatness. He did a great job. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 6: Let It Bang Feat. ScHoolboy Q (Prod. Lex Luger)

Let It Bang

Wow. Where the fuck has Lex Luger been? I feel like I haven’t seen any placements from him since like 2011 or something. This beat isn’t amazing tho. I still like it. It’s just not that good. The hook does it’s job. It sounds like he’s still rapping about his crazy uncle. This is dope. Ferg’s verse wasn’t bad. Q tore this shit apart tho. I feel like it’s been a long ass time since I heard Q completely steal the show like that. He controlled this shit. ScHoolboy Q has the best verse on this album so far, and I doubt that’ll change by the time I’m finished with this shit. He killed it. I just wish the hook & beat were more memorable. It’s still a good song tho. I fuck with this. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 7: New Level Feat. Future (Prod. C-Note)

New Level

This track came out a while ago. I already know that I fuck with it. First of all, that beat is dope af. Those horns are just super powerful. I love the hook too. The way Ferg says “I’M ON A NEW LEVEL” just sounds great with this production. The verses aren’t very good… I don’t really listen to Ferg for dope bars tho. He’s never actually been that good of a rapper to me. Well, I think he raps well SOMETIMES. Psycho was really good. Lord was really good. He rarely impresses me tho. Lyrically, Ferg is just sayin’ that he feels like he reached a new level once he started seeing success with the A$AP Mob. I don’t think his verse was bad. It was sufficient. Future didn’t need to be here. I’ve definitely heard worse from him, but he really didn’t add anything to the track for me. His verse is so bad. I think he fits well over this production style, but his voice is just so bad. It sounds like he’s wearing a tight ass turtle neck or something. He’s really struggling to get those words out. It sounds like he squeezed a bracelet around his neck before he started rapping. It sounds like he was in the middle of eating a fuckin’ burrito or something while he was rapping. He just sounds fucking God awful. I cannot stand this guy’s voice. It wasn’t bad enough to ruin the track, but I definitely could’ve done without it. The third verse from Ferg was cool. The beat kinda gets old by the time the track ends, but I still fuck with this shit. It’s dope to me. 4/5

Track 8: Yammy Gang Feat. A$AP Mob & Tatianna Paulino (Prod. Lido & Cashmere Cat)


I haven’t heard the track yet, but apparently this song only features Rocky, Twelvy & Nast. Are A$AP Ant & A$AP TyY not members of the A$AP Mob anymore? What about Da$H? And whatever happened to A$AP Ty Beats? There are just too many A$AP Mob members if you ask me. The only members who have put out any projects are Rocky & Ferg. I think TyY actually dropped a project earlier this year, but I’d never even heard of that motherfucker until a few months ago. Meanwhile you have guys like Nast & Twelvy, who can actually rap pretty well, sitting on the sidelines waiting for their chance which’ll likely never come. Not to mention the fact that you have members like A$AP Bari & A$AP Illz who don’t even rap. And who the fuck are A$AP J.Scott & A$AP Lotto? I’d never heard of them two motherfuckers until five minutes ago. I don’t even think Da$H is a member of the Mob anymore. He was on their first—and ONLY—collective project, but he isn’t listed as a member on the Wikipedia page anymore. It always bothered me how he didn’t have the “A$AP” moniker in his name. I feel like Odd Future had WAAAY more structure in their group, but their not even a functioning collective anymore. I’m not really sure what I’m getting at right now… It just bothers me that I still don’t know who half of the A$AP Mob is. I’m only really familiar with Twelvy, Nast, Rocky & Ferg. So, pretty much everyone on this track. I’ve never heard of Tatianna Paulino. I’m sure she’s just a generic female singer. As you could probably gather from the title, this track is dedicated to A$AP Yams. Okay, it’s starting now. This beat is dope af. It takes a REALLY long time to get started, but once the beat drops it’s fantastic. Ferg’s verse was alright. This hook is really underwhelming. Lyrically, Rocky’s verse was fucking horrible. That might actually be the worst A$AP Rocky verse I’ve ever heard LYRICALLY. His flow actually made it sound pretty good tho. If you actually listen to the lyrics you realize that it’s REALLY bad. A$AP Nast’s verse was a disappointment. He only had like 6 bars, and none of them were that good. He’s probably my favorite MC in the group, so that’s pretty disappointing. I like Twelvy too tho, so maybe he’ll pick things back up for me. Nope. Never mind. The ONLY thing that makes this track tolerable is the dope ass beat, and Rocky’s flow. It was so bad tho. Rocky probably had the wackest verse on the whole song. I really wish I could like this shit because the beat was great. Cashmere Cat is the only person involved with this song who actually impressed me. I can’t get behind this track. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 9: Swipe Life Feat. Rick Ross (Prod. VERYRVRE)

