Album Review | Young Thug – Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls

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This project was released on June 16th this year. I’m not really sure if this is technically Young Thug’s debut album, or if he’s referring to it as another “commercial mixtape.” I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s all the same shit basically. I think he also ended up titling it “BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS.” He originally announced it as “Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls” tho, so I’m going with that. Maybe there was a problem with him trying to use another company’s tagline. He’s been calling this project a “singin’ album,” so this’ll hopefully be pretty different from the rest of his work. It’s also apparently executive produced by Drake, so yeah. I think this is gonna be a decent project. I’ve never been a huge fan of Young Thug, but Jeffery was surprisingly decent, and when I like a Young Thug song, I REALLY like it. So yeah. Hopefully this is his best work to date. Oh shit I forgot to mention that he also referred to this as a “Country” album, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised if it ends up being trash. I don’t like Country Music in the first place, so I doubt I’ll enjoy whatever Young Thug tries to do with the genre. We’ll see tho. The production credits are taken from RapGenius, so take them with a grain of salt.

Track 1: Family Don’t Matter Feat. Millie Go Lightly (Prod. Rex Kudo & Wheezy)

What the fuck… This fool really made a Country album. Damn. Lmao. Alright, I guess we really about to do this… Here we go. This motherfucker really said “YEEHAW.” I feel like he isn’t really taking this seriously. Like, he’s pretending to be a stereotypical Country Music artist. Country singers don’t actually say “YEEHAW” do they? This shit is weird as fuck. It sounds good tho. I like the production and the hook is pretty catchy. Oh shit… When the percussion comes in this shit sounds so good. I guess he is singing, but this doesn’t sound too far off from what he normally does. He sings on all his albums tho. This is pretty much just Mumble Rap with an acoustic guitar incorporated in the production. I like this shit tho. It’s kinda weird when he throws on the fake Southern white boy accent, but aside from that this is pretty good. Also the lyrics are obviously dumb… Nobody listens to Young Thug for his actual lyrics tho. We just listen to him for his flow and delivery. I don’t know who the fuck Millie Go Lightly is, but she sounded pretty decent on her verse. She sounds like she might be a legitimate Country singer. Hmm… I can’t decide whether or not I actually like this song. I kinda enjoyed it, but it lasts a little too long in my opinion, and there’s not really much replay value if I’m “keepin’ it a buck,” as Joe Budden would say. Lol. That’s so dumb. So yeah, I guess this is a decent song. I personally won’t be coming back to it, but, for what it’s worth, I found it entertaining on the first listen.

Track 2: Tomorrow ‘Til Infinity (Prod. Rex Kudo)

Wow. Okay, this beat is dope af. Oh god… Ew… His singing on this first verse sounds pretty fuckin’ terrible so far. I mean, his actual vocals honestly sound fine, but the way he’s saying the words just sounds really weird. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s not really a problem tho. I got used to it pretty quickly. It just sounded strange to me at first. The first verse did nothing for me. So far I feel exactly the same way about this track that I did about the first one. It’s kinda cool, but I’m not ever gonna listen to this again. The production is fantastic, but aside from that it’s nothing special. This is a decent track tho.

Track 3: She Wanna Party Feat. Millie Go Lightly (Prod. Charlie Handsome & Rex Kudo)666

This beat is cool. This song makes me feel like I’m at the beach. I’m not crazy about Young Thug’s high pitched vocals on this track—especially the hook. I guess it’s not too bad. I just listened to this entire track… Eh… This is probably my favorite song so far, but I still don’t think I’d ever wanna listen to it again. The production was nice, but Young Thug’s high pitched singing was a bit much for me. Millie Go Lightly didn’t really do anything aside from some background vocals. She has a pretty good voice, but it’s not substantial enough to save the track. I’m never intentionally listening to this again. It’s decent tho.

Track 4: Daddy’s Birthday (Prod. London On Tha Track)

So far this is Young Thug’s least wack album in my opinion. Hopefully I don’t change my mind by the time I’m done listening. This beat is really dope. He’s rapping on the first verse. Alright here we go. I think I may end up being able to fuck with this track. Hahahaha. Wow. This hook sounds really stupid. I like it tho. Okay, yeah this is definitely the best song so far. He’s using the same exact flow that Future’s Mask Off hook uses for this second verse. He switches it up after the first few bars tho. This would’ve been more interesting if there was a feature, but I still enjoyed this song. It’s dope.

Track 5: Do U Love Me (Prod. London On Tha Track)

Ehhh… Fuck. It sounds like Young Thug’s tryna hop on this Dancehall trend… Smh… Well if there’s one nice thing I can say about Drake, it’s that he has a ridiculous influence on the industry. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since he executive produced this album. This song is pretty terrible. I don’t like the production, and I’m not feelin’ Young Thug’s vocals either. This hook is wack.

Fuck me, suck me / L-O-V-E, do you love me? / In the tubby poppin’ bubbly / Smokin’ musty, I love me / Love, lo-lo-love, love, love, love me / Fall deep in love, love, love with me.

Jesus fuck. This is fucking horrible. Lmao. This reminds me of that karaoke scene from Futurama where Zapp Brannigan interpolates Lola by The Kinks. Uuugh… Okay, I’m a little under halfway through this song, but… Do I really need to listen to the rest of it? What are the chances that I’m gonna hear something in the latter half of this track that’ll convince me that this shit isn’t fucking awful? I’ve already made up my mind. This shit is wack af.

Track 6: Relationship Feat. Future (Prod. BL$$D & Billboard Hitmakers)

Oh my fucking God. Future & Young Thug are singing together on this hook, and they sound fucking terrible. I’m not feelin’ this beat. It sounds like it was produced by fuckin’ Katy Perry. Fuuck. I don’t wanna listen to this shit. This is fucking bad. I’m already halfway through the song, and I honestly don’t even really know what to say. This isn’t a good song.

I’m in a relationship with all my bitches / I need to cut some of ’em off, I need help / I got some bad things, I want ’em to myself / Had to take the time to cut ’em off, I need help.

Why the fuck do people keep letting Future sing? Seriously, I will never understand why he does this shit. His voice is fucking horrific. This song is fucking terrible. The more I listen to it the angrier I get, so I’m just gonna move on to the next track.

Track 7: You Said (Prod. Wheezy)

The only track on this album that could be stretched as Country Music was the intro. I’m not gonna act like I’m mad about it since I can’t stand Country Music, but I just think it’s weird how he tried to mislead people like that. Am I trippin’ right now? Did he not say this was gonna be a Country album? Or did he just say he had a Country song? I don’t know; who fuckin’ cares? It really doesn’t matter. This beat is dope. I just can’t get into Young Thug’s screeching vocals on this album. This hook is wack.

You said you ‘gon kiss from my neck to my chest to my naval then dick n’ nuts / We talked about everything, then you know that we got us some making up / I lick on that puss’ on a pill, and I make her stand up like some bunny ears / I bite on that butt, then I suck on her toes, and her soul go outta here.

Yeah… Nah… Pornocore + Mumble Rap = Dangerous levels of wackness. I don’t think this is quite as bad as the previous two tracks, but that’s really only because of the production. That’s the only thing I can say that I like about it. The beat is nice. Other than that, this shit is wack.

Track 8: On Fire (Prod. Charlie Handsome & Wheezy)

This album is actually a lot worse than I was expecting it to be so far. I don’t know why I thought it would be better than this. Honestly, I’ll be kinda pissed if I don’t end up liking at least two more songs. This track is starting now. This beat is kinda weird. I can’t decide whether or not I like it. However, one thing I DO know is that Young Thug sounds fuckin’ terrible on this shit.

I’m tired of one, I need two: threesome / I need a threesome / Just give me a threesome / Three, three, three, three, threesome.

I hate myself for deciding to listen to this shit. I know people would’ve begged me to review it tho, so I guess it’s good that I’m getting it out the way. I feel like whenever I listen to a song by Young Thug, I already know exactly how I feel about it after only listening for like 10 seconds. I can predict what the remainder of the track is gonna sound like. I think I said that in my last Young Thug review too. I really don’t like a single thing about this track. This shit is wack to me.

Track 9: Get High Feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Durk (Prod. Young Chop)

Huh. This should be interesting I guess. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see Snoop Dogg on a Young Thug project. I don’t know why tho; there isn’t a single artist on this planet Snoop Dogg would say no to if they pay him enough. This beat is dope af. This hook is nice. Alright, here we go. This is pretty good so far. Hopefully Lil Durk doesn’t fuck this shit up. I actually like this first verse from Young Thug. I could’ve done without the blowjob sound effects when he said that shit about getting his dick sucked, but his flow and delivery sound really good to me. It’s probably for the best that the majority of the lyrics are incomprehensible. This is definitely the best song on the album so far. Snoop’s verse was dope. I even liked Lil Durk on this shit. Thank God. I fuck with this track. This is dope to me.

Track 10: Feel It (Prod. Wheezy)

Feel It.jpg

This beat is dope. I actually like the way he sounds on this first verse. Damn. I just passed the halfway point, and this is actually pretty good. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks so far. Nice. He managed to meet my expectations with at least three good songs. Thank God. This track has pretty much the same formula as almost every other song on this project. The only difference here is that I actually like the melody. He sounds good. There’s not much else to it. This track apparently leaked earlier this year. It might actually be my favorite song on the album. This is dope.

Track 11: Me Or Us (Prod. Charlie Handsome & Kudo Rex)

Okay, I guess this could be stretched as a Country song. It just has an acoustic guitar in the beat. That’s the only thing. I like the production tho. It sounds really nice. I just listened to this entire track. It’s decent. His singing sounds fine. It’s just not really that good to me. It was cool on the first listen, but there’s absolutely zero replay value in it for me. This song is pretty short, so there’s not really too much going on. It’s cool tho. I won’t be listening to it again, but it’s not bad.