Swipe Life.png

This beat is dope af. Oh no… I can’t do this shit. Swipe life. This is so fuckin’ corny. The first verse was wack af, and so is the hook. “Swipe life; got two Rollies off a swipe / Swipe, oh, holy moly, swipe life, swipe life.” This second verse is straight balls. He’s usin’ this sing songy delivery for the first two verses, and it doesn’t work. He can’t sing. The melody isn’t good anyway, and the actual lyrics are so generic. The first two verses are four bars each. “Stolen identity whenever I put it down / Fuck all my enemies whenever they come around / My homie done did a year; nigga you held it down / So I bought him a brand new Benz; now he stunt when he come around.” Struggle bars. That’s exactly what that was. Struggle bars. Fake ass Rick Ross is about to go in now. Oh. Wow. I actually kinda liked his verse. His flow was dope af and his voice sounded great over this beat. He had a real aggressive delivery. It actual kinda reminded me of Stevie Stone. Has he been rapping like this for a long time? I heard his Black Market project was good. I might have to check that out ’cause he actually had an enjoyable verse. I mean, the lyrics weren’t that good, but the verse itself was well executed. He pulled it off. I didn’t really like his flow for the last four bars—he went back to his average, lazy flow—but other than that it was better than I expected. That’s really the only good thing I can say about this shit. Ferg’s last verse was NOT good. The beat gets old after the first minute, and the hook is a joke. This song is balls. The only thing that’s stopping me from calling this shit wack af is the surprisingly decent Rick Ross verse. 2/5

Track 10: Uzi Gang Feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Marty Baller (Prod. TM88)

What the hell… Uzi Gang? Shouldn’t this be a Lil Uzi Vert song? He’s been blowing the fuck up recently. The only shit I ever heard him on was Drop by Tayyib Ali, and that shit came out like 2 years ago. I did like that song tho. I think I’m gonna be checkin’ out that Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World tape eventually. Marty Baller is Ferg’s little brother. I haven’t really heard much from him, but he seems like a decent MC. This song’s starting now. This hook is actually kinda dope. The beat’s pretty underwhelming tho. Marty Baller did his thing on the first verse. Man, something about this beat just doesn’t work for me at all. It has like zero bass. This is supposed to be a Trap song, but it barely has any bass. Yo, this might actually be the worst A$AP Ferg verse I’ve ever heard in my life. “Ima be fuckin’ and suckin’ that pussy while I’m leanin’ over the toilet.” The delivery of that line is as bad as it could possibly be. He made his voice as high pitched as it could go—I seriously can’t tell if he did that with or without a pitch editing tool—and it sounds like he threw some autotune over it too. This is so fuckin’ bad. Uzi’s verse was NOT good. He makes catchy music sometimes, but he is NOT a good rapper. I don’t think anyone actually thinks he’s a good rapper tho. People probably listen to him for the same reasons that they listen to fuckin’ 2 Chainz or… Well, A$AP Ferg I guess… I can’t fuck with this song. Marty Baller had the best verse, and that’s really not sayin’ much. This shit is wack af. 1/5

Track 11: Beautiful People Feat. Chuck D & Mama Ferg (Prod. DJ Khalil & Clams Casino)

What the fuck? How the motherfuck did A$AP Ferg of all people get Chuck D on a track? Also, how the fuck do you go from a song like Uzi Gang with Lil Uzi Vert to this fuckin’ song which has Chuck D and your own mother on it? Oh. Chuck D doesn’t rap on this shit. He just contributes an unnecessary Spoken Word intro, and then Ferg starts rapping. So, lemme get this straight… You get one of the greatest and most important MCs of all time on your album, and all he does is delivery a worthless Spoken Word intro? Are you fuckin’ shittin’ me, Ferg? Get the FUCK outta here. I’m fuckin’ done with this shit man. This album was a mistake. “We’ll weather the storm, let’s try to move on / Build a better community, so our children be norm / Transform from arms and bombs like Vietnam / Teach your kid how to eat and teach your kid how to farm.” I do not fucking believe this shit. The irony. The FUCKING irony. This is the preachiest song I’ve heard all year, and it comes right after fucking UZI GANG. Did Ferg even try to make this album even slightly cohesive? Well, I guess he did because Psycho & Let It Bang kinda fit well with each other. What happened Ferg? This hook is so corny. Why the fuck is this song so happy sounding. I can’t take this shit seriously. Oh my God… This is not good. Mama Ferg just gives a Spoken Word interlude. Ferg’s last verse was actually kinda dope. It was still preachy as hell, but I kinda enjoyed. I really can’t get behind this song tho. It doesn’t make sense. It’s way too preachy—especially coming from someone like Ferg—and the beat & hook are corny as FUCK to me. This is wack. 2/5

Track 12: Damn Not Again (Skit) [Prod. Todd Bee]

The fucking acting on this skit is SOOOO bad. This chick is tryin’ to fuckin’ go off on her boyfriend, but everything she’s saying just sounds so contrived. I can’t take this shit seriously.