Track 12: Oh Yeah (Prod. Wheezy)

What the FUCK? This beat is fucking crazy. This is so weird. I love it tho. It’s got a really nice piano melody, and when the beat drops it sounds like there are some very, VERY slight electronic influences. The hook is dope. The verses weren’t bad. He was saying some weird shit about a child on a bike. I’m not really sure what the fuck he was talking about, but I rarely am. The song just ended. Okay, this is definitely one of the best tracks on the album. This album is actually getting a lot better. The first half was pretty rough, but I’m liking this second half a lot more than I was expecting to. This song is dope to me.

Track 13: For Y’all Feat. Jacquees (Prod. Billboard Hitmakers)

Hahaha. What the fuck? This beat sounds like it’s got some Latin influence. I could see old hispanic people dancing to those horns. It’s not bad tho. I guess… It just sounds really Poppy. It’s kinda good, but ehh… It’s not really the kinda thing I’d listen to. Young Thug sounds fine on this track. I could see this being a pretty big single honestly. I don’t know who the fuck Jacquees is. I didn’t hear anyone aside from Young Thug on this track. I think I might’ve heard someone else right at the beginning of the track, but he was just singing in the background. The hook is pretty catchy. Oh okay yeah, I can hear Jacquees in the background. I feel like this is a good song, but, again, it’s just not really for me. I kinda wish Jacquees had a larger presence on this track because from what I heard it sounds like he’s a really talented singer. This is a cool track. I’m not really in love with it personally, but I could see this becoming a really popular single.

Track 14: Take Care (Prod. Judge Beats)

Wait a minute… I thought Young Thug already had a song called Take Care? Wasn’t that the one he did with Lil Wayne? Hold up, I gotta get to the bottom of this… Ohhh, okay… The song with Lil Wayne was called Take Kare. Huh. That’s kinda dumb. It doesn’t matter tho. This beat is fucking awesome.

Thinkin’ ’bout masturbating to your nudes.

Nice. Oh shit. I actually like his flow on this first verse. He sounds good. I wasn’t crazy about the hook tho. Man… I really want to like this song because I really like the production, but I kinda feel the same way about this track that I did about the previous one. It’s definitely one of the better songs, but I still don’t know if I’d ever return to it. Actually… You know what? I’m gonna go easy on him. I like this track. The production is fantastic. This is a really Poppy song, but I still enjoyed it. This is dope to me.

Final Thoughts:

This shit is pretty mediocre to be honest. I feel like people are gonna hype this shit up just because it’s been relatively long since he dropped anything, but it’s really no different from any other Young Thug project. There are a lot of repetitive melodies & sexual lyrics. The only difference I could really notice that made this project stand out a little bit was the influence from other genres. This doesn’t really sound like a Trap album. If anything it’s Pop. It’s definitely not Country. He just sang over some acoustic guitars on a couple tracks. This is his most Pop influenced record to date. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’d personally prefer if he stuck with his original Trap style, but he’d probably see more success if he stuck with this Poppier, more accessible sound. If you’ve never liked a Young Thug song & you can’t stand him, steer clear of this shit. If you’re like me and you think the majority of his music is trash, but you still listen because you like a few of his songs, I’d say this is worth skimming through. Obviously the Young Thug fans will eat this shit up. I’m not really into it, but I don’t think it’s bad. It’s just not good. I still think Jeffery is Young Thug’s best project to this day. This one’s not too much worse tho. It’s just mediocre.

Favorite Song: Oh Yeah

Least Favorite Song: Do U Love Me




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  1. you need to give albums more listens before you review, on this one you are calling all the best songs wack, yet you call get high the best track, (thats the track most people thing is the weakest on the album). good effort though

  2. Not terrible, but not good. Were my initial thoughts, it’s a mixed bag of mediocre music as usual, nothing I can really compliment besides maybe the beat selection. I give this project a 5.0/10

    I think Thug said this was going to be a Country album, (though I could be mistaken.)


    (1). To answer your question, about whether or not Country singers do the Yee-Hah it’s very rare unless it’s Brooks & Dunn or very older acts. If you’re looking for good Country Music I’d recommend starting with Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, and Hank Williams.

    (2). About​ your remarks concerning the horns in “For Ya’ll”, traditionally​ trumpets and other horned instruments can be found in Mexican musical genres such as “Corridos” (Outlaw/occasional Narco ballads), Ranchera (Key word: Ranch, aka ballads for the people who work long arduous hours at their ranches), Mariachi (self explanatory), Nortenà/ò (kinda like Polka music/Outlaw ballads, but usually more light hearted.)

    (3). Drake as much as I am not a fan of, has an uncanny ability to make certain things more accessible to a major public (even if he just jacks/bandwagons said style(s)for his own use.)

    (4). Snoop sold out a loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, and as long as you can front him the check for however many 00000’s. Shit, I bet you if Perez Hilton/Ru Paul gave Snoop an insane amount of money you’d probably hear a Gay Pride anthem banging on your radio with the D-O-Double-G vocals on it.

    Great Job Nick!

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