Track 13: Let You Go (Prod. StarGate)

This beat sounds pretty good. Ferg’s rapping from the perspective of his girlfriend, who’s angry at him because of his lyrics about fuckin’ other women and shit. I don’t like songs about relationship issues like this, but honestly this is a lot better than most of the shit I heard on Views. I always wondered how rappers’ girlfriends handled it when they heard their boyfriends rapping about fucking thousands of other women. This isn’t for me, but I think the first verse was well done. It’s just not the kinda shit I would wanna listen to personally. I think he did a good job tho. I’m not feelin’ the vocals on this hook. This isn’t my kinda song, but I don’t think it’s bad. The hook is really the only big problem I have with this shit. It’s a decent song. I definitely won’t be coming back to it tho. It’s just not for me. 3/5

Track 14: World Is Mine Feat. Big Sean (Prod. No I.D.)

Oh my God… HAHAHAHA. Yo this shit is SOOO fuckin’ bad. Why does Big Sean have a career? He’s singing the hook and it’s just awful. This might just be the worst hook on the whole album, and that’s saying a lot since I’ve already heard Hungry Ham & Strive. This hook is absolute garbage. Big Sean. Stop. The hook is so fucking long too. This beat is incredibly underwhelming. No I.D. definitely could’ve done better. Ferg’s singing the whole first verse. He sounds like fuckin’ Kid Cudi, and not in a good way. What the fuck is this shit? What the fuck am I listening to? This is soo bad. I feel like I’m being harmed when I listen to this shit. You know your song is trash when Big Sean has the best verse. This song is fucking horrible. I can’t stand this shit. 0/5


Track 15: Phone Call With Breezy (Skit) [Prod. Todd Bee]

This is exactly what the title implies. Pointless.

Track 16: I Love You Feat. Chris Brown & Ty$ (Prod. Jordan Lewis)

I can already tell from the title and the features that I’m not gonna like this song. Ferg opens the song up with the following line: “We could fly to Puerto Rico and fight a mosquito.” Nah. NOOO. NOOOOO. This is NOT a good song. The first verse is fucking wack. This hook from Chris Brown is wack too. I… This is just not for me. This is like the epitome of a mainstream album. I cannot take this shit. I really didn’t need to hear Chris Brown rapping on that second verse either. This shit is so bad. Ty$’ bridge was decent I guess. I didn’t like it personally, but it was still definitely the best part of the song for me. I can’t stand this song. I hope I never hear this song ever again. This shit is wack af. 1/5

Track 17: Grandma (Skit) [Prod. Todd Bee]

This is ridiculously unnecessary. There’s absolutely no reason for this skit to have it’s own track. It should’ve just been at the beginning of the next song.

Track 18: Grandma (Prod. DJ Khalil)


This song is obviously dedicated to his grandmama. He’s rapping directly to her, and telling her about how successful he is. His flow is cool, but I’m really not feelin’ his sing songy delivery. This beat is dope af. I’m not feelin’ the hook. It just ended. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this song. It’s not nearly as bad as a lot of the other songs here tho. Ferg’s vocals were terrible on this shit. The beat was dope af tho. Lyrically, I guess this song is decent. It’s not the kinda shit I would wanna hear again. It just seems overdramatic. I know that’s probably because he really misses his grandmama—she passed away by the way—but this just isn’t a very good song. The vocals were so bad. He shouldn’t have sung every bar. He should’ve just rapped. The hook isn’t good either. It’s just a bad song. I can’t fuck with this shit. It’s wack. 2/5

Final Thoughts:

This album is fucking wack. I was actually kinda looking forward to this shit too. I was not expecting this to be so bad. He really tried to make a Pop album. I guess if you only listen to mainstream Pop Rap you might think this album is decent. I can’t fuck with this shit tho. The production was pretty hit or miss for the most part. There are definitely some gems tho. Ferg can do better than this. I know I didn’t really like Trap Lord, but this seems even worse. He really just ditched the dark, atmospheric Trap beats from his debut album. This is a Pop rap album. This is probably the worst project I’ve ever heard from any A$AP Mob member. I think Ferg can rap well if he wants to, but the only track he impressed me with was Psycho. Other than that, this shit is straight balls. The only reason Let It Bang was so good was because of ScHoolboy Q’s stellar verse. The only reason New Level was so good was because of Ferg’s catchy hook, and C-Note’s fantastic beat. I only liked three songs on this bitch. Ferg, stop singing. Seriously you cannot sing. Don’t ever do it again because it’s always fucking terrible. And why the fuck is this album so goddamn long? Actually, it’s technically a pretty short project—it’s less than fifty minutes long—but there are so many goddamn tracks that it feels like it never ends. I’m not feelin’ this fuckin’ album at all. I think this might actually be the worst album I’ve heard all year. It’s wack.

Favorite Song: Psycho

Least Favorite Song: Strive




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